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9.3.17 17:49 Will definitely walk to the Textile Center from my house to gawk at this. Wanna come with?
9.3.17 12:07 I passed on the King Crimson presale. Am I a bad prog fan?
6.3.17 18:39 
Nobody on court but the mop men. It'd be funny and pathetic if the Association had to postpone this game due to humidity
6.3.17 16:54 
NEAT (via WMFU, via Library of Congress)
5.3.17 03:25 OK but I do wish I'd left one unopened box of Triscuits in this house
4.3.17 23:08 
4.3.17 00:26 
3.3.17 19:06 
IT'S THE WEEKEND (YouTube video: "Roachford - Cuddly Toy")
3.3.17 18:54 
Added 3 photos to the Album "I Am Also a Pokémon GO Addict"
3.3.17 13:10 OH SHIT IT'S LENT where's the fish fry tonight, my dudes?
2.3.17 15:46 "In The Air Tonight Drum Fill for 1 Hour 10 Minutes except it's tripled and one is played .1% faster and one is played .1% slower" Shoot, why didn't we think of that? (I mean, I know WHY, but)
2.3.17 14:22 
#tbt visiting the P gold star after the Black Widows gig - OK, not a very far throwback I'll admit (circa 2325, February 15, 2017)
2.3.17 02:43 
"Can I borrow your glasses?"
"Well, you'll be blind, but sure. But you have to let me take a photo of you in them."

Actually, I always wanted this to be a photo series - people wearing my glasses...Berni did it first last year but I failed to get a photo and there were concerns about an allergic reaction to the alleged metal in my frames...

Anyway here's...I think her name was Brita? Britta? Brittta? Britttta? Whatever it was, she definitely looked way better than I did.
1.3.17 22:14 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28.2.17 12:41 HOJO COMING BACK IN AUGUST - also Aaron's faves MWH (hmmm one week before State Fair opener, AA...hint hint...)
(hat tip to Ollie Stench)
27.2.17 23:47 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27.2.17 19:46 
Tonight's culinary experiment: Brew Pub Pizza's "small batch" Stics & Curds offering
27.2.17 18:15 Keenly interested in the price of transatlantic flights going down in June, but not sure how to get to some of these origination points on the cheap...
26.2.17 15:25 
Haha - playing "Find CRZ" never gets old
24.2.17 15:01 I like to think it was because they cut Christian loose. Man that was fast
23.2.17 17:10 Video - Remember... I am not a professional.
23.2.17 15:32 #tbt
[photo redacted]
[text redacted]
(circa 4 Oct 2003)
23.2.17 13:21 Are you scared?
They're here
Kat James Doug
23.2.17 00:36 
MAN I could have sworn they were open much later the last time I walked by
22.2.17 21:38 
(an Instagram of us finishing fourth)
22.2.17 18:10 This here's a pyramid scheme and I'm in it
21.2.17 15:02 
Subtweets (Ronnie Milsap: Stranger in My House)
21.2.17 03:03 
I was on the radio again (thanks, Mason!) I didn't know much about Al Jarreau but covered it up pretty well. Here's the mp3 link, valid for the next fortnight and then probably archived somewhere else later (like my hard drive)
20.2.17 12:24 
Wow, it's been a long time since I got one of these! Good to know the scammers are still stealing the same photos from the same girls. This one forgot to change his gender to "her" which is always amusing when they unintentinally tell the truth. ANYWAY, here is "Susana Daniel"
20.2.17 02:13 2am and still 52º - guess I'll eat candy on the porch
18.2.17 01:02 As "Stigmata" chines over the TouchTunes, I can't help but feel a presence...
17.2.17 02:54 
16.2.17 09:30 
#tbt And then there's this one. Amongst the many wonderful things Kris has done for me, maybe the greatest one was volunteering my house as a crash pad for his OTHER friends who happened to be in town at the same time, because there was no other way I could have met Kat. She was here less than two weeks but now it's very, very hard imagining life without her in it. She's a great talker, a great listener, has a great attitude and a very easily seen love of life which is incredibly infectious. She's tiny (relatively) but carries herself like the biggest man in the room and it's amazing. I don't know a single person she met in Minnesota who didn't immediately like her. And I know she's heard this a lot and is probably a little tired of hearing it... but she may have the most beautiful eyes on two continents. I miss her terribly - I miss making fun of her accent; I miss trying to find vegan options for her and being so amused that she finds Cub Foods a virtual mecca compared to the grocerie options in Brit-ain. She changed me - with any luck, I'm not changing back. I think she knows all this and won't be too embarrassed that I'm saying it publicly. These photos at the airport were right before last goodbyes and how I managed to make it without crying until I was back on the freeway I'm not sure I know. I'm on the verge of tears again typing this right now....and now you know why I've been procrastinating. It shouldn't hurt this much not having someone nearby, and most of the time it doesn't, until I really start thinking about it. I hope we have one too many drinks again soon. I'll never take off this bracelet. (circa 1215, one week ago)
16.2.17 09:30 
#tbt I didn't mean to put this off as long as I could, but it's been hard readjusting to life without a housemate after just over two months of him being around, including spending Christmas together, ringing in 2017 at Transmission, and a killer Super Bowl party in the suburbs. He may enjoy Maruchan instant lunches even more than I do. He talked endlessly about the gym despite never seeming to make it out there. There wasn't an airing of "South Park," "American Dad," "Family Guy," "That 70s Show" (but definitely not "Friends") that he'd miss. There were a lot of last minute Wolves ticket purchases on the cheap. I got to take him to the Hexagon Bar for the first (and not last?) time. We saw "Rogue One" but failed to see it twice. I said "no" every time he tried to get me to Ground Zero - maybe the only time I consistently said no to him. He got me to Matt's Bar for my first juicy lucy after only 12+ years here. He got me to Driftwood, but I never managed to make it in time for the singalong. As he did last time, he introduced me to a whole new batch of wonderful people I may have never met without the introduction (sparing everyone a tag here). I put "With Sympathy" on a thumb drive for him but forgot to give him the Depeche Mode discography. I almost immediately regretted introducing him to Frank's Red Hot because he put that shit on EVERYTHING. And, yes, last but not least he turned ANOTHER bath mat purple to make sure I'd always remember he'd been around - as if I would forget! Kris, mate, it's been great stashing you in the spare room and it's hard to put into words how much I appreciate the opportunity to play a role as host during your trip here - I'm sure we'll be able to set something up for the next time. Here's to then! (circa 0215 one week ago)
16.2.17 08:30 
CAR ADVENTURES - THE SAGA CONTINUES: After making sure to sacrifice my Wednesday night to get me to Maplewood at 7am this morning, I was informed that the replacement rim hadn't arrived yet. I suspect they may have completely forgotten to order it as I have been rescheduled to next week - or Saturday, if I'm "lucky." So I'm driving around on the spare for another few days. Yes, I know that all this is a sign to not take care of this and scrap my car completely for a new one and I'm IGNORING YOUR SAGE ADVICE AGAIN BECAUSE I LOVE THIS STUPID OLD CAR AND ALSO SETTING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON FIRE at least it drives like a dream with that spare
15.2.17 01:13 In retrospect, I should have gotten really drunk tonight and also stayed the hell away from Facebook
14.2.17 02:11 
Another night, another "no adapter needed" double set. If you can read my handwriting, here's what I played. Thanks to Dan for the opportunity and not minding too much when I gave up and just started playing for me (see if YOU can figure out when that happened!), thanks to Hideo and Dave for probably saying "no" before I was asked ;-), thanks to Ryan for sticking it out to the end, and thanks to the other people who were around. Dan let me stretch out after the crowd died down but I STILL think he may have played more records cos his were WAY shorter than mine. OH and thanks Mom and Dad Gary for the bitchin' new professional crate they gave me for Christmas which I used for the first time tonight.
13.2.17 17:54 Shared this last year. Sharing now. Will share every year. I love you. <3

"Love is letting each other be who we are without fear of censure. Love is not wanting the other to become a clone of ourselves. ‘Other’ offers resistance, pushing us to find what is self. Love is actively embracing our equality and pushing each other to realise our full potential and make our full contribution to the world. Love is facing forward, both fighting for a common goal – both strong, both independent and positively choosing a knowing dependence. Love is always leaving the door unlocked and continuing that love when ‘other’ may choose to use the exit. Love is letting go and wishing well. Love is aching joy. Love is the safe haven. Love is arriving home." - Howard Jones
13.2.17 15:48 BREAKING NEWS: I am going to COMPLETELY kill the vibe in the City Room as a last minute fill-in co-host DJ with Daniel McNellie as a part of this month's Moonsault Mondays!
Come early; I MAY spin a 7 inch!
(Feel better Steve!)
11.2.17 16:29 
Not sure if I should caption:
1. Oh, that's sad
2. But nothing of value was lost
11.2.17 14:33 Hell yeah, I'm wearing shorts
11.2.17 08:58 
My stupid tire went flat AGAIN last night, so I will have to replace the rim. At least this didn't happen back on Wednesday, I guess. I called the dealer to find out if they could fix it today, and while they put me on hold to see if they had the part, their Sirius XM feed let me listen to the chorus of this one. I've done a spectacular job not writing up proper posts on having Kris and Kat here and if I'm not careful enough time will have passed and I will have thrown up enough walls and engaged in enough suppression to NOT do ANYTHING... but all I want to do right now is go back to sleep. (They DO have to order a replacement rim, it's in Knoxville, it'll be $356.71, and maybe they'll have it on Thursday.) (James Hersey: Miss You)
10.2.17 20:27 Google Rewards just asked me if I'd taken a hot air balloon ride in the past week - I selected "Prefer not to answer" (ping to Jana)
9.2.17 18:11 My last Spotify selection in this office - oh Spotify, you're so "random"
9.2.17 13:47 
I just can't. Maybe later. Good try, though; thanks, iPod (YouTube: Ocean River - Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochùn) (feat. India) (12" Club Mix))
7.2.17 00:45 
I'M THE BEST BOWLING MAN--oh shit wait, Jana is the best bowling man holy shit 10th frame turkey, she's AWESOME at bowling
6.2.17 19:02 
6.2.17 09:15 
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