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20.1.18 11:20 
Late on a Friday night, the Timberwolves snuck in an email telling me my price to remain season ticket holder of the seat I've had for the past three seasons was increasing by - get this - 40%!, and I had until the end of the month to opt out before they started billing me at that rate. Maybe SOMEBODY is interested in paying that price, but even if I could afford it, there's no way I would. I'm pretty disgusted. I've been at the Target Center for what will have been nine seasons...most of them pretty dreadful as far as their record went...but I'm cancelling after this season. So they better win the championship this year, I guess? I'm out.
20.1.18 02:10 
So apparently there was a shooting in the Hex parking lot? I had pretty good ear plugs in and MURF were really loud, so I totally missed it, but the cops were finishing up with the crime scene tape and evidence gathering as people started to leave at closing. (Naturally, I suspect Simon)
19.1.18 15:31 
(GusGus: Featherlight EP)
17.1.18 15:37 
Found these at Target last night....and today, I forgot to credit Christopher Hare for first letting me know about them
15.1.18 23:30 
Bought another Jesus today...put him (sorry, Him) on top of the first one for now
13.1.18 15:54 Anybody wanna pay eighteen bucks to watch me watch The Last Jedi for the first time on the IMAX 3D screen at the zoo? Showtime is 9.30 but it's also a long ass drive from my house but I gotta see this movie sooner or later or I will miss it (the Blade Runner 2049 Blu-ray coming out Tuesday has taught me this)
13.1.18 12:44 I am not immune
(Also, this really doesn't look much like me)
(Family Guy Yourself)
12.1.18 17:14 Video - IT'S THE WEEKEND
11.1.18 23:28 
Guys look it's Lindsay
11.1.18 19:02 ...and time to share THIS again. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS since RAW #1...

11.1.18 19:00 Video - Time to share this again <3
10.1.18 16:14 We just rack up the milestones here on the old Social Network
9.1.18 23:58 
One more time
9.1.18 23:45 
That WAS fast
9.1.18 17:34 My Dry January is over!
Also, took my first work nap!
There are no coincidences
9.1.18 10:39 The joy of home ownership: I just paid a professional $129 to ever so slightly adjust a screw on my garage door opener
8.1.18 16:50 It's like the soundtrack to some Golan/Globus shit (which you know I mean as a compliment)
8.1.18 15:21 
The Xmas 2017 version of this photo will probably never make it out of Mom's camera, but someday I'll get a copy and share it with you (if my brother doesn't)
8.1.18 15:11 This is my first caffeine in... five days?! I went five days without caffeine?! What the heck
8.1.18 01:34 I've done the math - my last minute excursion down to the living room on Sunday meant my time spent in bed during this first week of 2018 has dropped from 80% to 78%! That's already way more time than I've felt like sacrificing to this crud, though, so I hope I start seeing your faces again in all the usual places, starting THIS week.
7.1.18 05:27 In 1987, USA Network thought it'd be a good idea to produce a fourth season of "Airwolf" with none of the original cast, half of the budget, no new helicopter SFX shots, filmed in Canada. It was not successful.

In 2018, instead of sleeping, I'm watching the El Rey network airing of episode 4x01, "Blackjack," where a helicopter containing a very unconvincing Ernest Borgnine double just "blew up" in an incident which also happened to place Very Special Guest Star Jan-Michael Vincent into a coma. Currently I am also feeling not successful.
5.1.18 16:13 2018: the year I never got out of bed
(I did make it to work today)
4.1.18 04:25 Being sick is the worst. All I want is to be hugged until I'm well
3.1.18 03:56 
Will attempt a signal boost for my friends in the Bay Area - consider showing Interest, please?
1.1.18 08:21 I'm home safe. James I am ready to support your nomination for sainthood. Dayna I'm sorry because it was probably my fault. Please everybody let's make sure I stick to beer for the rest of my life; now let us never speak of this again. 2018 can't help but kick ass :D
1.1.18 01:24 
Again, just trying to catch up with Adri
1.1.18 01:21 
He's so far ahead of me on selfies I'll never catch up
31.12.17 19:04 
31.12.17 18:39 OK, here we go. Inspired by Danny's yearly concert attendance list (which, if you think mine is long, you GOTTA go see his as it's WAY more impressive), here's the list of most all the nights I spent out of the house in 2017. Thanks to everybody who shared them with me!

(mostly not included: Timberwolves games, Triviasco!, Geek Date Night trivia and movies, Uptown midnight anime/movies, Dark Energy when it's only DJs, Transmission, Subculture, Infernal Singalong Machine, Christian Fritz @ Republic Sundays, nights I slummed it with Mason at KFAI, various DJ's at Bev's Wine Bar, and a lotta lake nights in the summer)
1/6 RuDeGiRL, BlurCurve @ Whiskey Junction
1/7 (wetter,) Strange Relations, The Awful Truth @ 7th St. Entry
1/8 Transmission presents HERO @ First Avenue
1/8 Nightchain @ Icehouse
1/9 Moonsault Monday @ Grumpy's
1/11 Products, Finesse, Double Grave @ Kitty Cat Klub
1/13 Something To Do @ Domo Gastro
1/15 Wrestlepalooza with Dillinger Four @ First Avenue
1/21 ABNA, Thunderbolt Pagoda, RYKYGNYZYR @ Eagles 34
1/23 Former Worlds, Principality, Psalm Zero, Burning @ Hexagon
1/24 Jim Walsh book signing, Amsterdam
1/25 Star Child, Wowsville, Nightosaur, Murrieta @ Reverie (and I was doorman!)
1/27 Dark Energy Anniversary - CLAPS, Xeno & Oaklander @ Triple Rock
2/3 Blood Cookie, Floods, Daisy Chains, Brilliant Beast, Mrs., Drumbeat Red, Fiji-13 @ Eagles 34
2/4 BLACKstreet at halftime @ Target Center
2/4 (Finesse,) Autumn, The Rope @ Triple Rock
2/6 Punk Rock Bowling - Speedweed, Bug Fix, SASS @ Memory Lanes
2/9 (Amit Snir, Drumbeat Red,) RYKYGNYZYR, Nightosaur @ Hexagon
2/10 Something To Do @ Domo Gastro
2/13 Moonsault Monday @ Grumpy's (and I spun!)
2/15 Jiro & The Strategic Pink, Scarlett Taylor, Vanessa Silberman, Black Widows @ 7th St. Entry
2/17 The Range, Austra @ Triple Rock
2/18 Transmission @ Brit's Pub
2/21 INFINITIES, Prorenada, Superheater, Speedweed @ Reverie
2/22 Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult, CELICA, Clöekwøhlv, Nightosaur @ Kitty Cat Klub
3/1 Edward Folly, Simon Calder, Doc Jefferson @ moto-i
3/3 Floods, Karate Break, wetter, Battle Toys @ Seward Community Cafe
3/6 (Gather Data Pray for Death,) Charlie Doesn't Surf, Wicked Tamazusa @ Kitty Cat Klub
3/10 Something To Do @ Domo Gastro
3/11 Transmission: Depeche Mode @ Psycho Suzi's
3/16 American Cream Band, sloslylove, ORM-D, Ghostband @ Icehouse
3/18 TCAHD present "My Refuge is Humanity" @ SPNN
3/22 wetter, The Courtneys, Jay Som @ 7th St. Entry
3/26 Dirty Junk, vs. Psybeams, CHUB, Swimsuit Area @ Amsterdam
3/27 Moonsault Monday @ Grumpy's
3/29 Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult; CELICA; Strachan, Olsen & Marschke; CHUB @ Kitty Cat Klub
4/1 Transmission XVI @ First Avenue
4/7 CHUB, Karate Break, Wretch, Death of a Ladies' Man @ Eagles 34
4/12 The Cure in Orange @ Trylon Microcinema
4/15 The Cordovas, Shooter Jennings @ Turf Club
4/15 Transmission @ Brit's Pub
4/16 RYKYGNYZYR, Panther Ray, Lemon Sky, The Cult of Lip @ Reverie
4/17 The Zombies @ First Avenue
4/19 Eric Leeds & LP Music @ Dakota
4/21 All 12 Inches tribute to Prince @ Clubhouse Jäger
4/22 Bleached, The Damned @ Fine Line
4/26 Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult, ABNA, Noise Quean Ant, Tim Kaiser, CELICA @ Kitty Cat Klub
4/27 Trombone Band, FINESSE, Tony Peachka, Double Grave @ Triple Rock
5/2 Japanese Breakfast, Slowdive @ Palace Theater
5/5 cheap fantasy, FINESSE, Posh Lost, ahem, Fury Things @ Blockfort
5/6 Blood Banks, Capital!Capital, Birthday Suits, The Soviettes @ Turf Club
5/6 Dark Energy - KONTRAVOID @ Kitty Cat Klub
5/7 United Teachers of Music, Bug Fix, Fury Things, MURF @ Triple Rock
5/11 Tears for Fears, Daryl Hall & John Oates @ Xcel Energy Center
5/12 Vernon Wayne, Lungs, IOSIS, Death of a Ladies' Man @ Reverie
5/13 Wretch, Another Heaven, typsetter, Hive, Naïve Sense @ Triple Rock
5/15 Naughty Wood, Amit Snir, CELICA, Hello Psycholeppo @ 7th St. Entry
5/15 Punk Rock Bowling - (cheap fantasy, Devata Daun,) FINESSE, Products @ Memory Lanes
5/19 The Hood Internet @ 331 Club
5/20 Mark Mallman @ Indeed Brewing
5/29 Moonsault Monday @ Grumpy's
6/2 Climb the Witch's Hat Water Tower
6/2 Electric Feel @ Uptown VFW
6/3 Cruise Control and Smooth Finish @ Northeast Yacht Club
6/3 Dark Energy - CLAPS, Technophobia @ Kitty Cat Klub
6/9 Bowieoke @ Uptown VFW
6/10 Northern Spark
6/12 castor + pollux stay up late "bring your own vinyl" night @ Grumpy's
6/21 Nick Cave @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (Portland)
6/22 Shadowplay @ The Lovecraft (Portland)
6/26 King Crimson @ State Theatre
6/26 Short Circuit: (Blamsiss, Phib,) sloslylove, falls @ Kitty Cat Klub
6/28 Nemesissy, CABS, Staboteurs @ Nomad
7/1 (Monica LaPlante, Darren Hanlon,) Chastity Belt @ 7th St. Entry
7/2 Posh Lost, Landing, Flavor Crystals @ Kitty Cat Klub
7/4 Adriana's Independence Day party at Nikki Cross' house
7/6-7/9 CONvergence
7/11 Rhonda Ross, Diana Ross @ Northrop
7/16 KFAI Vinyl Voices @ Acadia Porch
7/18 Punk Rock Bowling - Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band, Lutheran Heat, Bug Fix, Your Pest Band, The Chinchees @ Memory Lanes
7/19 23 Grams, Prohibition Crick, Jack Fitz @ moto-i
7/26 Roger Waters, Xcel Energy Center
7/28 New Primals, TONGUE PARTY, The Drug Budget, Karate Break @ Triple Rock
7/31 Moonsault Monday @ Grumpy's
7/29 KFAI Vinyl Voices presents DJ CRZ @ Can Can Wonderland
8/4 4th Curtis, Motari Jaguar, SASS, "Thank You, Bones Malone" @ Triple Rock
8/19 Subtle Beast, Catbath, Trash Catties, The Ultrasounds @ Triple Rock
8/23 RYKYGNYZYR, Comets Ov Cupid, darsombra, Magnetic Ghost @ Kitty Cat Klub
8/24 Minnesota State Fair
8/24 The Pointer Sisters @ Leinie Lodge
8/30 Warpaint, Depeche Mode @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (Tinley Park, IL)
9/1 Neon Dirt, Karate Break, Nightosaur, Motari Jaguar @ Hexagon
9/4 Minnesota State Fair
9/9 (Future Eaters,) In Corridors, The Cult of Lip, Flavor Crystals @ Kitty Cat Klub
9/15 Goldie @ The Exchange & Alibi Lounge
9/16 Illuminate the Lock
9/16 Electric Feel @ Can Can Wonderland
9/21 The 90s Preservation Society @ BYTE
9/22 Transmission Covers: FINESSE, Monica LaPlante, Two Harbors, BNLX, The Rope, Graveyard Club @ Uptown VFW
9/23-9/25 Boundary Waters Canoe Area
9/30 Transmission Presents: Dance Away Hate @ Nomad
10/6 Curvy Wife, Blackbird Bridge, Trailer Park Queen, The Commanders @ Eagles 34
10/14 Real Dom, Gully Boys, Lunch Duchess, 4th Curtis, Fiji-13 @ Triple Rock
10/19 The 90s Preservation Society @ BYTE
10/23 Punk Rock Bowling - Wax-Lead, Deep-Sea, Black Sam Malone, Nightosaur @ Memory Lanes
10/26 Lou Barlow @ Flashlight Vinyl
10/28 Transmission Halloween @ Psycho Suzi's
10/28 Toby's Halloween Party @ Toby's house
10/29 Pumpkin Nights @ State Fairgrounds
10/30 The Fly @ Trylon Cinema
10/31 First Avenue Costume Party @ First Avenue
10/31 Dark Energy presents Daughters of Darkness @ 7th St. Entry
11/1 Blackthorne, No Skin, Hive, Much Worse, Ex Nuns @ Triple Rock
11/2 First Free Thursday @ Walker Art Center
11/3 Art Attack @ Northrup King
11/4 Dark Energy - Shadow Age @ Kitty Cat Klub
11/7 John Carpenter @ Myth Live
11/10 The Assortment @ Nomad
11/12 Curtiss A, Prairie Fire Lady Choir, Mark Mallman(, Bruise Violet) @ 7th St. Entry
11/13 UnderCurrentMPLS TRock Finale: Strange Relations, France Camp, Teenage Moods, self-evident, The Miami Dolphins, Birthday Suits @ Triple Rock
11/14 Allison Chains, Nightosaur, Metallager @ Triple Rock
11/15 Flying Lotus in 3D, First Avenue
11/16 Minnesota Wild defeat Nashville Predators 6-4, Xcel Energy Center
11/16 Transmission: Underground @ Triple Rock
11/17 Xylophone Jetty, cheap fantasy, FINESSE, Graveyard Club @ Icehouse
11/18 St. Vincent @ Palace Theater
11/18 MULTIPLE MAN, CGW @ Icehouse
11/20 Lutheran Heat, Bug Fix, Arms Aloft, Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band, Citric Dummies, Dillinger Four @ Triple Rock
11/22 Transmission Thanksgiving-eve @ Hell's Kitchen
11/24 Electric Feel @ Turf Club
11/25 The Beta Machine, A Perfect Circle @ Xcel Energy Center
11/25 Pop-Up Transmission @ Brit's Pub
11/27 Moonsault Monday @ Grumpy's
11/30 Folksake, Best Bitch in Show @ Viking Bar
12/1 Why Not, Nightosaur @ Hymie's
12/8 Opening Night @ Zantigo
12/9 Transmission: The Cantina Strikes Back @ First Avenue
12/16 PROF at Halftime @ Target Center
12/16 The Assortment @ Nomad
12/17 Frances Gumm, CABS, Brian Herb & The Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence, Nemesissy @ Kitty Cat Klub
12/27 Cheree Cheree, CELICA, Roxy's Angry, Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult @ Kitty Cat Klub
12/29 Electric Feel @ 7th St. Entry
12/30 I.V., Molasses, Roxy's Angry, Constant Insult @ Moon Palace Books
12/31 Murder at Dearing Mansion: A New Year's Eve Soiree (in two hours plus)
31.12.17 14:58 I forgot to talk about new music this year because almost all my "new" music was by old fogeys making triumphant returns with 2017 releases - Black Grape, Sparks, OMD, Depeche Mode, friggin' Blancmange get outta here - locally, I really liked The Awful Truth's release but they had an album release concert in January and then WE NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN. There was more Nightosaur. Allison got me into Austra and not as much into Xiu Xiu. Kat got me into The Contortionist and White Moth Black Butterfly. Kris introduced me into St. Vincent...alas, not literally. I've forgotten so much already, I'm sure - want to compile my list of concerts a la Danny but that may take longer than I would care to take. Anyway, new music didn't go anywhere, I'm happy to report. Still haven't really listened to Kraftwerk "in 3D" and don't know what I'm saving it for. Oh, yeah... that UNKLE album.
31.12.17 14:41 
A good December bumped more photos of MEEEEEEEEEE into my best nine so here's an updated collage - thanks again for the validation ;-) (2017 Best Nine)
31.12.17 13:55 
If you play "Burn the Bastards" precisely at 11:55:15, promise to also kill whoever came up with this meme and start the new year off right - HOLY CRAP THIS SONG IS THREE DECADES OLD I'M OLD YOU'RE OLD EVERYTHING IS OLD

"...and a very Happy New Year from BBC1."
(YouTube: The JAMs - Burn the Bastard)
31.12.17 04:36 
Changed my cover photo
30.12.17 18:11 Suck it, 2017
29.12.17 18:38 
Changed my cover photo
29.12.17 17:19 
Geez, it's like they're not even trying any more (and actually they're not, how long's it been since I posted one of these?) - I'm not even sure what kind of a name is "Pais Carl"
28.12.17 23:48 
I don't understand it; I've seen Adri do this countless times and he always looks so much better than me
27.12.17 18:38 
27.12.17 07:05 
Damn, it's cold, yo. It definitely wasn't this cold when I left. Dead mouse #3 greeted me when I stepped into the kitchen, so we're back to normal fairly quickly around these parts. Toilet hasn't frozen yet, hooray! Moving the space heater down there so hopefully it won't freeze at all. Need to sleep for 12 hours, at which time the next Wolves home game should be tipping off. See you at Transmission, probably!
25.12.17 23:52 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25.12.17 02:17  (Yule Log GIF)
24.12.17 22:28 
Mom forbade me from wrapping any gifts in this paper, which is so sad because IT'S THE CREEPIEST GIFT WRAPPING I'D EVER SEEN - why do they OWN this?!
24.12.17 16:06 Video - Yule love it!
24.12.17 00:34 IT'S TIME (Facebook Live video)
23.12.17 22:59 
I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do these look like the faces of people who have had ALL they could eat?
23.12.17 22:56 
FB you CANNOT be serious
23.12.17 14:51 
22.12.17 18:11 compelled to buy one
22.12.17 02:03 
SLURPEE UPDATE: I did not have a Slurpee on Thursday
22.12.17 01:53 RIP Dick Enberg
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