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13.12 13:07 If I'd known then what I knew now, I would have just gone to Schmelz, paid for the rim (and new tire) IMMEDIATELY and saved myself a few more other stories I'm sure I'll be rereading soon. (UPDATE: I still haven't eaten the chocolate-covered cherries.)
12.12 15:36 Hey remember 20 year old Barq's ads?
"I can see! I can see!"
"No - but it got dem bite to it tho!"
11.12 23:20 I think I've said this every year since the separation but it's way less fun being a giant baby about being sick when there's no audience
11.12 00:50 Wellllllllll....I was in ONE of them
10.12 15:17 Nearly a year on, Andrew Ridgeley finally goes in depth about George Michael. Christmas #1s are pretty lame since singing competitions determined them but I'll root for Wham! to finally hit #1 this year (Daily Mail)
10.12 02:21 
Oh man JACKPOT...thank you Rebecca and Karate Break!
9.12 17:42 Video - Me: Why DON'T I have a turntable in the kitchen?
Me, later, with everything in the kitchen covered in a fine layer of flour and/or flour paste: Oh, right
9.12 16:50 
OK yes it's been years since I made some cookies but also THIS is why the flour lives in the freezer
8.12 19:14 
Soon to be a chilito virgin no more
7.12 16:13 "I'm going to be just fine." - Al Franken
7.12 14:26 Oh, OK, it's a website. Take that, Mason! Also, my entire Spotify year was apparently devoted to Allison and Krista which is ... probably not very surprising - even more embarrassing screen grabs in the comments
7.12 12:25 Wow, that's....kind of depressing? Also, Facebook is really digging deep today...
6.12 23:48 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.12 23:00 Not bad, FB (Facebook's Year in Review 2017)
6.12 12:07 Happy 100th, Finland! This may be the most sisu vinyl I own.
5.12 23:30 Johnny Hallyday sold a hundred million albums and I'm pretty sure I own zero of them. RIP French Elvis
5.12 18:51 Answering a Question
5.12 14:17 
It's official (h/t to Mr. Austin) - the mystery flavor is FRUITY PEBBLES
5.12 14:02 THE SPOTIFY YEAR IN REVIEW PLAYLISTS ARE HERE you will not like mine so much probably but I've made it Public anyway because clearly I have very little shame
2.12 18:38 
2001's version of 1988 (Corporation of One vs. Jakatta - Real Life)
2.12 17:42 
I mulched the leaves!

Well, most of the leaves.

Well, enough of the leaves.

It can snow now.
2.12 17:32 I enjoy The Drug Budget and this post. NO DISQUALIFICATION
1.12 15:14 Oh shit son (5 photos with Adri Mehra)
1.12 14:19 Shirtless metal gods play amongst racks of big black discs AND it's over in time for you to still hoof it to the midnight anime - who are you to pass by?
1.12 10:17 I'm such a sucker for sharing these things
29.11 21:12 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29.11 15:13 
Thanks again to Erin for providing us with material! (CRZ and Jan eat Salted Caramel Oreo Thins)
29.11 09:23 YESSSSSSSS The Soft Moon at Turf Club April 2!
27.11 22:57 Better late than ever (@ Grumpy's for Moonsault Monday)
27.11 19:29 
Finally bought a new one at Super Sale price from Amazon on Thursday, good deal AND just my colour!
It's been a while since I properly made some cookies... that's gonna change VERY soon.
27.11 17:01 
ATTENTION, CALIFORNIA FRIENDS: Looking like I'll be "home" for the holiday. Details to come
26.11 23:21 
More fallout from the A Perfect Circle show: It called to mind THIS song, but I couldn't remember anything except RIFFS and you can't Google a riff (or you probably can and I don't know how). I eventually remembered like three words of lyrics and amazingly found it. I probably could have just listened to all the Tool albums (which I clearly never did in the '90s) but honestly I didn't even remember with certainty that it was Tool. This probably says a lot about my musical tastes (cf. The KZiM Archives) back then - Tool definitely warn't very "techno." But hey I only slept on it for, what, 14 years (EDIT: 24 years. Shit) (YouTube: Tool - Sober)
26.11 14:51 Two games in a row on the big screen... Regular cameraman must have the game off but nice to know this hat works on ALL cameramen
25.11 23:16 Video - Ohhh NOW I get it
25.11 19:31 
Wow, there's a "strictly prohibited" sign literally every two feet. Who knew these guys were such fascists? Stay tuned for my Instagrams!
24.11 21:05 
THE FAMOUS CRZ: Every year I put on the Timberwolves Santa hat and every year it's cameraman catnip - guaranteeing I show up on the big screen when I'm not wanting to and giving him and the entire arena a good SMH - doesn't help when we're down like 20 points when it happens

(Wonder if they'll come up with one with the new logo and if I'll be able to afford it)
24.11 14:58 OK, I also can't believe it's me asking this question, anyone interested in going to the A Perfect Circle show at the X tomorrow with me? Cheapest tickets are $37, but through the magic of TicketMaster it becomes a $61.16 ticket, so HELL no. I'm assuming I could just show up and buy something at the box office to get in while avoiding all the fees. (There appear to be many $37 tickets still for sale.)

Afterward, we could hit Brit's Pub for the Pop-up Transmission if we found we needed to return to the 1980s ;-)

(Alternately, if you suddenly find you have a +1 you need filled, we could haggle)
23.11 16:36 
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm gonna have literally 20 pounds of leftovers and I haven't even made a green been casserole yet. If you're reading this, you better not be hungry today. Place your delivery order now!
23.11 14:41 Ah, how appropriate this Thanksgiving. Thanks mate for changing my life in countless ways I'm still figuring out...
22.11 22:12 I'm here! (but you should still come anyway) (Transmission: Heat Wave)
22.11 16:13 
Also, on Monday I finally gave in and gave up, removing 13 wristbands going back to Halloween.
22.11 15:38 

I'm sure I'd been there before, primarily from following Arzu there for Christmas Staraoke. I didn't join Foursquare until 2009, and the first Foursquare check-in to the Triple Rock Social Club I have logged was from July 15, 2011, when Kim and I teamed up with Ellie, Arzu and Dave for a trivia contest. (We didn't win because we shouted down one of Dave's correct answers.)

My next three check-ins were for the short-lived run of Sunday night Staraoke in the old bar.

My fifth check-in was for Nightosaur's second album "Spaceaxers" release - we played Blingo in the old bar, missing Red Desert and STNNNG but catching Gospel Gossip and (of course) Nightosaur. I posted my band pics to Twitpic back then.

I'm not sure if I really stopped going out until my separation but the next check-in I found was the night Kim broke up with me, by total coincidence. It couldn't have been more timely, a lifesaving NOTHER Nightosaur show, this time a free gig brought to us by Newcastle and featuring METZ.

Now I can use my archived lifestream to rattle off the shows (although I'm sure I'm missing a few):
10/22/2014 Nightosaur and Captured! By Robots
3/27/2015 Rabbit Holes, L'assassins, "The Husky Wranglers" and Nightosaur
6/23/2015 CLAPS, NEEDS and CROSSS
6/24/2015 The Velveteens, Whatever Forever and Chastity Belt
7/20/2015 Pink Mink, Tweens and Ex Hex
7/22/2015 Butcher's Union, Birthday Suits and Radioactivity
11/6/2015 The Prizefighters, Umbrella Bed and RuDeGiRL
11/27/2015 COLOR TV, Mystery Date, Kill-A-Watts and Birthday Suits
12/12/2015 TEMPLE, OAKS, Gloss and The Rope
12/25/2015 Christmas Staraoke
3/7/2016 Nightosaur, Holy Grail and Black Tusk
4/2/2016 Cherry Cola, Bruise Violet, royal brat and KITTEN FOREVER
6/3/2016 Transmission: Synthpop
6/19/2016 The Rope, Underpass and Soft Kill
11/4/2016 Lutheran Heat, Fury Things and Birthday Suits
12/2/2016 Melissa Jones birthday show: Sass, wetter, Absolutely Not and Mrs.
12/25/2016 Christmas Staraoke
1/27/2017 Dark Energy First Anniversary: CLAPS and Xeno & Oaklander
2/17/2017 The Range and Austra
4/27/2017 Trombone Band, FINESSE, Tony Peachka and Double Grave
5/7/2017 United Teachers of Music, Bug Fix, Fury Things and MURF
5/13/2017 Wretch, Another Heaven, typesetter, Hive and Naïve Sense
7/28/2017 New Primals, TONGUE PARTY, The Drug Budget and Karate Break
8/4/2017 4th Curtis, Motari Jaguar, SASS and Private Performance scores Thank You, Bones Malone
8/19/2017 Subtle Beast, Catbath, Trash Catties and The Ultrasounds
10/14/2017 Real Dom, Gully Boys, Lunch Duchess, 4th Curtis and Fiji-13
11/1/2017 Blackthorne, No Skin, Hive, Much Worse and Ex Nuns
11/13/2017 Teenage Moods, self-evident, The Miami Dolphins and Birthday Suits
11/14/2017 Alison Chains, Nightosaur and Metallagher
11/16/2017 Transmission: Underground
11/20/2017 Lutheran Heat, Bug Fix, Arms Aloft, Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, Citric Dummies and Dillinger Four

The Triple Rock was 1.9 to 2.1 miles from my house, depending on which way I walked and how many Pokemon I chased. When I needed an excuse to get some exercise, usually there was a show, more often than not featuring bands with friends in them, or bands featuring crushes I had/have. And I could usually score a chair so that I'd be well rested for the walk/stagger home.

It's sad that this place is going just when I felt I was getting used to it.

(circa the night of Flag Day: June 14th, 2012)

21.11 17:05 Video - Here, dears - share and enjoy:
21.11 15:18 
Consensus: pretty good for non-chocolate (I know it says "chocolate candies" on the package...they ain't)
21.11 15:00 Still true
21.11 13:54 
So if I push the green button... will my life be over?
21.11 01:16 MOUSE UPDATE: Mouse #3, the stupid smart mouse, brazenly knocked my ice pick off the kitchen counter while I was out, just to let me know it was still around, even if it wasn't leaving all kinds of tiny poops behind any more. Although it is smart and changing up tactics, I have settled on a course of stubbornly redefining insanity by applying fresh peanut butter to the usual trap and hoping that that finally reels one in tonight. Also, I plan to be out cold on Alka Seltzer Plus Night Cold Formula so I'll have no idea if it works until I am ready to go to work. STAY TUNED TO THIS [SOCIAL] NETWORK FOR FURTHER UPDATES
20.11 02:29 also known as "(not) catching up to Sydney"
19.11 21:04 We're here! You're invited, too, even if you weren't invited. I'm inviting you right now!
18.11 13:35 Me: 2
Mice: 1
(stupid smart mouse)
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