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6.4.18 20:10 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - Utopia - Me Giorgio
6.4.18 20:06 
Listened to Ashton, Gardner & Dyke - Resurrection Shuffle
6.4.18 19:34 
I enjoyed this! Watch it. (hat tip and thanks to @luchablog) RT @DocLuchaLibre: My @ShinsukeN vs @AJStylesOrg promo video... spent most of last week editing this... the plateau of wrestling's modern era... HD baby...

#yeaOH #wrestlemania
6.4.18 19:16 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Get The Balance Right! (Combination Mix)
6.4.18 18:49 
Sometimes you DO have to read the comments RT @Timberwolves: Clear your Friday night plans.
6.4.18 18:17 
@pyry True, but please be first in line for Wednesday too, as a complete stranger on the Internet I have expectations of you
6.4.18 18:05 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Death's Door - Jazz Mix
6.4.18 17:53 
Hey @pyry
6.4.18 16:48 
Listened to Daft Punk - Discovery on Spotify
6.4.18 15:30 
TGIC - Light roast
6.4.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 26.00 ▼0.15 (Range: 25.62 - 26.69)
6.4.18 14:34 
Listened to Cruise Control - Around the World in 40 Yachts
6.4.18 14:05 
Twenty - TWENTY - years ago, Mike Samuda and Rick Scaia joined forces to create WrestleManics, the GREATEST pro wrestling website on the entire Internet. The Internet was a lot smaller back then. They officially started the day after WrestleMania XIV, March 30, 1998. I waited a week before delivering my first two of several hundred TV recaps both for them and later for the extreme only-in-the-dotcom-era failure that was "WresteLine" that WM sold out to in June, 1999. I recapped WWF, WCW, WOW, WXO (for three weeks) and probably a few other things here and there. My last recap for Rick's "Online Onslaught" site and my own [slash] wrestling was in October 2002, but to this day, there are people out there who still think of me in positive terms AND believe I can write. What marks! I also "inspired" a few people who went on to do WAY better things than I ever did and that's pretty cool, too. Anyway, here are a couple archival links to the works of baby CRZ at 26, not TOTALLY beaten down by life and still very, VERY into the televised professional wrestling, composed pretty late at night EXACTLY twenty years ago tonight. (They got a LITTLE better...but not much.)
6.4.18 13:35 
Of COURSE I tagged the wrong The Rick. He's actually @OOWrestling.
6.4.18 13:26 

TWENTY YEARS since the first shows I recapped for Mike and
@OORick - and YOU, the loyal WrestleManiacs dot com visitor!

Thanks for thinking fondly of me as a writer, recapper and very, VERY minor celebrity on the Internet.
6.4.18 13:17 
OFFICE T-SHIRTS, A CONTINUING SERIES: Last one of the week - hey remember when we were all so cool we'd wear our 6 ball shirts BACKWARDS? Well...this is pretty uncomfortable and maybe I'll turn it back around. Anyway, here's a very unattractive capture of me attempting to do the classic Hall & Nash "ooh" finger movements while ALSO trying to NOT block the graphic part of the shirt I'm wearing. Good thing I'm the only guy in this building on Fridays! WRESTLEMANIA IS SUNDAY!
6.4.18 13:11 
6.4.18 12:56 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
6.4.18 12:50 
Listened to Idjut boys & Quakerman - Dum Dum De Dum
6.4.18 12:48 
Listened to Streetband - Loud Music
6.4.18 12:45 
Listened to Liquinova - What Ever Comes Along
6.4.18 02:27 
Listened to ABC - How to Be a Zillionaire (Wall Street Mix)
6.4.18 02:20 
Listened to Earth, Wind & Fire - Let Your Feelings Show
6.4.18 02:15 
Listened to Depeche Mode - The Sweetest Condition
5.4.18 23:31 
TAJ GIBSON: 17 (10 & 10, 5:37 3rd)
5.4.18 23:30 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 65 (15 & 10, 8:16 3rd)
5.4.18 22:01 
 Goin' crazy from the heat - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
5.4.18 21:51 
Listened to Z-Entropa - Antenna
5.4.18 21:46 
Listened to The Grid - Boom! (freestyle mix)
5.4.18 20:42 
From Austin, it is John Maus (@JOHNMAUS /
(The Cedar Cultural Center)
5.4.18 20:41 
5.4.18 19:49 
 Shoooow - Cedar Cultural Center (Minneapolis, MN)
5.4.18 19:48 
Joined in progress, it is Devata Daun and c.Kostra (@devatadaun /@c_Kostra /
(The Cedar Cultural Center)
5.4.18 18:36 
Sneaking in some quick training! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
5.4.18 18:23 
Listened to Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco (The Martin Brothers Thizzy Disco Remix)
5.4.18 18:19 
Listened to Vitalic - Intro
5.4.18 18:18 
Listened to Lionel Richie - do it to me
5.4.18 16:51 at at deserve don't don't if love me me my my then you you (photos)
5.4.18 16:33 @dream_salad They were hanging out all over town together Super Bowl week! (which is the only reason I knew this existed two months ago)
5.4.18 16:17 
Listened to Spotify endless playlist "Daily Mix 5"
5.4.18 16:05 
Caribou Blend
5.4.18 15:58 
OFFICE T-SHIRTS, A CONTINUING SERIES: yesterday, I wore my tie dyed nWo shirt to the Covenant show - one of those strange choices that only I could pull off. You didn't get a photo because LAST year I gave you THAT photo (go find it). TODAY'S shirt is another from the turn of the millennium which I bought at a "San Francisco Lucha Libre" show - it's hand painted and the paint sticks to itself when you fold the shirt, making it hard to UNfold - I am scared to wash it. But when else was I gonna get the opportunity to tell everyone that my favourite luchador was Tinieblas Jr.? (I have the dumbest reasons, too - most of them involving his really boss cape.) Besides...IT'S WRESTLEMANIA WEEK
5.4.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 26.15 ▲0.05 (Range: 26.02 - 26.50)
5.4.18 14:41 
Listened to NERO - Between II Worlds on Spotify
5.4.18 14:13 Yesterday, Craig Lambert asked about favourite New Order songs. It was a good thread! This one will not be. :) What *I* wanna know is what is your LEAST favourite New Order song? There are probably a lot of recent album cuts I've never had the misfortune to hear, but without thinking about it very hard my answer would probably point to one of the "Blue Monday 95" remixes.
5.4.18 13:52 
Listened to Ministry - Cold Life
5.4.18 13:47 
Listened to Ministry - Same Old Madness
5.4.18 13:40 @TeaForBirds HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLY!
5.4.18 12:49 
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