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23.1.18 17:51 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Tour de France [Radio Version]
23.1.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 26.61 ▲0.07 (Range: 26.36 - 26.71)
23.1.18 14:13 
Listened to Barb Abney & Miss Brit with DJ SLT - Wake Up Call 2018-01-12
23.1.18 14:07 
House Blend
23.1.18 14:04 @grumpymartian Uh oh - you are older
23.1.18 13:06 
Anybody reached Colin Cassady for comment yet?
23.1.18 11:59 
Listened to Mason - Cruise Control 2018-01-23
23.1.18 10:36 
FURTHER ADVENTURES IN COMMUTING: Last night, the alley was NOT plowed. One of my neighbours told me she wasn't even gonna try to go out and she seemed way wiser than me, but I have this devotion to my job that I can't quite explain, so I did some more digging and miraculously made it over the bump in the alley, then did a lot of driving while praying that I wouldn't strand myself on any of the three unplowed streets between me and Franklin Ave SE, because dummy forgot to put a shovel in the passenger seat. I did have to do some back-and-forth on one of the turns but previous vehicles' tracks were generally enough to get me there after I disabled the ASR (which I'd sure wished I'd remembered to do when I was in the alley LAST night). Really happy to make it to the plowed streets AND the freeway, except when I'd hit 40 mph, when my snow-filled tires would start doing the scary chattering thing and I'd have to slow it back down. This wasn't a problem when I hit the 35W, where traffic had been cut to one lane due to - get this - a Metro bus facing the wrong way being pulled out of the median ditch. Somehow I was only 20 minutes late for this conference call which turns out to be just exciting enough for me to also type this while it's going on - ooh, maybe shouldn't admit that. Very hopeful our missing Mr. Plow shows his blade before I have to try to get back into the garage later. (Also that Minneapolis comes through my hood, because it's "even side of the street" plow day)
23.1.18 10:21 
@BoltDesigns Thanks!
23.1.18 10:18 
23.1.18 09:53 
 How - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
23.1.18 00:01 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23.1.18 00:00 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 41 (11 & 17, 0:07.4 4th)
22.1.18 23:29 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 40 (22 & 10, 0:03.1 4th)
22.1.18 22:44 
Buncha nonsense (and one parked car facing the wrong way)
22.1.18 22:30 
....or, to be fair, a lot worse. RT @leaningcowboy: #RAW25 could have been a lot better.
22.1.18 22:12 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 114 days since @BrockLesnar last defended the @WWE Universal Championship. #RAW
22.1.18 22:06 
"Coup De Grâce" - SORRY EVERYBODY #RAW25
22.1.18 22:04 
Well, let's see, JR didn't call the Magic Killler OR the coup-de-gras WAIT THAT'S CURT HAWKINS #RAW25
22.1.18 21:58 
Sadly, Mike Chioda didn't wear a sweet mullet wig to match that vintage outfit #RAW25
22.1.18 21:56 
"Hey, didn't you used to be Festus?" #RAW25
22.1.18 21:53 
That cat looked real..."ruff" RT @thecubsfan: @CRZ look they had to get to cat food commercials
22.1.18 21:51 
Having to take an ad break during Scott Hall's entrance is the most hilarious thing I've seen tonight #RAW25
22.1.18 21:50 
Shoulda played Uncle Cracker #RAW25
22.1.18 21:49 
HHH: "We will be at the forefront of the next 25 years!"
Me: "Oh God, no, really? No.... No, no, no"
22.1.18 21:43 
I hope these guys pick it up pretty quickly; the Wolves/Clippers game is tipping off #RAW25
22.1.18 21:42 
Wait, are some of these highlights of the greatest next day PPV recaps that happened to air on RAW? #RAW25
22.1.18 21:27 
RT @thecubsfan: #MainEvent25
22.1.18 21:14 
22.1.18 21:09 
22.1.18 21:07 
Michael Strahan vs. Jimmy Fallon at WrestleMania #RAW25
22.1.18 20:57 
Saving Lita for the Rumble preshow, I see #RAW25
22.1.18 20:56 
22.1.18 20:49 
HOLY SHIT IS THAT BILLY SILVERMAN (no, it's just his outfit on The Official™) #RAW25
22.1.18 20:37 
Cole says "tag team gold" but there ain't no gold on them belts #RAW25
22.1.18 20:25 
Yeah but where's Ravishing Rick R-- oh.
Yeah but you can't have DX without Chy-- oh.
22.1.18 20:24 
Funny that you have to wait for replays to get single-camera shots of moves without cuts #RAW25
22.1.18 20:11 
From behind, he looks like Roman KANEs #RAW25
22.1.18 20:08 
Oh good, Michael Strahan vs. Miz at WrestleMania #RAW25
22.1.18 20:02 
"I agree to come back for a backstage vignette and you give me light beer?" #RAW25
22.1.18 20:01 
Lotta smoking on this show #RAW25
22.1.18 20:00 
@leaningcowboy "Stripped" may be an unfortunate choice of words
22.1.18 19:57 
Wait, maybe I'm out of it but Roman Reigns hasn't been suspended yet? Does he gotta drop the title first? #RAW25
22.1.18 19:56 
Cool camera work to pan 270 degrees of the crowd while Take does his thing #RAW25
22.1.18 19:54 
@tapemachines Hope he's not dead!
22.1.18 19:54 
If they REALLY wanna go old school, take the frickin' hashtag off the screen while they're at Manhattan Center #RAW25
22.1.18 19:53 
Is the guy with the BOB BACKLUND WORLD CHAMPION T-shirt in Manhattan Center or nah #RAW25
22.1.18 19:52 
Man I'm just excited to hear The Fink's voice #RAW25
22.1.18 19:50 
There's the dead man - and also The Undertaker #RAW25
22.1.18 19:49 
Stllls of old #RAWs like they were PPVs - you gotta pay for the Network to see that, son! #RAW25
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