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20.8 11:41 
Funny, status says "I'm single girl!" yet he doesn't LOOK like a "Brian Smith" (oh Gina how COULD you)
20.8 11:36 
"Fyffe is a town in DeKalb County, Alabama, United States. It was incorporated in 1956. At the 2010 census the population was 1,018. Fyffe is located atop Sand Mountain." It's also the hometown chosen by "Mai Curran Lyons"
17.8 17:40 
Here's the script I read last night (EDIT: redated post, so technically "tonight") and a couple selfies from their head shot background. I went out into the floor of Xcel and sat at a table with a mic and a binder with another copy of the script. I didn't flub any words, stop/start or (most importantly) run out of breath in the middle of any long sentences. However, I don't know if I really wowed anybody either - I'd characterize my "performance" as "competent but unremarkable." It was still a blast and I did close by saying "Thanks, let's play hockey" over the PA. Thanks to the Timberwolves organization for making the opportunity available to any idiot off the street! And especially thanks to YOU for the well wishes and positive vibes - it definitely didn't hurt!
17.8 14:38 
#tbt Steele County Free Fair (is probably this weekend), where Kim, Joel and I touched a tiger and I got a sticker to prove it
17.8 13:08 
Hey if you got some good vibes to share, think of me around 1740 because that's the scheduled time for my audition for Public Address announcer for the Timberwolves (aka "guy who yells out IT'S A THREEEEEEEEEEEEE") tonight! Also, haha, people are showing up at the wrong building ALREADY. Apparently there were over 300 people who applied; I have NO idea how they'll all do a five minute script read in one day unless they take us to different parts of the Xcel Center. (I also suspect they already know who they're gonna hire and this is all really elaborate kabuki but it should still be an interesting experience...and when else am I gonna get a chance to yell over a mic in the Xcel Center? I'll see if I can sneak out a LET'S PLAY HOCKEY while I'm there)
16.8 21:47 It's not every night you look out your bedroom window and see sparks falling on your next door neighbor's car and your garage. The fire department came by (because in the middle of my 911 call, the power was cut, including the power to my "Internet" phone line - thanks CenturyLink) but found no downed wires. Shockingly, an Xcel truck rolled VERY quickly (maybe the prospect of a downed line brings up the urgency) and it took the professional all of 10 seconds to point to where the wires that shouldn't ever be touching were almost fused together. If wires have to be replaced, I'm pretty sure that means no more power for me and the other four houses until some time tomorrow. Fortunately I still haven't bought any new perishable food to ruin in my new fridge? My phone still works, at least, but it looks like it might be radio silence from me until the power is back on or I'm at work in the morning. Usually this would be the best reason to leave the house and hit Transmission but I reallllllllly gotta get up early and this seems like a real opportunity for some quality sleep with all the rain noise and absolute lack of electrical light. G'NIGHT MOM
15.8 22:06 Hey here's a weird thing - both pieces of mail today were for the last guy to own this house. I remind you he owned this house in 2007
15.8 13:56 If you've noticed a recent disappearance here on this social network, Facebook has once again asked Allison Anne to submit a photo as proof of identity, temporarily suspending the account (in mid-Messenger chat, even!) during their "verification" process while they twiddle their thumbs, which isn't easy when they're stuck up their collective you know why this takes a while. This has happened way too many times and I don't know why.
14.8 16:47 Coooooool
14.8 15:10 Video - This week's Spotify Discover(y) Weekly - Wow who is this Corine and why do I love her so much?
Answer before I saw the video: I mean I probably love all French disco pretty much
Answer after I saw the video: Uhbwoooooooahhhhhhh
12.8 18:55 
11.8 19:47 Man eats chips for ten minutes, Internet pays him billions of dollars? Wow this shirt really brings out the blue in my eyes, doesn't it? flutter flutter (video)
10.8 14:12 IMPORTANT UPDATE: I just ate an entire banana
9.8 11:10 
Wow, haven't gotten one of these in a while. Looks like someone's working on new, exciting ways to spell "Brianna" but only came up with "Brynlee Brie Onna"
8.8 18:06 
8.8 13:45 Cats are jerks! #internationalcatday
7.8 20:47 
Whose massive truck 'n' trailer remains parked in front of my house? An ongoing saga: DAY 2
7.8 14:39 
Find CRZ (Dark Energy August 2017, Kitty Cat Klub)
7.8 13:49 
I don't often take a lunch hour, but when you're desperate to catch a legendary with a nanaberry on the first ball WAIT WHAT HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS
6.8 22:53 
A truly astonishing, amazing, incredible view from the front porch tonight
6.8 02:43 
What it mean? (It means I have 15 blocks left to walk I think)
5.8 23:09 
Were they giving away Cheez-Its at the United match? It feels like I'm following a trail of dropped snax to Dark Energy
5.8 17:13 
I'm an oversharer and y'all are enablers. Thanks!
4.8 20:01 Millennials are killing the right mortification to be art of three is still going to Surdyk's
4.8 17:30 I went to but it turned out it wasn't me
4.8 15:28 
Hey Matador Jerky - fix your LINK, JACK
(see what I did there)
3.8 18:34 Video - VIDEOS OF CRZ EATING CRAZY FLAVOUR OreoS, A CONTINUING SERIES: The Limited Edition "Dunkin' Donuts Mocha" version - available only at Target, I believe.
3.8 13:40 
This was a good status but is so old FB can't figure out how to let me Share it without screencapping
1.8 18:40 Would anybody like to pick up Allison's spare Depeche Mode ticket for their gig in Chicago on Wednesday August 30? Allison, Aaron and I are going as our own pop trio but you don't even have to hang out with us if you don't want to cos it's like a lawn seat. It's FACE ($42) for YOUR face.
1.8 13:25 Moved into my house ten years ago today! (Also bridge collapse very sad but HEY MY HOUSE)
31.7 16:01 Got three weeks to work on my radio voice...
31.7 12:17 Hey guys remember when I ran for mayor? I....don't think I'm doing that this time around. I think I can reveal that now. (Filing period starts tomorrow if YOU wanna run!)
30.7 18:58 
I'm a failure
28.7 12:32 
Under 24 hours away! I've been hitting the books hard (but perhaps I should be putting together my crate instead?)
26.7 19:16 
I heard ol' Rog isn't a fan of the current administration
25.7 12:14 
Too cool! Allison is going into prints! Buy them all! (Today I can only afford one!)
24.7 16:17 
24.7 13:41 Every week my Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist, always 30 songs just like yours, somehow takes a bit longer and longer each week. This week's clocked in at 2h54'. Still waiting to crack the three hour mark and now expecting it to happen in 2017
24.7 11:36 "Hey CRZ, when is the next time you are playing records in public?" you have not asked lately. Well, wonder not no more as I am pleased to announce I'll be at Can Can Wonderland representing KFAI Vinyl Voices from noon to 2 on Saturday! I'll be bringing the usual "brunch funk," extended soul from the golden age of the 12" single which all the dads in the house love. Come golf, get an early cocktail and see how many Pokémon articles of clothing I'll be wearing! (Event link is comment #1)
23.7 16:46 I heard this photo was offending some folks, so please take another look at it
23.7 13:38 
21.7 20:19 
...but I'm not bitter
21.7 19:47 Wherever you are on the political spectrum, I hope you'll agree with me that nobody should be dead at 34. :( RIP Joe
21.7 18:33 Hello, Bay Area friends (if any of you are left)! My current employer (Veritas) recently opened a new San Francisco office, joining their existing Mountain View office. If you're interested in a career change involving the company and wanna give me a chance at collecting a sweet referral bonus, please join my network on LinkedIn--no wait
20.7 10:22 <3 Still the best
20.7 09:44 
#tbt After party at Turf Club following the Pink Mink record release/paddleboat cruise - where does the time go? If I recall correctly, Shane Shane is juuuuust about to get in my face... but he got in everyone's face that night (c. late night, July 15/16, 2011)
18.7 13:09 Oooooh Great Value Koolickles! (hat tip to Allison)
18.7 01:56 Supermarket soundtracks, a continuing series: "Hold Your Head Up" - Argent ❤❤❤❤
16.7 21:07 
Somehow I did 90 minutes straight on the patio tonight... not a bad bit of spontaneity. Thanks, Mason!
16.7 19:34 Spontaneously joining the crew at the Acadia Pop-up Patio brought to you by KFAI Vinyl Voices... I'll be spinning with them for the next couple hours
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