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27.4.18 15:31 
Guys, Titus just wanted to drag Hornswoggle back into the ring #WWEGRR
27.4.18 14:56 
We'll see Horny reemerge from underneath the ring in, like, an hour #WWEGRR
27.4.18 14:54 
Horny, uh, didn't go over the top rope, did he? #WWEGRR
27.4.18 14:36 
#2: SHANE McMAHON - aw, nuts, it's not #WWEGRR
27.4.18 13:24 
Stop calling him "Shin," "Mike" #WWEGRR
27.4.18 13:21 
You're not doing your job, Twitter #WWEGRR
27.4.18 13:19 
I guess "Most Progressive Royal Rumble" was a little too long for the banners #WWEGRR
27.4.18 13:14 
That could have been Andy Leavine! #WWEGRR #Heyrememberstuff
27.4.18 13:11 
Wasn't Shawn "Khosrow Daivari" for about five minutes? #WWEGRR #Heyrememebrstuff
27.4.18 13:09 
Oh shit Daivari and Ariya Daivari #WWEGRR
27.4.18 12:21 
Guys, it's OK, women can drive in Saudi Arabia now #WWEGRR
27.4.18 12:14 
Cole can't even say "belt" when it's about an actual belt #WWEGRR
27.4.18 12:01 
27.4.18 11:50 
He calls them his flies of fire #WWEGRR
27.4.18 11:31 
The always single John Cena #WWEGRRrrrrrrrrrr
27.4.18 11:11 
( countdown timer still thinks the show doesn't START for another five hours - oops)
27.4.18 11:10 
I'm awake! Let's watch five hours of wrestling #WWEGRRRRRRRRRRR
25.4.18 13:40 reads right to left
23.4.18 12:26 
Guys I may be getting laid off but look on the bright side, I'll totally be able to lie in bed watching THE GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE instead of coming to work
16.4.18 21:55 
GOD I'm confused is that Bobby Lashley or Bobby Roode #RAW
16.4.18 21:43 
Bálor in blue < Batista in blue #RAW
16.4.18 21:34 
Closing out Miz' Tenure Old Nicholas™ #RAW
16.4.18 21:29 
There is a danger that by the end of this segment, the most over man in this match will be Jonathan Coachman #RAW
16.4.18 21:26 
Ten Year Old Nicholas™ #RAW
16.4.18 20:55 
Also, Dolph's hair didn't match the hair in the Co-branded PPV musical numer, so I was confused if it was really him or not (both times) #RAW
16.4.18 20:55 
I really thought this would be the time Ziggles would say his catchy phrase about it being too bad he's too good, but alas #RAW
16.4.18 20:53 
Cole said Apollo's lost last name, put him in commentary jail for the rest of the segment #RAW
16.4.18 20:22 
This "Co-branded PPV" musical number is more proof than ever that I'm too old for this shit and really need to spend my hard-earned cash on anything else
16.4.18 20:15 
@Toast_Jr Isn't closure great?
16.4.18 20:12 
.....he calls them his flies of fire #RAW
16.4.18 19:52 
Biggest shakeup? WWE may have FINALLY removed the Twitter wordmark that was deprecated back in 2012 from their "Now Trending" graphic
16.4.18 19:48 
Dammit, they're supposed to be promos, @WWE, not memes
9.4.18 17:07 
But what if war breaks out in the Middle East before The Greatest Royal Rumble? Has Vince already cleared that with Trump or
9.4.18 16:40 
But the marks who picked up the free trial to get WrestleMania are ALREADY also getting Greatest Royal Rumble without having to pay for a $9.99 month????
9.4.18 00:48 
@tapemachines Bad eye makeup choice, I gotta say
8.4.18 22:30 
This is proably a rib by WWE to prove they can get any dumbass thing trending #WM34
8.4.18 22:29 
Feel like Nicolasz is gonna turn on him #WM34
8.4.18 22:27 
Hope he's signed a waiver #WM34
8.4.18 21:39 
I WILL stay awake through this show #WM34
8.4.18 21:29 
RT @Totalvirgo918: Why didn’t they announce @AlexaBliss_WWE weight? #WrestleMania
8.4.18 20:57 
Shane out there lookin' like Ronda Rousey #WM34
8.4.18 20:43 
Way to AAA the smoke exhale, folks! #WM34
8.4.18 20:28 
Cena has such a huge rock hard boner right now #WM34
8.4.18 20:28 
The Awesome Undertaker Who Is Awesome? He (and I) have steadily declined RT @birdgimmick: @CRZ whatd you used to call him in your raw recaps again
8.4.18 20:26 
This is actually "full throttle" Take walking to the ring here #WM34
8.4.18 20:25 
Happy Belated 53rd Birthday to The Undertaker! #WM34
8.4.18 20:21 
Elias should have started playing "Zombie" #WM34
8.4.18 20:17 
They should have played that cock sound and said BLOCKED #WM34
8.4.18 20:00 
Did they get Tim & Eric to do these 3D graphics or what? #WM34 #WheresGrum
8.4.18 19:59 
Oh hey look Alicia Fox #WM34 #TapouT
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