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7.6.18 18:36 
 BIRTHDAY DINNER - Kyoto Sushi (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.18 17:54 
Left to right: an amazing card from my parents, an amazing card from my no-longer-in-laws, some AMAZING selections from my brother and his wife
7.6.18 17:19 It looks JUST like the one Mason already posted!
7.6.18 17:05 
Listened to Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall in Love
7.6.18 16:22 
Listened to Basement Jaxx - Smoke Bubbles
7.6.18 16:18 
Listened to Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own (Extended)
7.6.18 16:11 
Listened to Mateo & Matos - Happy Feelin'
7.6.18 16:05 
Listened to André Cymone - Lipstick Lover
7.6.18 15:57 
 Yeah, let's have another ICEE why not - SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.18 15:07 
 "It's my birthday; what do I get?" - Up-Down (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 21.30 ▼0.24 (Range: 21.07 - 21.54)
7.6.18 14:15 
 Just visiting :) - Lakewood Cemetery (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.18 14:01 
So lucky to have lunch (and free birthday sake), ice cream and great conversation with my bestie!
7.6.18 13:51 
 Birthday ice cream! - La La Homemade Ice Cream (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.18 12:25 
moto-i (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.18 12:03 
Listened to Art of Noise - Who’s Afraid (of Scale)
7.6.18 11:58 
Listened to Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut - Loodus ja technika
7.6.18 11:55 
Listened to Easy Star All-Stars - A Day in the Life (feat. Michael Rose and Menny More)
7.6.18 11:49 @hack0tv F-O-U-R - stupid autocorrect
7.6.18 11:48 @hack0tv Oh, you probably made that joke for years ago

7.6.18 02:33 Thanks to the following folks for buying me drinks tonight: Lindsay (indirectly), Ian, Jake (and thanks for the HoJo!), Alexis and Dan - and by extension, to all appropriate significant others as well. Thanks to everybody who had a kind wish for me tonight, too many to tag. Thanks very, VERY much to Kelsey for shuttling me around. I'm gonna do all this again proper on Thursday so hold onto your butts and maybe I'll see you out there then!
6.6.18 22:55 
 It's like a Birthday Transmission yo - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
6.6.18 20:50 
 DRAGO time! - Hammer & Sickle (Minneapolis, MN)
6.6.18 20:41 
I was born at 0335 CEST, which means I'm now kicking off the 48th trip around it - here's who wasn't late!
6.6.18 19:51 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
6.6.18 19:46 @crz_ebooks Well...not this year, maybe
6.6.18 19:45 @crz_ebooks @likablemshyde BAD BOT. You don't even know this person! (*I* don't even know this person!)
6.6.18 18:07 
Listened to The Factory - The Factory - Couldn't Love You More (Shlomi Aber Remix)
6.6.18 18:02 
Listened to Claps - House
6.6.18 17:54  Well I was in the neighborhood... - Big Top Liquors (Saint Paul, MN)
6.6.18 17:49 
Listened to Vixen - Edge of a Broken Heart
6.6.18 17:47  FANCY CRATES - Target (Saint Paul, MN)
6.6.18 17:16   NO CRATES - Goodwill (Saint Paul, MN)
6.6.18 17:08 
Listened to Void Vision - In 20 Years
6.6.18 15:46   PRE-BIRTHDAY SHOPPING SPREEEEE - Landfill Music And Book (Saint Paul, MN)
6.6.18 15:40 
Listened to Chicory Tip - What's Your Name
6.6.18 15:37 
Listened to Utah Saints - I Want You (Sabres 110 Metal Dub)
6.6.18 15:16 
Looks like the Xcel crew chopped down the tree in the alley--HEY WAIT LEAVING IT ON *MY* FRONT LAWN WASN'T PART OF THE DEAL
6.6.18 15:03 
 If at first... - SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
6.6.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 21.54 ▲0.20 (Range: 21.30 - 21.57)
6.6.18 14:46 
 Just visiting! - CostumeRentals (Minneapolis, MN)
6.6.18 14:33 
 ICEE time - SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
6.6.18 13:29 
 Early sushi with Kelsey - Kyoto Sushi (Minneapolis, MN)
6.6.18 10:41 
It's the question on EVERYONE'S mind: WHAT am I doing for my birthday?

Well, I've been doing it for a while: ANYTHING I WANT.

But there will be some structured plans. This year the 7th falls on a Thursday, so there is a built-in tandem of Triviasco (Gasthof, 8) and Infernal Singalong Machine (Grumpy's DT, some time after 10) - last year, the karaoke crew got very embarrassing around throwing me a party and I don't know if that's happening again or not but some people just need an excuse and those people are named Hare. I THINK (and so does Kimber) I'm going to assemble a posse prior to trivia to hit Uptown and check out the Kyoto Sushi "all you can eat" dinner - a little spendy but not as spendy as NON-buffet sushi for sure! Also, Up/Down will give me 40 tokens so I will need to pop in there. Actually, I think moto-i has some kinda birthday thing, too - Allison and I hit there last year and we might just do that again.

TONIGHT, I am gonna go try to win a jackpot at DRAGO (Hammer & Sickle, 8.30ish) - with apologies to the RINGO crew - and then walk over for a "birthday" Transmission (Uptown VFW, some time after 10) where I will accept free XOXOs and MAYBE Hamm's. I am going to TRY not to overdo it tonight with the intent that I will definitely want to overdo it tomorrow.

Friday, I will die.....I mean, maybe go to the Prince thing. Ha!

If you want to invite yourself along to any of this OR if you want to go off the board with me, I am up for almost anything! You have my number, and if you don't, I'm on Messenger. Also, it doesn't have to be my birthday for me to want to see your face, so stop being a stranger. Note that this sentence only applies to some of you - some of you, please be a stranger because I'm so TIRED of your face. You know who you are.
6.6.18 10:21 May I?
6.6.18 02:42 
Just booked a stealth Cali trip.
(It's so stealth I'm not telling you when I'll be there. ;-) It's a pretty short one)
6.6.18 00:40 
Listened to Yazoo - Walk Away from Love
5.6.18 23:56 It is the debut of Nones Proj (Kitty Cat Klub)
5.6.18 22:49 
It is Intercourse (
(Kitty Cat Klub)
5.6.18 21:32 I like Hyperkarma
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