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6.12.16 14:16 
 Vitals - Target (Roseville, MN)
6.12.16 14:11 
Yeah! I just dethroned @zknave as the Mayor of Genisys Credit Union on @Swarmapp!
6.12.16 14:11 
 Genisys Credit Union (Roseville, MN)
6.12.16 13:09 
Park Dental Roseville (Roseville, MN)
6.12.16 12:05 
Listened to Knife Party - Abandon Ship on Spotify
6.12.16 11:49 
Listened to Austra - Utopia
6.12.16 11:44 
Listened to Austra - Future Politics
6.12.16 11:43 @KrissiTrash87 Why, what's there...(checks)....ah. Sure, if you want :)
6.12.16 11:33 @KrissiTrash87 Other than you attending, I can't say I had any interest in that matchup at all
6.12.16 11:22 
Listened to The Magician - Sunlight (feat. Years and Years) - Extended Club Mix
6.12.16 09:23 
This one finally stuck with me after hearing it in the grocery store, of all places. My grocery store actually carries a pretty hip soundtrack much of the time - maybe you've seen my occasional Facebook status about it? No? Well....I've done it

Grover Washington Jr.
Just the Two of Us
6.12.16 09:02 RAW #1227 5.12.16
6.12.16 09:00 
But seriously brothers there was a camera already in Rusev and Lana's hotel room #RAW
6.12.16 08:59 
It only now occurs to me I sat through an entire #RAW last night without tweeting once - disappointing some, delighting others
6.12.16 08:58 
6.12.16 08:57 
Listened to Mason - Cruise Control 2016-12-06
6.12.16 07:31 
6.12.16 07:24 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
5.12.16 23:33 Sandman P.M.
5.12.16 21:58 
RT @BobbyZ1999: A Soldier in Prince’s Revolution
5.12.16 19:41 @massdistraction OH SHIT I HAVEN'T
thanks for the reminder, please accept this karma transfer
(this is why social networks were invented)
5.12.16 18:39 
 Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
5.12.16 17:45 
Listened to Shooter Jennings - Countach (for Giorgio)
5.12.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.35 ▲0.84 (Range: 23.59 - 24.36)
5.12.16 14:36 New Blu-ray/DVD/digital titles coming out 12/6/16 (261)
5.12.16 13:38 
Listened to DJ SLT with Jeremy Be - Across The Board 2016-11-11
5.12.16 12:18 
5.12.16 10:34 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
5.12.16 10:15 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
5.12.16 08:23 
It LOOKS like there's a pattern....but I'm looking ahead, and all I can see is that it's stuff I haven't shared yet. But...

Happy Monday!

Only Time Will Tell
5.12.16 02:11 Taiwanese animators share their take on Taiwan's Trump call - and as you might expect, they carry a bit of a bias.
5.12.16 01:00 Sandman P.M.
4.12.16 21:35 
It's like nobody even notices that ladder is so far off centre there's no way they'd reach the belt even from the top step #WWETLC
4.12.16 20:58 ATTENTION: All Thanksgiving leftovers have now been consumed. See you next year!
4.12.16 20:51 
Has Creative cooked up a finish so laboured, so tortured, it will require no less than Senior Official Mike Chioda to deliver it? #WWETLC
4.12.16 20:41 
Lemme tell ya about that great female wrestler BECKY LYNC #WWETLC
4.12.16 19:36 
How DARE they leave out TIto Santana in the list of great IC champs! #WWETLC
4.12.16 19:35 
Guess Tom's only out there to set up pretapes #WWETLC
4.12.16 19:34 we're all on the same page
4.12.16 19:33 
What a shocking development! Play HER music instead! #WWETLC
4.12.16 19:32 
Why were Carmella's lips were moving through the entire three count #WWETLC
4.12.16 19:24 
@tapemachines Entrance themes with extended beatless intros are such strange choices you think they could quickly undo
4.12.16 19:18 Video - This version of DAPL is off (yeah!) but our fundraisers for next weekend are stlll on (yeah!) - click through to for more info, or just watch the video
4.12.16 19:15 
Think of all the future hilarious Slater sketches this sets up #WWETLC
4.12.16 18:34 
(still watching football instead of the Kickoff show)
I don't listen to podcasts...sorry
I've been on more podcasts than I've listened to
4.12.16 18:08 
Looks like I picked a bad week to try to take in the entire Kickoff show
4.12.16 18:02 Decaf
4.12.16 17:56 
RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: RIP "Umaga" Edward Fatu: March 28, 1973 - December 4, 2009
4.12.16 16:58 Fog Chaser
4.12.16 07:23 
People have written entire theses around this video. You will learn why if you haven't seen it before.

.38 Special
Caught Up In You
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