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10.4.17 20:36 
So like are just gonna forget the whole Demon thing or naw #RAW
10.4.17 19:40 
Show retired after WrestleMania, right, so it makes sense that he wasn't actually in a match just now #RAW
10.4.17 19:36 
10.4.17 19:16 
Whoa did you guys like they way they cut from that shot of a fan to a different shot of that same fan? #RAW
10.4.17 19:13 Taco Bell calls it a "Taco Burrito" - I call it a "slightly larger soft taco"
10.4.17 19:06 
THIS, on the other hand, only makes sense if the US belt is heading to the other show #RAW
10.4.17 19:05 
This makes sense! Why WOULDN'T Bryan want to unload Miz as soon as he could, if it were possible? #RAW
10.4.17 18:18 @tapemachines I only just now figured this out, but the good news is I didn't give up and I was rewarded
10.4.17 18:16 RT @Jaromir_Jagr: BREAKING: Gary Bettman has announced that NHL fans will not be participating in the 2017 Bracket challenge
10.4.17 18:16 RT @ColinHebert614: Just getting into the NHL Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge is much more difficult than winning the actual Stanley Cup
10.4.17 18:16 RT @Cane_alytics: The challenge in the NHL Bracket Challenge is whether you're able to successfully log-in and create a bracket. Good luck to everyone!

10.4.17 18:15 RT @MemesAreMyBeans: Trying to fill out the bracket challenge and get the "whoops, something went wrong" bs. Holy fuck @NHL as if you guys couldn't be any worse.
10.4.17 18:15 RT @see_Lolo_run: No better way to piss off hockey fans than to have a glitchy/crashing website the day the @NHL bracket challenge opens.
10.4.17 18:13 Today is a fun day to do a Twitter real-time search on "NHL Bracket Challenge" - isn't it, @NHL?
10.4.17 17:46 
Listened to The Awful Truth - Glisten
10.4.17 16:14 
Listened to Karl Bartos - Off the Record
10.4.17 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 30.66 ▼0.15 (Range: 30.51 - 30.95)
10.4.17 14:27 2017 Stanley Cup Conference Quarterfinals - schedule and predictions
10.4.17 13:30 RT @helenjeong4: I want someone to get me like my Spotify discover weekly does
10.4.17 13:30 My Discover Weekly playlist is extra fire this week so far:
Thanks @Spotify @SpotifyUSA @SpotifyCares
10.4.17 12:47 
Starbucks Breakfast Blend
10.4.17 12:19 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
10.4.17 11:27 
 Back once again - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
10.4.17 11:03 
10.4.17 10:29 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
10.4.17 00:17 
@Twolves_PR Whoa
9.4.17 22:34 
9.4.17 21:54 
(25 & 11 as I type this)
9.4.17 21:13 
 SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
9.4.17 19:39 
 Nichol Cola - Caffetto (Minneapolis, MN)
9.4.17 19:13 
 Common Roots Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
9.4.17 17:13 
 TCAHD Book Drive meeting - Frostbeard Studio (Minneapolis, MN)
9.4.17 16:26 
WTF is this and where are the Rye ones
9.4.17 16:06  It's raining in St Paul yo - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
9.4.17 14:47 
Nobody wants to sit next to me! #WolvesMember #TweetYourSeat
9.4.17 14:06 
 Select a seat! - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
9.4.17 13:35 Highlander Grog
8.4.17 22:47 
 Well, it's not a costume but it's also not something I'd normally wear... - Red Sea Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
8.4.17 17:04 
Sun's out; bun's out
8.4.17 16:41 French Roast
8.4.17 05:29 
Listened to Beats International - Won't Talk About It (One Big Bad World Mix)
8.4.17 05:25 
Listened to Erasure - Who Needs Love (Like That) (Mexican mix)
8.4.17 05:19 
Listened to The Truth - One Nation Under A Groove
8.4.17 05:12 
Listened to Supertramp - Gone Hollywood
8.4.17 05:07 
Listened to Bacalao - The Robots (Die Roboter)
8.4.17 02:48 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Leave in Silence
8.4.17 02:43 
Listened to Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest
8.4.17 00:32 
Thanks, Facebook, I've kinda been hanging with them for HOURS
7.4.17 23:59 
It is Death of a Ladies' Man
7.4.17 23:10 
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