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Sun 03:11 
Listened to Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing
Sun 00:44 
Oh, you know, just chilling with a Stubby and the most enormous dog in Minneapolis
Sat 21:59 
TAJ GIBSON: 4 (14 & 11 as I tweet this)
Sat 21:59 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 9 (17 & 11 as I tweet this)
Sat 21:29 
 Supplies - Lake Wine & Spirits (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 19:24 
Listened to UNKLE - Sick lullaby
Sat 14:10 
On Thursday, the Wild meet the Predators at Xcel Energy Center. There are still some "FSN Family Pack" seats available, so I'm taking Head and somehow this'll be MY first hockey game in person. We've already got six people going but if YOU'D like to go, pretty much the rest of our row was still available on TicketMaster when I checked. After inconvenience fees, the $40 ticket comes to $48.62 but you do get a voucher for a hot dog, chips and regular pop. Hit me up for the link if you can't find it - we'll be way up in 224 row 7. (Yes, you may have a chance to win Triviasco with our entire team at the hockey game ;-) )
Sat 12:30 Happy birthday to @OfficialJonB!
Sat 11:39 
@ucrmbb 74-66 Over Cal. Huge victory over our intraspecies rivals.
Sat 11:34 Breakfast Blend
Sat 02:44 Unsolicited compliments I received tonight included "I love your glasses" and "I like your look" so I'm pretty sure that totally locks me into "regular" mode for The Assortment forever. Also, I may need to try harder putting together an outfit next month. The funny thing was I meant to put in some contacts but I forgot....

Also, super large thanks to Antonio and Jake for separately gifting me with just the right conversations at just the right times. This has been a really shitty week for me but coming out to Nomad may have made it the best way to get over it. Thanks Michael Todd Grey.
Sat 02:06 
Listened to Wes Montgomery - Windy
Sat 02:03 
Listened to Sly & The Family Stone - Luv N' Haight
10.11 23:52 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: I think I just heard "Despacito" for the very first time
10.11 23:48 @albertxii How many had he cancelled?
10.11 22:26 
 The Assortment! - The Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis, MN)
10.11 22:21 
Listened to Elsie Mae - "TV Mama" - Do You Really Want To Rescue Me, Part 1
10.11 22:18 
Listened to The Egyptian Lover - Dance
10.11 18:00 
Listened to Olde Scottish - Wildstyle
10.11 17:52 
Listened to New Order - Blue Monday-95 (Manuella mix)
10.11 17:48 
 Well, that was a wasted visit - CenturyLink (Roseville, MN)
10.11 17:41 
Listened to 777 - Jupiter!
10.11 17:39 
 $2.599/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
10.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 28.35 ▼0.24 (Range: 27.99 - 28.44)
10.11 13:38 
Listened to DJ SLT with Jeremy Be - Across The Board 2017-11-10
10.11 11:39 
Coffee from a box
10.11 11:38 
Listened to Mason - Voice Cried Softly 2017-11-10
10.11 10:46 
Listened to UNKLE - A Night's Interlude Ep. 1 (The Road Reconstructed) on Spotify
10.11 09:03 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
10.11 08:57 
Listened to Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Nightmoves Remix)
10.11 02:25 Me: 1
Mice: 0
10.11 02:14 
Listened to Seal - The Right Life (Tiesto Mix)
10.11 02:06 
Listened to Propaganda - Frozen Faces (A Secret Sense of Rhythm)
10.11 02:01 
Listened to Screamin Rachael - My Main Man (My Main Beat)
9.11 22:58 
 "Military" - I already sang the ballad of the Green Berets - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
9.11 22:38 
Listened to Nu - Any Other Girl (Jason Nevins Electric Club Remix)
9.11 22:30 
Listened to Ampers& - Mrs. Ramsey's Intolerable First Winter
9.11 22:11 
Oh yeah, WINNERS!
9.11 20:25 
 Triviasco, yo — with Ian - Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit (Minneapolis, MN)
9.11 20:17 
Listened to Neu! - Seeland
9.11 20:10 
Listened to QZoo - Let the Light In
9.11 20:05 
Listened to Nick & Danny Chatelain - Nick & Danny Chatelain - Is Killing Me
9.11 19:57 
Listened to Rose Smith - Getting Away With It
9.11 19:52 
Listened to The Rope - Before the Knife
9.11 19:48 
Listened to Leave - You Had It Coming
9.11 19:38 @triviasco The Distinguished Gentleman!
9.11 17:16 Hey cool RT @CRZ: It's nice to have 280 characters for tweets now, but the more pressing question is when is @Twitter gonna expand their woefully inadequate 20 character "Name" field so I can fit in my entire name in my profile, rather than just "Christopher Robin Zi"
9.11 16:58 
Back to my ol' gothy friend "Daily Mix 5"
9.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 28.59 ▼0.44 (Range: 28.48 - 28.95)
9.11 13:46 
@grumpymartian Ha! Did you know this was in Minneapolis when you retweeted it? RT @phildesignart: Every time I passed this bike rack I thought it looked like a vending machine. So, I hand painted a giant chip bag to go inside it.
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