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9.6.17 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 29.71 ▼0.40 (Range: 29.43 - 30.35)
9.6.17 14:45 
Listened to Pendulum - Watercolour
9.6.17 14:40 
Listened to Sub Focus - Rock It
9.6.17 14:37 
Listened to Sub Focus - Rock It - Radio Edit
9.6.17 14:31 
Listened to Spicey Ham - You Never Heard Of Me & I Never Heard Of You
9.6.17 14:25 
Listened to Pendulum - Propane Nightmares
9.6.17 14:20 
Listened to Pendulum - Granite - Orginal Mix
9.6.17 02:57 
So incredibly fortunate that so many people were conned into thinking it was still my birthday! Dudes. The presents. That cake Berni! It was all too much. I got to give away TWO drink tickets (Berni did "Guilt" by Nero and Robert did "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice, leaving me to do "Watercolour" by Pendulum) Honestly I'm starting to think some of you not only believe me when I tell you I love you're reflecting it back to me. I am overwhelmed and really, really thankful. If I forgot to tag you, I am so sorry!
9.6.17 02:35 
Listened to Japan - Life In Tokyo - 12" Extended Version
9.6.17 02:19 
Listened to Jay Denes - Live Today
9.6.17 02:15 
Listened to The Whispers - It's a Love Thing
8.6.17 22:32 
 IT'S STILL MY BIRTHDAY SORTA KINDA - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
8.6.17 22:28 
Listened to Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (12" Green)
8.6.17 22:22 
Listened to Donna Summer - Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
8.6.17 22:11 
Tough night...2 or 3 points out of the money, depending who was scoring
8.6.17 21:04 
RT @Orbinfo: Happy 25th #UFOrb! -- -- #OOBE #UFOrb #BlueRoom #TowersOfDub #CloseEncounters #Majestic
8.6.17 19:52 
Trivia coming! - The Country Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
8.6.17 19:43 
Listened to Art of Noise - Sign Of Relief
8.6.17 19:42 
Listened to Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Doing It To Death
8.6.17 19:37 
Listened to Feist - Now at Last
8.6.17 19:33 
Listened to Minotaur Shock - Vigo Bay
8.6.17 19:29 
Listened to Kula Shaker - Hush
8.6.17 18:37 My birthday was really great, but why's it have to end? Tonight it's another one-two punch of Triviasco at Country Bar and karaoke with Infernal Singalong Machine in Grumpy's City Room - and by the way, that's the very room where a late birthday celebration for myself, Allison AND Mason is taking place Monday night! Turntables will be open and DJs (including me and YOU!) will rotate in more than one sense. Cheap beer until 11 so don't dally! If none of your friends are there, you'll definitely make new ones!
8.6.17 18:29 @triviasco @WoodyHarrelson Zombieland!
8.6.17 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 30.11 ▼0.16 (Range: 28.99 - 30.34)
8.6.17 14:04 
A highlight of last night was getting to experience my own birthday Transmission. With a lot of chutzpah and a little sake, I managed to hand off an entire handwritten page entitled "CRZ's big list of outrageous requests" but when you're there right AT 10 and Jake is in a good/pretty forgiving mood, you will find that he just might play SIX IN A ROW from the list for you! BEST best part was I finally heard "Pearl in the Shell" in the room and once again saw Howard Jones (pictured) projected up on the wall.

Naked Eyes - When the Lights Go Out
ABC - Be Near Me
Howard Jones - Pearl in the Shell
Sparks - When I'm With You
Japan - Life in Tokyo
Gang of Four - I Love a Man in Uniform

On top of that, he and/or Anna bought me a PBR! All I had to do was just stay alive another year!

I got pretty schnockered near the end so I can't remember if I properly thanked Jake at the end of the night, so...THANKS, JAKE! And thanks, Transmission regulars. I guess I should start calling myself one now, too.
8.6.17 11:03 Guys I still haven't even READ some of your stuff but thank you so much in advance for making it way more special than this stupid Facebook video
7.6.17 22:03 
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEE - Clubhouse Jäger (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.17 21:17 
 Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.17 21:15 
Listened to The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count (DJ Food Re-edit - Special extension by Strictly Kev)
7.6.17 21:13 
Listened to Erasure - Lay All Your Love on Me (No Panties mix)
7.6.17 21:07 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Kara Kum (Thehickstar Remix)
7.6.17 21:02 
Listened to Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine
7.6.17 20:59 
 Emergency charger stop - CVS/pharmacy (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.17 20:54 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Aero Dynamik
7.6.17 19:52 
 Birthday sake! - moto-i (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.17 18:10 
 40 free tokens yo - Up-Down (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.17 17:59 
Listened to FDeluxe - Drummers And Healers (fXtended Mix)
7.6.17 17:52 
Listened to The Human League - Open Your Heart/Non-Stop (Instrumental)
7.6.17 17:41  For the record, I've bought no makeup today - Ulta Beauty (Richfield, MN)
7.6.17 17:28 
Listened to Art of Noise - Beatbox (Diversion)
7.6.17 17:24 
Listened to The Three Degrees - The Runner
7.6.17 17:00   Starbucks (Bloomington, MN)
7.6.17 16:59  SEPHORA (Bloomington, MN)
7.6.17 16:12 
Super birthday haul from the amazing @deardetective! LOOK AT MY ART YO
7.6.17 15:43 
7.6.17 15:33 
 Happy hour! - Masu Sushi & Robata (Bloomington, MN)
7.6.17 15:12  WE WANT FREE BIRTHDAY STUFF - NYX (Bloomington, MN)
7.6.17 15:01  Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
7.6.17 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 30.27 UNCH (Range: 30.04 - 30.37)
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