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1.7.17 03:15 
 Toooooooo many people - Taqueria La Hacienda (Minneapolis, MN)
30.6.17 23:53 
Yoooo I just dethroned @tomwiener as the Mayor of Landmark Theater Uptown on @Swarmapp!
30.6.17 23:52 
 Somebody shut up them lambs - The Silence of the Lambs - Landmark Theater Uptown (Minneapolis, MN)
30.6.17 22:43 
Woooo I just dethroned @cheetah0nmyback as the Mayor of SuperAmerica on @Swarmapp!
30.6.17 22:42 
 SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
30.6.17 17:15 
Pretty bummed. I've said it Rubio might be where I hop off the bandwagon when it comes to renewing my Timberwolves season ticket.
30.6.17 17:11 @MN_Hoops @rickyrubio9 Will they let you? I think all I can do is tell them I'm not renewing after this year :(
30.6.17 16:54 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
30.6.17 16:19 
30.6.17 16:19 RT @webster: Funny how secretaries of state openly reject Kobach's request for voter data, considering many happily sell it to data-mining corporations.
30.6.17 16:15 Video - DUDE THAT 1995 LOGO THO
30.6.17 15:16 
Saturday we had one more brunch and then Jenni got us to the airport to come home
30.6.17 15:03 
Friday was dominated by the rose garden, followed by another awesome barcade and a bar that Sarah worked at which ended up overrun with Minnesotans and former Minnesotans
30.6.17 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 28.24 ▲0.18 (Range: 28.01 - 28.43)
30.6.17 14:49 
Thursday - switched hotels, more photo booth hijinks, one temporarily busted Instax, one tiki bar, I found my Slurpee, one teahouse, one Star Bar and one awesome dance party at the Lovecraft-themed bar I forgot to take pictures of... and a lot of peeing.
30.6.17 14:38 
Post-concert stop at The Roxy, where I ate four eggs and an enormous chicken-fried steak with double gravy over hash browns, which they appropriately call The Big Fat Heart Attack Special (and which I apparently forgot to photograph)
30.6.17 14:36 
The Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds show - I just take a bunch of photos and hope one comes out OK
30.6.17 14:33 
Later Wednesday, drinks in front of a nearby hotel before the show, which started ALMOST promptly at 8
30.6.17 14:24 
Early Wednesday took us to Powell's City of Books and Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade
30.6.17 14:22 
The Nick Cave room at The Crystal - where we definitely flaunted the maximum occupancy guideline. The Soaking Pool in the basement was uhhhhhh-MAZING. My phone wants to tag all of these but I think mobileFB is sufficiently broken that none of them will go through... let's find out together
30.6.17 14:12 
I am way behind in putting together my Portland photos but I wanted to publicly embarrass...I mean THANK these two for letting me tag along and experience way too many cool things I probably never would have tried on my own, including meeting a heap of new friends. Hard to believe it's already been a week! Before they get buried too deep in my Gallery (too late?), I'll have the rest up later today.
30.6.17 13:24 
Hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern to recent requests... funny, my first instinct was to ALSO say "Nyah Deglandon"
30.6.17 11:15 
TGIC - Starbucks Breakfast Blend
30.6.17 10:06 
RT @GusGusOfficial: // The first brick of a bigger puzzle. A taste of what's to come.. Are you just as excited as we are for the new...
30.6.17 09:59 
Listened to DJ SLT - Across The Board 2017-06-30
30.6.17 09:55 
Listened to Wax - Right Between the Eyes
30.6.17 08:05 
30.6.17 07:29 
 HERO - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
30.6.17 02:17 
Hmmmm, is that what I'd look like after a haircut? G'night
29.6.17 22:45 
 Happy Birthday!! — with Joel - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
29.6.17 22:28 
Listened to John Digweed - Essential Mix 2017-06-24 Part 4
29.6.17 22:06 
Ooh, out of the money by one point
29.6.17 20:41 
The Country Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
29.6.17 20:10 @triviasco Her!
29.6.17 19:45 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
29.6.17 16:03 
(Flashlight Vinyl's post)
29.6.17 15:09 
POST. The first r.s.p-w post. In fact, here it is because I never throw anything away:
29.6.17 15:06 
I always contend that I made the first r.s.p-w about Hart's five moves, but never used "of doom" and didn't run wit… RT @i/web: Did u coin the term "Five Moves of Doom"? @CRZ
29.6.17 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 28.06 ▼0.83 (Range: 27.71 - 28.94)
29.6.17 13:32 
29.6.17 13:16 
Listened to Mason with CRZ - Cruise Control 2017-06-20
29.6.17 13:06 
#tbt My grandma (now 89) and aunt still collude to find good blackmail photos to include in my birthday cards (but they also still include money to make sure I keep opening them!)

I picked this one up a little late due to a vacation hold but knew I'd be sharing it with you the first Thursday after I saw it.

In this photo, our hero licks a beater. How my parents let me get away with growing my hair that long we may never know. (c. mid-1970s)
29.6.17 12:45 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
29.6.17 12:33 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
29.6.17 03:16 
Hey we haven't had one of these for a while* - nice website you got there, "Malia Broll"

*I've gotten a few recently, but FB has been a little better about catching and deleting the fakers before I could take any screen grabs
29.6.17 02:21 
Listened to Jackmaster - Essential Mix 2017-06-24 Part 3
29.6.17 00:59 
 Yup - Clubhouse Jäger (Minneapolis, MN)
29.6.17 00:03 
It is The Staboteurs
28.6.17 23:01 
It is CABS (
28.6.17 22:52 Has anyone blogged every episode of "CHiPs" yet?

Is that something you'd patreon me to do?

(Is that something you'd patreon me to NOT do?)
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