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26.9.16 22:31 
 Moonsault Monday! - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9.16 22:25 
Listened to DJ Pierre - DJ Pierre - Destroy This Track (Ft. Sylfronai King)
26.9.16 22:21 
Listened to Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Annie I'm Not Your Daddy
26.9.16 21:35 
That's more like it - WINNERS!
26.9.16 19:46 
 Triviasco! — with Ian - The Country Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9.16 19:15 @triviasco Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A
26.9.16 18:58 
Listened to Art of Noise - Once Upon A Lime
26.9.16 18:55 
Listened to Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Good Year for Roses
26.9.16 18:51 
Listened to Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Why Must The Show Go On
26.9.16 18:47 
Listened to Darius Syrossian - Essential Mix 2016-09-24
26.9.16 18:34 
 Cub Foods (Roseville, MN)
26.9.16 18:23 
 Errands - Barnes & Noble (Roseville, MN)
26.9.16 16:10 
Decaf I do not know why
26.9.16 15:41 
Changed my cover photo
26.9.16 15:20 New Blu-ray/DVD/digital titles coming out 9/27/16 (222)
26.9.16 15:02 UNSOLICITED PLUGS: Everybody already knows their Presidential pick and watching tonight's debate won't change their mind, but they're watching anyway. I'm sure there's a meaning in that, but I don't wanna figure it out. Tonight, I'm hitting Triviasco where Berni and I (and who knows who else may show up - maybe YOU!) will hopefully rebound from last week's finish out of the money - that takes place at Country Bar at 7 AND it's followed by Staraoke Karaoke at 10. I don't know if I'll be singing, though, as I'm skipping out early to hit Moonsault Monday! at Grumpy's which is ALSO at 10, an occasion for which I have specially picked out an appropriate professional wrestling-themed T-shirt which I somehow have not posted a selfie in yet but may later. I will continue to try to do my very best to not even think about the stupid debate for the rest of the day and hope you might change your mind about watching it and come out too.
26.9.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.96 ▼0.08 (Range: 24.77 - 25.05)
26.9.16 14:32 
Listened to Fred V & Grafix - Oxygen
26.9.16 14:18 RT for a chance to see The Faint/GangOfFour/Pictureplane/Transmission Thurs at First Ave +1 https: RT for a chance to see The Faint/GangOfFour/Pictureplane/Transmission Thurs at First Ave +1
26.9.16 12:48 Whoa, Mo Williams retired? Good luck to him.
26.9.16 12:43 
26.9.16 11:56 
Eventually Spotify's algorithm will recommend EVERY cover of "Goodbye Horses" to me. This is the third version I've been given after the original and one by Psyche.
26.9.16 11:45 
HOORAY PROPERTY TAX REBATE! Geez, those things take forever
26.9.16 11:06 
26.9.16 11:02 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
26.9.16 10:06 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9.16 09:47 
Ah, shoot, I slept on the free Lynx playoff tickets released at 8. Does anybody need a +1?
26.9.16 09:25 
Aw! I knew there'd be free Lynx tickets this morning but snoozed on 'em.
26.9.16 08:23 
Verrrrrrrrry eighties. Happy Monday!

Blue Mercedes
I Want To Be Your Property (Street Latin Wolff Mix)
25.9.16 22:25 
 with dave - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9.16 22:08 
Did ANY of tonight's matches not end with "This feud MUST continue!" and if not...why'd we watch it? #WWEClash
25.9.16 22:06 
Man I could have been at Happy Hour by now. When's this match end? #WWEClash
25.9.16 21:37 
This set of clips is very confusing given the earlier backstage segments - good to see the Creative team is all on the same page #WWEClash
25.9.16 21:12 
Yeah, didn't Kevin Owens pin this guy, though? #WWEClash
25.9.16 21:03 
Thad Young and family in the front row at #WWEClash tonight RT @Mrs___Young21: I used to watch mankind when I was little. The boys actually met him! @yungsmoove21
25.9.16 19:59 
25.9.16 19:48 
Pouring one out tonight - RIP
25.9.16 19:30 
Connor the Crusher was a cruiserweight, technically #WWEClash
25.9.16 19:28 
Wait, did they change the ropes, too? #WWEClash #Cruiserweight
25.9.16 19:02 the-w Survival Football: 2016.03
25.9.16 18:50 
A fun thing to do during a WWE preshow is to watch the countdown timer to see how rare a second ticks by without them changing camera angles
25.9.16 18:42 12 oz bottle of True Stone Cool Coffee Brew
25.9.16 18:30 
N......ot really
25.9.16 13:35 
 Water break - Super America (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9.16 13:18 
 Sneaky cheeky - The Home Depot (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9.16 10:13 Of course, if all those shows up is the Martika track, that won't work. :) OK, you do have to click "See More." Anyway, I wasn't at "I love you" yet...and it's still hard now, but it should never be something I'm afraid to say. SHOULD. I love you all. Try to get me to actually speak the words sometime, though....I need the practice. Maybe most of us do? (shared memory from last year)
25.9.16 10:12 I want to share these with you in case we weren't Friends last year - one's a cool story, and one is me trying to tell you I love you. Eh.....maybe both are both. I've come a long way and not very far at all in a year. (shared memory from last year)
25.9.16 07:23 
Party at Pete's! I think that's his daughter doing a verse.

Pete Townshend
Face the Face
25.9.16 00:29 
It is The Sex Rays
24.9.16 23:29 
It is Dose & The Dinks
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