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24.1.17 16:19 
Listened to ORM-D - Acid Carrier
12.1.17 18:23 
On second thought, nuts to your Spotify link with your 30 second previews and your music (The Awful Truth: Tap Tap)
2.12.16 09:28 
Listened to SolidState - Sun's Out, Guns Out on Bandcamp
26.11.16 01:52 
Listened to Sauna Accident - not the comic
25.11.16 13:06 
Listened to Tickle Torture - Spectrophilia
3.11.16 16:13 
Listened to The Caretaker - Everywhere at the end of time on Bandcamp
19.10.16 16:34 
Listened to Nots - TVOD (The Normals cover)
27.9.16 11:05 
Listened to POSH DECAY - Soft Temptation (live)
21.9.16 17:33 
Listened to Bogdan Raczynski - '96 Drum n Bass Classixxx on Bandcamp
21.9.16 11:44 
Oooooooh it's back and hopefully at the correct speed (Bogdan Raczyski: 1996 drum & bass classixxx)
23.8.16 15:31 
Listened to Brilliant Beast - Dissolve
23.8.16 15:15 
Listened to Fury Things & Brilliant Beast - Split EP
23.8.16 14:48 
Listened to Brilliant Beast - Where Do You Want
19.8.16 19:24 
Listened to Private Interests - PRIVATE INTERESTS
30.7.16 12:43 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Burn The Witch
15.6.16 18:25 
Listened to whatever forever - Streets Ahead
13.6.16 16:05 
Listened to Dirt Bag Acid Crew - Why Did I Have The Bowl?
28.4.16 09:42 
Listened to Natasha Kmeto - The Ache (Letherette Remix)
27.4.16 20:17 
Listened to Dirt Bag Acid Crew - Dog Killer
8.4.16 13:34 
Listened to - drawn of breath (live at KVSC)
8.4.16 13:27 
Listened to - hush/hush
29.3.16 14:24 
Listened to Psychic Idols - Pipedream Visions
29.3.16 10:37 
We're big big fans of Nightosaur. We have no idea how offering THEIR ENTIRE CATALOG FOR FREE is a prudent business move, but we're not going to question it until you've downloaded all three albums!! GO! DON'T DELAY!

(It was a great show, too. Yashouldabeenthere)
29.3.16 10:35 
Guys, there is no excuse for you not to own every scrap of Nightosaur on your favourite digital device when it's ABSOLUTELY FREEEEEEEEEEEE (Shared Nightosaur's post)
6.3.16 09:23 
Last one - a surprising yet perfectly in character cover of Kelly Clarkson by local punks Kitten Forever. Go buy everything on their bandcamp page after you listen!

Kitten Forever
Since U Been Gone
12.2.16 12:06 
Listened to Machine Girl - Gemini on Bandcamp
1.2.16 16:44 
Listened to Benedek & Noble - Ocean Side on Bandcamp
1.2.16 07:23 
Extended out one more day but this is our last scheduled local track for a while. Here's Hideo and Matthew with my favourite track off their latest CD. Catch these guys live every chance you can!

Happy Monday!

Birthday Suits
Golden Weeks
30.1.16 11:23 
Nightosaur has actually been down at Grumpy's with a residency every Saturday in January. It's been a good month. They claim that aside from longtime members Andy & John, I've been to the most Nightosaur concerts, which is something for my tombstone. This one's from their first album and is a good example of their early super heavy sound. They're up to three albums (and down to three performers) but still heavy.

Spare Swords
28.1.16 11:10 
Listened to Thunderbolt Pagoda - Second Ascension on Bandcamp
28.1.16 09:23 
I think this was my favourite local album of 2015. (I'm now trying to remember if I'll offend any of my friends in bands by saying this - did any of them release anything in 2015? They're not reading this anyway, right? OK.) No video (they have a nice video for "Cold Grey Sky" if you want to go hunting) so here's a link to their Bandcamp site.

The Awful Truth

Hey, we got our 100th Like yesterday (or maybe the day before)! I'm not sure who it was, but thanks to ALL of you for your Likes - I hope you're seeing these every day, but if you're not, you can always go back and catch up when you get bored!
18.1.16 11:01 
Listened to Bad Idea - This Is...Bad Idea - buy it at Bandcamp
7.1.16 14:29 
Listened to Swimsuit Area - Busybody EP on Bandcamp
7.1.16 14:19 
Listened to Swimsuit Area - Occupado! EP on Bandcamp
7.1.16 12:41 
Listened to - Roy G Black on Bandcamp
7.1.16 12:00 
Listened to battlerat - SPOILS on Bandcamp
7.1.16 11:28 
Listened to Battlerat - s/t on Bandcamp
12.12.15 16:03 
Dropped a dollar on the TEMPLE album. They're opening tonight at the big release show for The Rope at the Triple Rock. Also performing are Gloss and OAKS. Should be a good one! Expect four Instagrams to appear on CRZ's wall later.
12.12.15 15:58 
It's that thing where you go to Wicked Inquisition's Bandcamp page to buy all their music but you discover you'd already bought all their music seven months ago
12.12.15 15:17 
Listened to TEMPLE - s/t - get it on Bandcamp
5.12.15 16:00 
The most recent addition to the digital archive is the latest release by Bug Fix - 5 songs in just over 7 minutes! Sample it at their Bandcamp site by clicking on the big ol' play button below:
5.12.15 01:22 
Listened to Bug fix - Error Messages - get it at their Bandcamp
12.11.15 10:01 
Listened to Principality - Glass CS on Bandcamp
2.11.15 15:12 
Listened to Charmings - Moisture on Bandcamp
2.11.15 12:22 
Listened to Charmings - Don't Let it Follow You Like a Halo on Bandcamp
2.11.15 11:55 
Listened to Charmings - teenage ufo on Bandcamp
24.9.15 15:06 
Listened to Various Artists - Strange-eyed Constellations on Bandcamp
23.9.15 10:09 
Listened to Flavor Crystals - The Shiver of the Flavor Crystals on Bandcamp
3.8.15 12:49 
Listened to Wretch - KINK on Bandcamp
22.7.15 17:36 
Listened to Zoobombs - Don's Dream # 572
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