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17.6.17 14:37 Woke up to find my refrigerator had stopped working some time last night. Ungodly mess of mostly berry juice but just enough meat juice to make it smell and look so terrible. I've thrown out so much food; it was too late to rescue to the freezer in the basement. The universe hates me today. Is this thing even worth trying to service or am I better off just buying a replacement and getting them to cart out this one? (This Kenmore came with the house so it's at least 10 years old)

16.6.17 20:52 
15.6.17 16:55 
I'm a little late on this, so let's call it a #tbt ;-)

Back when I was still well, my extended birthday ran all the way out to Monday, where we were allowed to take over the City Room at Grumpy's Downtown and throw a triple belated Gemini birthday party that saw something like 20 to 25 of you putting in at least brief cameo appearances and, by my count, at least 8 of us behind the turntables at one point or another, including some first timers! I don't know if I'm a proper teacher, but Allison and Kristen may be able to provide references. I think I played a whole 6 of my own selections, but here's everybody's stuff I remember (I THINK I handed both of Berni's off to Mark? If I forget anybody else's, hit me up and I'll make edits)

OK, typing it all out. I believe I may have spun:
Bjork - Human Behaviour (Wade)
Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation (Wade)
Michael Sembello - Maniac (Antonio)
Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It? (Antonio)
Dead or Alive - Brand New Lover (Antonio)
Dead or Alive - Lover Come Back to Me (7" Edit)
K-X-P - Labirynth
The Soft Moon - Alive
The Danse Society - Say It Again (Extended Danse Mix)
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Marley '91 12" Remix)
Vincent Montana Orchestra - Ride Like the Wind
The Heyettes - The Fonz Song (Danielle)
Unknown Artist - Impressionist Track (Danielle)
John Travolta - Oh Gosh, I Don't Remember Which One We Played...ask Allison and edit this entry later (Danielle)
Steely Dan - Peg (Chris)

ANYWAY I was clearly in need of sleep, didn't get it, and that's why I've been sick since pretty much the time I got home....but except for some very notable absences I wish I'd had the power to change, and most people's necessary leaving before closing I ALSO wish I'd had the power to change, I don't think I would have had things go any other way.

Oh but if you're still holding out on photos, GIMME :)

After I live another 357 days, let's do it all again!

Thanks again to Allison for patiently but persistently not letting me just ignore all our birthdays until we'd come up with something for us to do together and thanks again to Mason for pretty much making it technically possible because Grumpy's and I combined DID NOT have enough equipment to make this happen (although it WAS amusing seeing everyone have to use my neon green cheapo cans). My story - and I'm sticking to it - is there's no way this would have happened without all three of us and I'm so grateful we were all adventurous enough to embark on this as partners in crime.

Thanks also to Dan, Ryan and Reiner for the support in getting Grumpy's to let us boost their business on a Monday where they hadn't already booked Dan. :)

All in all a fantastic way to close out a solid week of birthday-ing and the second time I turned 30. Should be another good decade!

If I forgot to tag you, either we're not Facebook friends (TATIANA) or my old brain has slipped and I need a swift kick in the shin. Holler!

(c. Monday night, quarter to 7)
14.6.17 16:06 Video - CRZ EATS ON VIDEO, A CONTINUING SERIES: Thanks to Michelle for telling me about these!
12.6.17 18:50 
12.6.17 17:27 
Birthday gift from my mate Kris Head is definitely 2SWEEEET (thank you!!!)
(3 photos)
12.6.17 16:50 If you attended Northern Spark and didn't fill out a survey in person, won't you please fill one out right now?
11.6.17 06:45 
Due to my inability to catch a train in timely fashion, I walked close to a half marathon during Northern Spark, according to my phone
(2 screen grabs)
10.6.17 20:38 My Northern Spark zone this year is Cedar/Riverside - I'll be roaming around begging for survey takers between 11 and 3. Hopefully by then it'll be a LITTLE cooler. Get your free pass for the Green Line/bus and hit all six stations tonight! I'm going to try to hit the Weisman ahead of my shifts. Let me know if you wanna do something between 4am and sunrise!
10.6.17 03:10 
Look, I love you guys but no effing way
9.6.17 17:17 Here's a Rinse FM four hour tribute to the late Marcus Intalex - you can also download it as a podcast from
9.6.17 02:57 
So incredibly fortunate that so many people were conned into thinking it was still my birthday! Dudes. The presents. That cake Berni! It was all too much. I got to give away TWO drink tickets (Berni did "Guilt" by Nero and Robert did "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice, leaving me to do "Watercolour" by Pendulum) Honestly I'm starting to think some of you not only believe me when I tell you I love you're reflecting it back to me. I am overwhelmed and really, really thankful. If I forgot to tag you, I am so sorry!
8.6.17 18:37 My birthday was really great, but why's it have to end? Tonight it's another one-two punch of Triviasco at Country Bar and karaoke with Infernal Singalong Machine in Grumpy's City Room - and by the way, that's the very room where a late birthday celebration for myself, Allison AND Mason is taking place Monday night! Turntables will be open and DJs (including me and YOU!) will rotate in more than one sense. Cheap beer until 11 so don't dally! If none of your friends are there, you'll definitely make new ones!
8.6.17 14:04 
A highlight of last night was getting to experience my own birthday Transmission. With a lot of chutzpah and a little sake, I managed to hand off an entire handwritten page entitled "CRZ's big list of outrageous requests" but when you're there right AT 10 and Jake is in a good/pretty forgiving mood, you will find that he just might play SIX IN A ROW from the list for you! BEST best part was I finally heard "Pearl in the Shell" in the room and once again saw Howard Jones (pictured) projected up on the wall.

Naked Eyes - When the Lights Go Out
ABC - Be Near Me
Howard Jones - Pearl in the Shell
Sparks - When I'm With You
Japan - Life in Tokyo
Gang of Four - I Love a Man in Uniform

On top of that, he and/or Anna bought me a PBR! All I had to do was just stay alive another year!

I got pretty schnockered near the end so I can't remember if I properly thanked Jake at the end of the night, so...THANKS, JAKE! And thanks, Transmission regulars. I guess I should start calling myself one now, too.
8.6.17 11:03 Guys I still haven't even READ some of your stuff but thank you so much in advance for making it way more special than this stupid Facebook video
6.6.17 23:59 
(this graphic was originally scheduled for 20.34 but Buffer denied me - 23.59 is just as good, I suppose)
6.6.17 12:35 
Jan bought me birthday Cheez-Its! (She also directed me to make sure we tried those Grooves TODAY, so there may be ulterior motives in play here) To thank her, I made sure she was hidden behind the box on the left.
4.6.17 22:30 Christian has every alternate version on vinyl and we're gonna see and hear ALLLLLLLL of 'em
4.6.17 12:50 
Quality soda. Quality comments.
4.6.17 03:32 
3.6.17 19:11 
3.6.17 19:08 
Hanging with super famous radio personalities
3.6.17 11:28 Video - Hahahaha still love it. Summer IS here!
3.6.17 11:15 
IT'S A TRAP (tagging/not tagging Allison, Aaron, Krista, Karl Anthony Towns, Ricky Rubio, Zach LaVine and my Pokémon GO me - also, not telling Google Photos JACK SQUAT)
3.6.17 01:48 
"It's the best of my worst! Tag me!" - Adriana
2.6.17 13:33 Oh, right, slept through the Beck ticket sale - oops
1.6.17 13:33 #NowPlaying
1.6.17 12:05 
31.5.17 10:25 HEY THIS IS FRIDAY come out and climb the Witch's Hat with me!
31.5.17 07:56 I don't like to throw around the word "hero" lightly, but....I DID make it here 10 minutes early
30.5.17 15:56 
Changed my profile photo
29.5.17 15:45 
This Escalade cut me off on I-94 on Memorial Day #allgavesome #somegaveall
28.5.17 20:33 
Ah, THERE'S the rain
28.5.17 17:50 
Haha these two will never not cut me up, even if I was merely a consolation prize (not pictured: Jake Rudh)
28.5.17 11:57 RIP Marcus Intalex (aka Trevino)
26.5.17 20:07 THIS IS AMAZING
26.5.17 18:46 Video - At NO ONE's request, a quick video of me test driving my new contact lenses AND "Firework Oreos" (thanks Berni for the tip - finally found them at Cub on Wednesday) - there are STILL tiny Pop Rox-like explosions going on in my mouth so I am off to search for some coffee
24.5.17 14:10 
Wow, Facebook made some interesting choices for my MySpace Top 8
22.5.17 16:32 
WHOA when did this happen? Must have been last night when Adam and I made it official. Thanks, all of you who are still around!
22.5.17 13:26 Goth Prom wasn't gonna miss me this (or any) year anyway, but if Saloon is still screwing over my friend, I see no reason to break my meaningless* boycott, but you kids have fun

*meaningless in that this is probably the first event I'm really consciously skipping since I said I was boycotting - hey, maybe it stops being meaningless tonight then!
22.5.17 02:30 Twin Peaks: still weird af. Is it also weird that I'm wondering how (or even if) all the dead actors I saw tonight will be written out? Episodes 1-4 are on demand, but you're setting yourself up for a fortnight without new episodes if you binge like I/everybody did. But I'm content so far!
20.5.17 18:38 
Turned the boiler back on #brr
16.5.17 15:18 
A technique I will also now employ - thanks, JR
16.5.17 14:57 
From the looks of my FB timeline, I'm the only person in Minneapolis who slept through the big thunder and expect my medal will be arriving shortly
16.5.17 01:53 
It is Products - from Finesse, devata duan, products, cheap fantasy at memory lanes
15.5.17 00:12 
Keep grinding
14.5.17 16:43 As I pulled out of my parking spot at Costco, the man pulling in was brushing his teeth with an electric toothbrush, and his passenger looked like she'd seen him do this countless times before
14.5.17 16:31 
I haven't heard of ANY of these social networks!

Also, did you know you can now buy cheese sauce in bags...
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