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21.3.18 23:12 Thinking of all my friends who are thinking of Sean tonight...I love you
21.3.18 13:56 
What I shoulda been listening to this morning and definitely should not be listening to nzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Tom Middleton: Sleep Better)
20.3.18 19:00 
For over 12 years, I believed I had a 14½ gallon gas tank in my (no longer) New Beetle. Just over an hour ago, I managed to pump 14.6 gallons...and didn't spill any. I wonder what he was running on for those last five miles this morning. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
20.3.18 11:15 
19.3.18 23:34 
Coming up at midnight, it's Cruise Control and WE need YOU to not only LISTEN, but call in and/or slide online with your pledge to KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul! (ALSO if you tune in NOW, you can catch the tail end of Spin With Cyn!)
18.3.18 00:28 I'm (not that) Complicated
17.3.18 20:16 Hi sorry I'm late (Checked in to The Assortment)
17.3.18 19:03 
Obligatory yearly reshare as I don't make sideburns like this anymore
16.3.18 18:06 
Y'all checked out that new ⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞+༎ຶ+༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ+ꉺლ track yet #nowplaying
16.3.18 13:41 Mood (The New Yorker: The Overwhelming Emotion of Hearing Toto’s “Africa” Remixed to Sound Like It’s Playing in an Empty Mall)
15.3.18 17:20 
15.3.18 14:43 
#tbt Finally retired this mouse when the click wheel started skipping too much for me to ignore. The finger spots buffed in are pretty impressive! Now I gotta wear in a new one.
13.3.18 20:24 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13.3.18 11:39 From 2015: Important list of almost every typeface on the rooster sauce bottle (hat tip to WFMU Twitter via another guy's Twitter)
12.3.18 18:28 
Expensive seats (including mine) still available
8.3.18 18:58 
This guy again, like looking in a mirror hur hur
7.3.18 20:54 
Well, we won anyway
6.3.18 23:46 
Just think...twenty years of the "Nagelbett" album
6.3.18 18:10 
It's National Oreo Day I have just learned! So I threw this up
5.3.18 13:33 Get a $15 ticket for five bucks - after fees that means you save, like, $10.56 by using the promo code "KFAI" on the ticket page!
4.3.18 19:46 Oscar who? I'm here! Don't see our host yet, though...
3.3.18 01:17 Tight!
1.3.18 19:43 
Video - "Won't You Gentlemen Have a Pepsi?"
1.3.18 16:04 
#tbt I had occasion to browse through the first copy of Boys' Life I ever received in the mail - maybe I'm more into dad jokes in my advanced age but these seem funnier now than they did when I was still in single digits and I love the "Hee Haw" style sick burns. I can't remember if I ever mailed in a joke submission or not. (from the April 1980 issue)
1.3.18 13:22 Ha! It's really the Krista and Allison show but happy Friendiversary all the same <3
28.2.18 12:16 
Oh, Facebook
27.2.18 11:40 
I don't care, I love it (Uber driver creates playlists for passenger types)
26.2.18 21:13 
So did anybody camp out at McDonald's for Szechuan sauce today, or is that not a cool thing to do now
26.2.18 17:29 
Hey whoa new GusGus last Friday and I didn't find out until today?
25.2.18 04:03 
UPDATE: No change in my Amazon recommendations here on FB
25.2.18 03:40 
She is "very sensual and love to love and explore other people's bodies, wild, bright sex and eventually become orgasmic." I dunno, man, North Branch is like A WHOLE HOUR away, but probably many more hours away is whoever is behind "Sigrid Amanda Johnsen"
24.2.18 15:43 Tune in, give money. It's just that simple
24.2.18 03:58 Guys have you noticed all your Hollywood Movie Posters look exactly the same
24.2.18 01:07 
USA vs. Sweden gold medal match in men's curling is live RIGHT NOW on NBCSN. End 3 is almost over. Sweden is up 2-0 but USA is coming on strong! I'll stay up if you do.
23.2.18 01:32 
We got the memo!
22.2.18 15:20 
NOW THIS: This'll be the first podcast I listen to all the way through. (I am kidding, of course.) "Szechuan sauce" returns to Mickey D's, possibly as early as Monday, and expect them to expect YOU to buy some "Buttermilk Crispy Tenders" to taste the privilege.
21.2.18 13:34 
I think here today FB and Amazon are trying to tell me I have nice legs... and/or I should regret buying the "Bosom Buddies" complete series DVD box
18.2.18 15:21 
I bet you've got something to say - and take it from me, radio is fun! Please consider applying!
18.2.18 15:19 Mood: I want an Icee but I don't want to go to SuperAmerica
18.2.18 01:52 Guys if I were just 1% less shy I could get myself into soooooooooo much trouble and be soooooo broke and I don't know if I would be happier but sometimes....sometimes I feel like I sure want to find out
17.2.18 23:43 Who are all these peeps
16.2.18 19:02 If I mention Black Panther will *I* get comment spam? Let's find out
16.2.18 18:45 
Hey! If your plans fall through, tune in to KFAI's Crap From The Past tonight at 22.00 CST when you can probably hear me banter with Mason between music you might have forgotten (or never wanted to know). 90·3/106·7/kfai·org
16.2.18 13:53 Yeah but where the fish fry at
15.2.18 02:55 
14.2.18 20:43 
best SVD ever?
14.2.18 14:27 
Wikipedia says "Plaisance is a French word, meaning pleasatness, deried from the Latin placentia 'acceptable things.'" Wikipedia does not tell me whether the only person in the world with this name is the surely totally real Plaisance Phillipa
14.2.18 13:56 I can't stop playing with this. Do I need to work today? (Don't miss the "goth" mode!)
14.2.18 13:43 
13.2.18 16:23 Shared this two years ago. Shared this last year. Sharing now.
Will share every year. I love you. <3

"Love is letting each other be who we are without fear of censure. Love is not wanting the other to become a clone of ourselves. ‘Other’ offers resistance, pushing us to find what is self. Love is actively embracing our equality and pushing each other to realise our full potential and make our full contribution to the world. Love is facing forward, both fighting for a common goal – both strong, both independent and positively choosing a knowing dependence. Love is always leaving the door unlocked and continuing that love when ‘other’ may choose to use the exit. Love is letting go and wishing well. Love is aching joy. Love is the safe haven. Love is arriving home." - Howard Jones
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