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2.1.17 15:45 
 Kris needs sports books cheap - Half Price Books (Roseville, MN)
2.1.17 15:27 
 World Market (Roseville, MN)
2.1.17 15:25 
Listened to Handsome Boy Modeling School - Magnetizing
2.1.17 15:18 
Listened to Mr. Lee - Come Get House (Club)
2.1.17 15:00 
Markets closed: New Year's Day (observed)
2.1.17 14:21 Moroccan Mint
2.1.17 13:14 
RT @kevinfederline: I can't believe it's been 10yrs.. Seems like yesterday. Hope all my @WWE riders are doing well. Happy New Years!!! http… RT @wwe: It's been a whole decade since @JohnCena suffered the biggest upset of his career, courtesy of... @kevinfederline?! #RAW
2.1.17 12:49 NFL 2016 WILD CARD SCHEDULE
1.1.17 20:53 
Listened to The Emperor Machine - The Symptomatic Removal of the Sanity
1.1.17 20:30 
Wolves...don't win#blazers 95 - #twolves 89
1.1.17 20:26 
(11 & 12, 0:29.6 4th)
1.1.17 19:08 
HALFTIME: #twolves 49 - #blazers 37
1.1.17 18:20 God I hope so RT @pyry: Are we still saying "two thousand" for this year, or is it unabashedly "twenty"?
1.1.17 17:50 
 LET'S GO #TWOLVES! #PowerOfThePack - Portland Trail Blazers vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
1.1.17 17:30 
Listened to Joe Jackson - (He's A) Shape In A Drape
1.1.17 17:27 
Listened to Willie Hutch & Boozoo Bajou - Second To None
1.1.17 05:42 topics of interest: December 2016
1.1.17 05:23 
Listened to Miles Davis - Rated X (remixed by Doc Scott)
1.1.17 05:16 
Listened to Moon Birds - Psychozoa
1.1.17 05:13 
Listened to Blue Six - Very Good Friends
1.1.17 05:09 
Listened to Snoopy - Trafico Del Centro
1.1.17 02:49 
Listened to Gabriel Ananda - Doppelwhipper (Live)
1.1.17 02:45 
Listened to In Flagranti - Nonplusultra
1.1.17 02:42 
Listened to Lustral - Everytime (Funkagenda Mix)
1.1.17 02:33 
Listened to Lloyd Cole and The Commotions - Brand New Friend (Long Version)
1.1.17 02:28 
Listened to James Brown - Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose
1.1.17 02:25 
Listened to Syd Straw - About to Forget
1.1.17 02:20 
Listened to Joseph Kobom - Tomeyielu - A Work Song
1.1.17 02:17 
Listened to Laurent Garnier - Le Voyage de Simone
1.1.17 00:00 Autoposted: Happy New Year from the Central time zone!
31.12.16 22:02 
 This must be the place - Clubhouse Jäger (Minneapolis, MN)
31.12.16 21:49 
Listened to Imagination - In and out of Love
31.12.16 21:44 
Listened to Syd Straw - Papier Mache
31.12.16 21:40 
Listened to Doves - Spellbound
31.12.16 21:26 Two shots of espresso! TWO!
31.12.16 20:21 
 Pre-NYEing - Pizza Nea (Minneapolis, MN)
31.12.16 20:12 
Listened to Monie Love - Grandpa's Party (Love II Love remix)
31.12.16 20:06 
Listened to Status Quo - Anniversary Waltz (Part 2)
31.12.16 20:01 
Listened to Black Diamond Heavies - Make Love Time
31.12.16 19:57 
Listened to Hani - Voices Kill
31.12.16 19:53 
Listened to James Brown - Hot Pants Road (Vocal)
31.12.16 19:49 
Listened to Virgo Four - In A Vision (Original 12 Inch Version)
31.12.16 19:45 
Listened to 777 - Jupiter! (Feed Your Head Mix)
31.12.16 17:44 
"Oh yeah, homemade Chex Mix, baby!"
Kris: "What's Chex Mix then"
"Well we don't have Chex over there"
31.12.16 17:32 
OK so one thing I DO want to say before the year is up is how grateful and thankful I am that I was able to realize maybe the one real goal I had set for myself for 2016, which was to finally unpack every single slab of vinyl I boxed up in California back in 2004 and get them mostly sorted and into some IKEA storage (thanks Dan and Julie for letting me borrow the truck!). This was done by February despite a longish interlude/vacation to go to the Super Bowl (HEY Aaron REMEMBER WHEN WE WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL THAT WAS SO COOL) and it wasn't too long before I was given the great privilege of being asked to join KFAI Vinyl Voices to share small parts of my collection with boutique crowds at fine venues such as Turf Club, Harriet Brewing taproom, Day Block Brewing Company, Palmer's Bar and Clubhouse Jäger. I have been very fortunate to spin nine times in 2016 with a lot of fine partners and one Turf brunch where I did four hours solo - and maybe even more incredibly, on multiple separate occasions people have stopped me and asked stuff like "hey, did you DJ the Turf Club brunch?" and say some very kind things about my curation. Of course, I also immediately went back to BUYING a lot of records - shout out to Raoul at Flashlight Vinyl for making it so easy to drop a lot of money on a lot of reasonably priced 12" singles I never knew I needed - but now my thinking is not only "do I want to hear this in my house?" but also "how bad do I want to play this for other people to hear?" which is a really cool feeling. Thanks to the folks I DJ'd with for their patience and support - Sean Hansen, Amanda Moon, Dana Bogema. Thanks to YOU if you put up with my repeated spam invites and especially if you came out to hear some tunes. (Fortunately and unfortunately there are too many folks to tag here, but you know who you are and I hope I see you again!) Above all else I cannot thank enough MISTER Cruise Control on KFAI, Mason Butler for giving me opportunity after opportunity to ruin his and Vinyl Voices' reputation, but not once when we DJ'd together did he ask me to fade out early (although I did do that myself - once - too many kazoos), or to not play another breakdance track, or to not follow up Pop Will Eat Itself with Boris Badenough - and I even managed to (pleasantly!) surprise him a couple times, which gave me an indescribably great feeling. Also, this isn't related but I bought an enormous keyboard from him and Gretch in 2016 as well. ANYWAY. There will be more invites to more nights in 2017, if all goes well, and maybe by the end of THAT year I'll have settled on a DJ name. Thanks as always for readin' this far and for your support of me and The KZiM Archives as they ever expand!
31.12.16 15:47 Decaf
31.12.16 14:53 French Roast
31.12.16 14:08 
I am not immune - here's my nine most liked for 2016 - Wolves, Prince, food and me #2016bestnine
31.12.16 03:56 
Listened to Charles Silence Trio - Winter Sadness
31.12.16 03:49 
Listened to Erasure - B3
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