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16.7.17 04:21 Tonight was really great. You have no idea. (About six of you have some idea.)
16.7.17 00:39 
"Album cover," she says
14.7.17 02:37 Can I tell you all about how I embarrassed myself twice today, first by not recognising Sarah when she said hi to me at karaoke, THEN compounding it by thinking she was a completely different Sarah for a couple of hours until awkwardly chatting after closing. The lesson I have learned is that FB CRZ and real life Chris Z. have to do a better job sharing notes... But at least I got this marginally amusing status out of it
13.7.17 15:20 Hey Sarah Marie Wash I think I can post your website link now?

Everybody else: hey look here's a link to Sarah's site
13.7.17 15:09 
11.7.17 12:42 
Temporarily changed my profile photo
11.7.17 10:48 A DECADE OF PIES
10.7.17 18:29 
Guys the DFL convention could not have been SO bad as to justify this sudden surge in interest
10.7.17 12:31 I'm fairly confident I'm the only person on your friend list to not leave a comment on your "What's something you're confident you're the only person on my friend list to have done?" status
10.7.17 10:25 
10.7.17 10:17 What the hell did Facebook do to their calendar?!
10.7.17 02:18 We did it! Happy Friendiversary <3 :)
8.7.17 19:50 
Oh yeah, there was a hot air balloon up there this morning
(2 photos)
7.7.17 16:35 
25 years ago (give or take a day), The Orb released "u.f. orb" and my life changed forever (give or take a day). I still have my soon-to-be-phased-out-longbox somewhere.
5.7.17 23:08 I probably would not have guessed that I would ever type a status like "Might not make it out to Transmission because I am still late preparing for CON" but this is what you've helped turned me into (thanks)
5.7.17 08:18 Happy Friendiversary, KK!
5.7.17 08:04 
Of COURSE the 8am call was cancelled! Who on earth would make it into work so early the day after the 4th of July? I'll be over there in the corner snoozing
5.7.17 02:25 
Tried some long exposures with the phone tonight on the local fireworks
4.7.17 13:46 Fun weird fact about me for ID4: My last three haircuts all took place on the 4th of July: 2013, 2009, 2006. I forgot to line something up today, though, what with my regular stylist divorcing me
3.7.17 18:33 
(CAUTION: Rare "political" post by CRZ follows)
Say, that Ron Paul fellow still makes some interesting points on occasion
3.7.17 17:06 
Temporarily changed my profile photo
3.7.17 01:54 Video - a box of rocks
3.7.17 01:39 
Accidental shots are sometimes better.... is something I tell myself
2.7.17 13:06 Finally mowed the lawns. I've earned my Sunday trip to Big Top!
30.6.17 17:15 
Pretty bummed. I've said it Rubio might be where I hop off the bandwagon when it comes to renewing my Timberwolves season ticket.
30.6.17 16:15 Video - DUDE THAT 1995 LOGO THO
30.6.17 15:16 
Saturday we had one more brunch and then Jenni got us to the airport to come home
30.6.17 15:03 
Friday was dominated by the rose garden, followed by another awesome barcade and a bar that Sarah worked at which ended up overrun with Minnesotans and former Minnesotans
30.6.17 14:49 
Thursday - switched hotels, more photo booth hijinks, one temporarily busted Instax, one tiki bar, I found my Slurpee, one teahouse, one Star Bar and one awesome dance party at the Lovecraft-themed bar I forgot to take pictures of... and a lot of peeing.
30.6.17 14:38 
Post-concert stop at The Roxy, where I ate four eggs and an enormous chicken-fried steak with double gravy over hash browns, which they appropriately call The Big Fat Heart Attack Special (and which I apparently forgot to photograph)
30.6.17 14:36 
The Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds show - I just take a bunch of photos and hope one comes out OK
30.6.17 14:33 
Later Wednesday, drinks in front of a nearby hotel before the show, which started ALMOST promptly at 8
30.6.17 14:24 
Early Wednesday took us to Powell's City of Books and Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade
30.6.17 14:22 
The Nick Cave room at The Crystal - where we definitely flaunted the maximum occupancy guideline. The Soaking Pool in the basement was uhhhhhh-MAZING. My phone wants to tag all of these but I think mobileFB is sufficiently broken that none of them will go through... let's find out together
30.6.17 14:12 
I am way behind in putting together my Portland photos but I wanted to publicly embarrass...I mean THANK these two for letting me tag along and experience way too many cool things I probably never would have tried on my own, including meeting a heap of new friends. Hard to believe it's already been a week! Before they get buried too deep in my Gallery (too late?), I'll have the rest up later today.
30.6.17 13:24 
Hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern to recent requests... funny, my first instinct was to ALSO say "Nyah Deglandon"
30.6.17 02:17 
Hmmmm, is that what I'd look like after a haircut? G'night
29.6.17 16:03 
(Flashlight Vinyl's post)
29.6.17 13:06 
#tbt My grandma (now 89) and aunt still collude to find good blackmail photos to include in my birthday cards (but they also still include money to make sure I keep opening them!)

I picked this one up a little late due to a vacation hold but knew I'd be sharing it with you the first Thursday after I saw it.

In this photo, our hero licks a beater. How my parents let me get away with growing my hair that long we may never know. (c. mid-1970s)
29.6.17 03:16 
Hey we haven't had one of these for a while* - nice website you got there, "Malia Broll"

*I've gotten a few recently, but FB has been a little better about catching and deleting the fakers before I could take any screen grabs
28.6.17 08:55 Oh snap!
Happy Friendiversary, Shap!
27.6.17 18:39 I'm told I'm Ravenclaw (Time's quiz says I have 65% affinity vs. 27.8% Hufflepuff, 6.9% Gryffindor and 0.4% Slytherin). Does anybody who knows buy that?
27.6.17 15:05 HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS SHOW UNTIL NOW you dudes are really slipping anyway this or Dark Energy OR BOTH HMMMMM (Event: Chastity Belt/Darren Hanlon/Monica LaPlante at 7th Street Entry)
27.6.17 01:52 
Here we go (YouTube: King Crimson - Heroes Live from Berlin)
26.6.17 17:20 
25.6.17 02:23 I'M HOME, MOM
23.6.17 00:24 
Um, I've been doing that ALL DAY, FB....just mostly with crossposted Instagrams...
18.6.17 12:11 
Temproarily changed my profile photo
17.6.17 14:37 Woke up to find my refrigerator had stopped working some time last night. Ungodly mess of mostly berry juice but just enough meat juice to make it smell and look so terrible. I've thrown out so much food; it was too late to rescue to the freezer in the basement. The universe hates me today. Is this thing even worth trying to service or am I better off just buying a replacement and getting them to cart out this one? (This Kenmore came with the house so it's at least 10 years old)

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