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10.4.18 12:45 The W bracket challenge
10.4.18 12:22 
Light Roast
10.4.18 11:32 
Listened to Mason - Cruise Control 2018-04-10
10.4.18 09:46 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
9.4.18 21:22 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#twolves 113 - #grizzlies 94
(Target Center)
9.4.18 20:11 
HALFTIME: #twolves 56 - #grizzlies 53
(Target Center)
9.4.18 19:55 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 67 (11 & 10, 5:36 2nd)
9.4.18 18:58 
 Heeeey maybe JUST ONCE we BEAT these chumps, hmm? #AllEyesNorth - Memphis Grizzlies vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
9.4.18 17:07 
But what if war breaks out in the Middle East before The Greatest Royal Rumble? Has Vince already cleared that with Trump or
9.4.18 16:40 
But the marks who picked up the free trial to get WrestleMania are ALREADY also getting Greatest Royal Rumble without having to pay for a $9.99 month????
9.4.18 15:47 Video - The Dark Energy crew rented me and my friends some skates and a rink Saturday and it was an effin' BLAST
9.4.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.98 ▼0.02 (Range: 25.96 - 26.39)
9.4.18 13:31 
Wonder how the #twolves will manage to lose to these guys again tonight #AllEyesNorth RT @tweetdavebenz: Barring an (unexpected) update it looks like the @memgrizz will be minus 7 players tonight…
9.4.18 13:19 
House Blend
9.4.18 12:48 New Blu-ray/DVD/digital titles coming out 4/10/2018 (193)
9.4.18 12:02 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
9.4.18 11:41 
 Back once again - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
9.4.18 00:48 
@tapemachines Bad eye makeup choice, I gotta say
8.4.18 22:30 
This is proably a rib by WWE to prove they can get any dumbass thing trending #WM34
8.4.18 22:29 
Feel like Nicolasz is gonna turn on him #WM34
8.4.18 22:27 
Hope he's signed a waiver #WM34
8.4.18 21:39 
I WILL stay awake through this show #WM34
8.4.18 21:29 
RT @Totalvirgo918: Why didn’t they announce @AlexaBliss_WWE weight? #WrestleMania
8.4.18 20:57 
Shane out there lookin' like Ronda Rousey #WM34
8.4.18 20:43 
Way to AAA the smoke exhale, folks! #WM34
8.4.18 20:28 
Cena has such a huge rock hard boner right now #WM34
8.4.18 20:28 
The Awesome Undertaker Who Is Awesome? He (and I) have steadily declined RT @birdgimmick: @CRZ whatd you used to call him in your raw recaps again
8.4.18 20:26 
This is actually "full throttle" Take walking to the ring here #WM34
8.4.18 20:25 
Happy Belated 53rd Birthday to The Undertaker! #WM34
8.4.18 20:21 
Elias should have started playing "Zombie" #WM34
8.4.18 20:17 
They should have played that cock sound and said BLOCKED #WM34
8.4.18 20:00 
Did they get Tim & Eric to do these 3D graphics or what? #WM34 #WheresGrum
8.4.18 19:59 
Oh hey look Alicia Fox #WM34 #TapouT
8.4.18 19:59 
The Arm of Stephanie McMahon™ #WM34
8.4.18 19:48 
Looks like Rousey really needed some eye liner advice earlier #WM34
8.4.18 19:46 
This isn't a no DQ match! #WM34
8.4.18 19:32 
Happy Belated 49th Birthday to Kurt Angle! #WM34
8.4.18 19:28 
It's not a Triple H entrance without some inexplicable Latin! #WM34
8.4.18 19:19 
Classic WWE finish! #WM34
8.4.18 19:01 
"Hey Asuka, whaddaya think?"
"Oh, that wacky John Cena"
8.4.18 18:56 
Charlotte always looks like she's smelling something nasty #WM34 #HotTakes
8.4.18 18:44 
UPDATE: I am paying the delivery fee and will tip my driver #WM34 @PapaJohns
8.4.18 18:17 
I'd like to make a Papa John's run but it's snowing #WM34
8.4.18 18:03 
No one in this house had heard of "Chloe x Halle" #WM34
8.4.18 17:49 
8.4.18 17:48 
WWE: You'll never get to the fireworks factory #WM34
8.4.18 17:35 
RT @CRZ: Remember that Simpsons episode where Homer's at the video store and a movie's playing and they're all "you wanna rent that?" and Homer's all "no! you just showed me the best scene, suckers!" That's how I feel about that movie ad with that Rock promo in it #NXTTakeOver
8.4.18 17:31 
Wow those ribbons really make that trophy look less like fallopian tubes #WM34
8.4.18 16:54 
Hahaha Ross talking during the bit you're not supposed to talk during #WM34
8.4.18 16:46 (feel free to mute me until midnight btw)
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