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16.9.17 18:43 
Hmmm, right down the middle. Yeah, right. Does it at least help explain my reluctance to engage in political discussion on Facebook? ;-) (Hat tip to J.E.)
15.9.17 20:47 
Now that I'm no longer under the Non-Disclosure Agreement, here's a very tired boy checking out the most recently revealed Timberwolves unis at a special event way too early this morning at Mayo Square. Obviously they're my favourites so far :)
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15.9.17 09:10 
Officially filed... I'm (kinda) running for mayor again #CRZ4mayor #writeinCRZ
14.9.17 23:23 (an Instagram of us finishing second in Triviasco by one point)
14.9.17 15:53 
There's probably some kind of pun to make about "Holly Schrunk"
14.9.17 15:51 
It's 90º so I'm going to that beach I'm the mayor of
14.9.17 11:54 
We be (YouTube: Brand Nubian - Rockin' It)
14.9.17 11:35 Sometimes people walk up and talk to me and remind me that we're Facebook friends and I have to affect the deer-in-the-headlights look until they remind me who they are and how we were connected on Facebook. A technique I've recently employed with my male and male-presenting friends is to ask them "are of the Dans?" and surprisingly, this is correct about half the time. Last night's Dan was Dan Schulte-Sasse and I wanted to tell everybody it was a fun conversation AND also make a pre-emptive public apology in advance for almost certainly not being able to remember him the NEXT time we talk, too. :) But please, don't stop approaching me, obviously I'm very shy and introverted in public despite my ebullience and effervescence here on the social network and at least we'll get a status out of it
13.9.17 16:07 
Lately by the time I get to these, the accounts have already been disappeared, but we got really lucky with "Frida Anselmi"
13.9.17 15:08 
Stubble remain big CRZ fans - I think they secretly hope I finally make it big (again?) someday so they can say they were in on the ground floor. And I have to say, when I start talking REALLY fast, transcribing an interview with me becomes some really heroic work, so well done with the text. I think we all knew I've never been above standing out in public yelling on a Sunday night... but now you have definitive proof. :) Thanks Tom! (Stubble: CRZ auditions to be the Timberwolves PA announcer)
12.9.17 13:39 Hey! I'm taking an avowed pumpkin lover to this event on its very last night (Sunday 10/29, despite what the event page says) - you can get a pair of adult tix for $28 ($32.20 after fees) with a coupon code. Would you like to hang with us and a few thousand pumpkins and hopefully not rain or snow?
12.9.17 00:43 OMG GOLDIE FRIDAY
11.9.17 18:24 
DATELINE: BRYANT AVENUE SOUTH, JUST SOUTH OF LAKE STREET WEST - it was another interesting night at Triviasco... and another *successful* night at Triviasco, with our 20 point total giving us first place. Allison and I had just stopped at the SuperAmerica to peruse the snacks and find the perfect Coke for Aaron and were continuing our debrief of the previous couple hours at Country Bar as we approached my parked car, whereupon I realised my pockets were empty and my keys weren't in my man purse. "Oh," I thought, "I must have left them in the booth - Allison handed me the purse and I didn't even think to pick up my keys!" so back to Country Bar we went. I was already running late for karaoke so another few minutes weren't gonna kill me anyway. What DID kill me was arriving at Country Bar and discovering that the booth was cleaned out and nobody on the staff had picked up my keys. We moved all the benches to see if they'd fallen along the side out of sight - no dice. This was the point where I started to panic. Could I have placed them on the counter of the SuperAmerica? We headed back after I left my number at Country Bar in case somebody turned them in later. The counterperson at SA remembered us but there definitely weren't any lost keys. How exactly could I lose this GIANT string of keys? It'd had been just over two and a half hours - now going on three hours since we'd parked - if I'd dropped them, was there ANY chance they'd still be wherever I'd left them? But the car was still there! If someone had found them, they weren't smart enough to figure out how to unlock my car and drive off with it, at least. Maybe they were still ON the car? Could I have just left them on top of the car? I remembered getting out and posing for an Instagram selfie with Allison in the mirror-like windows of the building we'd parked alongside...could I have put them down when I took my own photo with my phone? Were they on the sidewalk, curb, street? Feels like somebody would have seen them and grabbed them, though. This IS Uptown, albeit one of the quieter blocks just off Lake in Uptown... I thought about checking Craigslist and seeing if anybody had already posted about them. Finally we made our way back to the car so we could do a close sweep around it. I looked at the driver's side door and felt my heart skip when I noticed it was unlocked. Hmmmmmm. I opened the door....and the little "ping" reminder that was supposed to warn me that I was leaving my keys IN THE IGNITION immediately started going off. So, yes, I managed to leave my keys in the ignition of my unlocked car from around 7.30 on a Thursday night almost three hours and NOBODY noticed, including your narrator. Somehow ALSO, nobody drove off with it (maybe they didn't know how to drive a stick) OR steal my Ray-bans or "now a collectors edition" magic iPod nano. I hadn't felt older for a long time. I ALSO hadn't felt like I'd burned off a lot of karma, but I was glad I'd had it to spend. I did turn to Allison and say "well... at least it'll eventually make a pretty good Facebook status." I guess what I'm trying to say is hey, here's exactly 600 words about why I was late to karaoke. Thanks again for reading.
11.9.17 16:40 Whoa! FB brought back their calendar! Did hell freeze over? Have pigs flown?
11.9.17 02:26 Just learned that in 2017 there was a 9/11 movie out starring Charlie Sheen, Luis Guzmán, Gina Gershon and Whoopi Goldberg and
9.9.17 12:53 
9.9.17 00:45 
Very, um, multiracial? "Doreen Vivien Lemann"
8.9.17 21:39 Not seeing U2 or IT
Do feel compelled to tell you
8.9.17 17:52 
CRZ's Banana Theatre, a possibly ongoing series (made possible by Heather)
8.9.17 17:09 Knowing is half the battle
8.9.17 16:59 CRZ VIDEO ALERT: A coworker just handed me a banana on her way out. Remembering how excited you all were the LAST time I scored a free banana, I *will* film myself eating it later to share with you
7.9.17 13:09 
Oh, Facebook
6.9.17 15:33 
RIP Holger Czukay (YouTube: Snake Charmer full EP)
6.9.17 14:01 
Shoot, they didn't wish me all the best in my future endeavours
6.9.17 13:23 
I have a few awkward questions for "Betty Guy Nely" - after reading her come-on, you may have several of the same
5.9.17 17:43 
A big step for me - the first year I wasn't holding a poop-related item! (Although... also pretty obvious I've never held a blocker or goalie stick before, either)
5.9.17 15:21 
So YouTube is very unfriendly - which part of me eating an Oreo violates their community standards? ( this a loaded question?)
5.9.17 14:32 
OKAY (Video: CRZ eats an Apple Pie Oreo)
5.9.17 10:47 
Late share (because I feel asleep): Labor Day at the State Fair
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5.9.17 10:45 Happy Birthday, Kimberly! Everybody go read this, then pound the Like button for the website - because it's free and it's her birthday and we're all good people ( The Lady at 45 :This I believe )
3.9.17 23:36 
Trust me...we're underneath that neon
1.9.17 20:42 
1.9.17 13:51 
me at work wishing I'd taken one more day off this week
31.8.17 18:42 
I'M HOME Y'ALL - judging by the parking lot on my street, I assume there is some sort of Gopher football action tonight
31.8.17 15:38 
While we experience further delay, let's sneak in that obligatory airplane selfie. (Our companion remains camera-averse; man behind us is not actually British)
31.8.17 13:40 
Today I paid a 50¢ sugar tax on a $1.79 Slurpee - good riddance, Chicago!
30.8.17 02:34 Hey you know what feels GREAT is when you realise you haven't printed out the ticket you were supposed to print out yesterday, so you schlep your sorry ass back to Roseville at 0230 in the morning because your closest printer is at work ahhhhhhhhhhhh wheeeeeeeeee
30.8.17 01:45 
Whoa! This person got some OTHER guy with my name to be their Friend! WILD! Good work..."Casandra Nittler" (and what a real name that appears to be)
28.8.17 15:35 This is the FOURTH different week Spotify has asked me to Discover "Deadweight" by Beck - I think we can cross that one off the list, pal
27.8.17 00:05 
SHIT I just broke my Pokémon GO streak, didn't I. Goodbye 2500 XP bonus for another seven days - I KNEW I'd be punished for not leaving the house :'(
26.8.17 16:13 Great parties. (video)
25.8.17 14:52 
25.8.17 01:48 
Long day. Did I take a proper selfie today? Better take one now just in case. Thanks to everybody who made this day great. See you tomorrow.
24.8.17 23:28 
Oh shit somebody Liked all my photos
24.8.17 21:17 
Waiting for the laser show, she found the Selfie Spot, so I took one. (Note how she dressed WAY nicer than I did)
24.8.17 16:29 
UPDATE: They haven't said no....YET
24.8.17 14:00 Video - The new UNKLE album ticks all the right boxes for me.
24.8.17 12:24 
#tbt A year later, FB ad preferences are a little more obscure (gee, wotta shock) and this didn't work when I tried it again. Or maybe a year has changed me. Check out my current Lifestyle and Culture in Comment #1! You (probably) won't be disappointed!
24.8.17 12:17 
#tbt 22 years ago, Apple bought two page ads in a lotta national newspapers to stick it to Microsoft on the day of their Windows 95 release. Google found me this example from the Wall Street Journal; I believe I still have my copy from the San Jose Mercury News in a box somewhere. I never throw anything away. (suggested in the wee hours of the morning by a conversation with Chad Ness)
23.8.17 21:15 
There's an invader at my doorstep
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