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9.10.17 12:58 
Erin and I just tried these Oreos she found at Walmart - vid to come
9.10.17 11:32 
8.10.17 18:32 
Never doubted 'em
8.10.17 18:08 There may not be enough Kleenex in this house for my exciting new nose faucet
8.10.17 17:04 
Wow, I really feel rewarded. THANKS FACEBOOK
8.10.17 06:22 
Good night, everybody! Especially you, "Stephanie Jeanette Wei"
7.10.17 14:10 
Super glad I didn't go wait in line at McDonald's - sounds like each restaurant that DID have it got a whopping 20 packets of the Szechuan sauce and I'm sure the lines were way more than 20 people way early. I believe they call this "Nintendoing." No reports from Dinkytown yet but Marcus braved the Uptown one. (Let's be honest, though, I wasn't gonna be ANYWHERE at 2 that wasn't in my house)
5.10.17 14:14 
So I need to fix a contest. Could everyone reading this please go Like my smartass comment/trenchant social commentary so I can win a couple free tickets to Fly Over America for me and Kat?
4.10.17 14:52 
Any extra Lynx tickets out there? I went to the last two Final Game 5s and they went 1-1....maybe I need to break the tie in person? Even though it's within walking distance I was too cheap to pick up the only crummy seats remaining when I had a now I'm looking to be your +1 ... 4.10.17 14:25 
Accurate every year
3.10.17 14:32 
3.10.17 13:20 
I'm only 53,000 behind Sydney! #writeinCRZ
3.10.17 11:28 I know there's a lot going on, but please let's not forget Monty Hall. #RIP 2.10.17 17:59 
Upon further review, this weather is not exactly conducive to me walking to Nomad from home 2.10.17 16:14 PAGE SIX, November 24, 2006: TOM Petty looks like a mellow old hippie, but guess again. "I can never have a gun in the house. I'm not allowed," the veteran rocker tells the February issue of Guitar World Acoustic. "I've had mine taken away for disturbing the peace. There were times when I'd just start shooting. Not at people, but I'd go out and kill a tree. When I'd get mad, I'd take a gun and kill some inanimate object. So it was the right thing to have the guns taken away. They're dangerous." 1.10.17 04:04 I'm so late getting home (a) I am extremely rained upon (b) the Formula 1 is over 30.9.17 21:08 Not dancing right away, but get with me after a few beers 30.9.17 17:21 
Somehow I thought I had one more day to try for a Raikou...oh well, at least by catching this one first day I'm good for Legendaries for a whole month
29.9.17 18:16 
CRZ EATS OREOS: Finally, here's the other one! Special thoughts for Doug, as always, whenever "Pumpkin Spice" is involved 29.9.17 13:38 "Aw, shucks!" 28.9.17 20:49 It's my lucky day! I have AGAIN had my American Express card cancelled due to fraud - this time it was due to (I kid you not) an online order of TACOS by someone who wasn't me 28.9.17 18:29 
RI Phef
27.9.17 15:28 
Whaaaat it's like Oktoberfest came early....err....right on time
Plus, I hear GZG has been Nazi-free since 2014
Say a thirty dollar gift card will buy you a lotta $3 beers (ten - it will buy you ten $3 beers - I'm good at math)
See you next Thursday (and/or tomorrow for the last one at Country Bar)
27.9.17 15:03 
Video - Facebook hates sharing YouTube links with you but no matter: here is the Cookie Butter Oreo video (when you don't see this later, I'll send you back here) - somehow the office filled with people as soon as I opened them. I also forgot to tell you it's currently 61° here. 26.9.17 23:32 
26.9.17 18:26 
I have exactly one photo on my phone taking during our loop around the BEAUTIFUL Boundary Waters Canoe Area - here it is. I actually connected to the AT&T 3G network just long enough to annoy everyone on Facebook for having brought along my phone (what, you don't do that?) and this was during that time Sunday morning. We eventually got deep enough in that even that wasn't happening. I haven't used my CAMERA camera since the Paul McCartney concert I attended (Cinco de Mayo 2016) but brought it song for the trip; it was working fine and holding a charge so there'll be a lot of probably really boring pictures to come along with POSSIBLY some unattractive candids of my very attractive river guides (we'll do some haggling to see what gets made public ;-) ) - for now I wanted to say that having had no clue what I was really doing, having not roughed it with a backpack in probably 25 years, somehow I STILL managed to survive AND not change my shorts, underwear OR socks ONCE. I also went without once having to poop using any of the US Forest Service latrines - I used to manage to go the whole week back on the high school trips, but I don't think I would have done that this time. It did rain, but never while we were trying to get anywhere. The bugs were manageable. One particular mouse did seem to want to kill me and I experienced some trauma there, but that was really the roughest nature I encountered. We saw beavers, otters, squirrels and/or chipmunks (they did look different) and I even managed to be alone on a trail when I heard the not entirely graceful flutter of a wild turkey, which sadly I failed to capture in photo form. But what can I tell you about Kelsey and Andy that you don't already know? They are truly lovely, special people who I had the great honor of sharing close quarters with, had good times, talked, didn't talk and watched it happen around us, and pretty much fed me because all I brought was jerky, oat bran sesame sticks and gummi worms because they told me to leave it to them. They also (along with Kimber and I think Molly) helped gear me up - MAN I want a sweet Duluth Pack bag of my own now - because everything I'd ever hiked with was either back at my parents' house or more likely in a landfill from lack of utility and age. Speaking of which, I wore some of my oldest K-Swiss Classics - ALSO my hiking shoe of choice back in the old days - but did not realise how truly old these were as they deteriorated RAPIDLY over the course of the 48 hours...I'm sure it didn't help that I was constantly swapping them out for the $2 flip flops I acquired on the Portland trip, but I was certain that these shoes needed to be kept dry lest they completely dissolve. Amazingly, I managed to keep them dry - I DID squish the mud a few times, but it always came off. There's a good photo of THAT somewhere in my camera, too. ANYWAY. Andy, Kelsey, I love you, we MUST do it again, I'll happily carry a hundred pounds on my back if I have to if it means Andy will manoeuvre a canoe on HIS (although maybe I can try it next time too) and now I know the meaning of "portage" I'll prrrrrrobably never forget that a rod is 16 AND A HALF feet. Next time we go more days, fart around way more, get things a LITTLE more peak in the leaf department, MAYBE slip in and out of Canada "by mistake" AND just once, get a good fire going, even if it kills us. "I'll just blow on it some more!" Photos eventually. I definitely feel blessed.
26.9.17 15:47 
24.9.17 09:19 
Amazingly, I have 3G here!
Sadly, there is no Pokéstop to spin
23.9.17 15:38 Andy and Kelsey have talked me into traveling to waters near the boundary where I may very well be off the entire Internet for up to 48 hours. Also, I could be struck by lightning. Or eaten by a bear. Or both. Thoughts and prayers. Oh, wait, maybe we'll all be raptured! Well, if that DOESN'T happen, see you again either late Monday or at my funeral #goodbyestreak #nopokemongo 22.9.17 14:52 
Mooooooom, Chris is playing with his food again
22.9.17 14:49 Video - I ate something for your entertainment (but also because I wanted to snack) 21.9.17 17:13 
Not looking like anyone *I* ever met in Modesto, yet not including a jazzy pitch or suggestive website URL, this is "Rebecca Aidan Swing"
21.9.17 16:31 
21.9.17 16:30 
#tbt In Portland, we made sure to hit the SHADOWPLAY "goth night" at The Lovecraft. As I do, I wore my gothiest neon batman shirt and Allison captured me in the big room full o' black light and fascinating objects for this shot. I am something of a fascinating object myself, I suppose. I loved the Portland goths and they tolerated me. Any future trips to Portland will definitely need to have a Thursday night free. (circa midnight Pacific, June 23rd, 2017)
19.9.17 15:44 
18.9.17 12:30 
Find CRZ (and maybe Andy?) - a sweet shot from Friday night's ungodly good set by Goldie
18.9.17 00:25 
The pride of Shoreview, here's "Georgia Patience Pearson"
17.9.17 18:12 
Not really buying this pitch from "Karin Chiquita Hertz"
17.9.17 18:10 
RIP Bobby "the Brain" Heenan. The greatest. There'll never be another like him, but I hope people keep trying.
17.9.17 03:34 
My piss poor attempt to try to capture how cool Illuminate the Lock was
(25 photos and 5 videos) 16.9.17 21:51 
What good is a birthday if you can't use it to embarrass him
(3 photos) 16.9.17 18:43 
Hmmm, right down the middle. Yeah, right. Does it at least help explain my reluctance to engage in political discussion on Facebook? ;-) (Hat tip to J.E.)
15.9.17 20:47 
Now that I'm no longer under the Non-Disclosure Agreement, here's a very tired boy checking out the most recently revealed Timberwolves unis at a special event way too early this morning at Mayo Square. Obviously they're my favourites so far :)
(2 photos) 15.9.17 09:10 
Officially filed... I'm (kinda) running for mayor again #CRZ4mayor #writeinCRZ
14.9.17 23:23 (an Instagram of us finishing second in Triviasco by one point) 14.9.17 15:53 
There's probably some kind of pun to make about "Holly Schrunk"
14.9.17 15:51 
It's 90º so I'm going to that beach I'm the mayor of 14.9.17 11:54 
We be (YouTube: Brand Nubian - Rockin' It) 14.9.17 11:35 Sometimes people walk up and talk to me and remind me that we're Facebook friends and I have to affect the deer-in-the-headlights look until they remind me who they are and how we were connected on Facebook. A technique I've recently employed with my male and male-presenting friends is to ask them "are of the Dans?" and surprisingly, this is correct about half the time. Last night's Dan was Dan Schulte-Sasse and I wanted to tell everybody it was a fun conversation AND also make a pre-emptive public apology in advance for almost certainly not being able to remember him the NEXT time we talk, too. :) But please, don't stop approaching me, obviously I'm very shy and introverted in public despite my ebullience and effervescence here on the social network and at least we'll get a status out of it 13.9.17 16:07 
Lately by the time I get to these, the accounts have already been disappeared, but we got really lucky with "Frida Anselmi"
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