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13.6 15:15 
Sometimes you turn the cover over and find an inscription by THE Robin S. (Not very often, however)
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13.6 01:27 
So I've been studying the Art of the Selfie...pretty sure I finally nailed one
12.6 15:03 
♬ You think you know her
But you never really
Lived a life without her
But you couldn't tell me
The things she said, the books she read
The way she looked when the morning came
The time of night that you held her tight
But you never forget the day she ran away ♬
(YouTube: Cause & Effect - You Think You Know Her)
12.6 14:06 Wow coooooool!
12.6 10:58 
Another fun time with Mason on the airwaves....I can ALMOST tell the voices of the three most regular request line callers apart now! (Cruise Control 6/12/2018)
11.6 01:24 
Really, really helpful street sign, yo
11.6 00:48 
10.6 14:40 
10.6 14:34 
Took the bun out and have all these weird curls now. REALLY gotta wash the smoke outta this mane. Also felt a sudden need to post a lot of "dating-site-profile-ready" shots from my boudoir to try to counteract that wildly reacted other photo from last night which I need you all to forget about immediately
10.6 00:31 
Tonight after Match Game, there was discussion of the "messy bun" which led to... me not really feeling it. (Celebrity hair by Tiffany Norton, photo by Kelsey Erin)
8.6 13:44 Thanks again and again to everybody who wished me well on Facebook and/or in person! I love you all!
8.6 01:35 
Look at THIS awesome card with art by Elizabeth Carter! Thanks Ted and Kimber and family!!
7.6 21:15 
Lindsay continues to shower me with death by chocolate and peanut butter with a massive peanut butter cup cupcake (mostly eaten before I thought to photo it) and a plate with a sticker literally labeled "killer brownies"
7.6 17:54 
Left to right: an amazing card from my parents, an amazing card from my no-longer-in-laws, some AMAZING selections from my brother and his wife
7.6 17:19 It looks JUST like the one Mason already posted!
7.6 14:01 
So lucky to have lunch (and free birthday sake), ice cream and great conversation with my bestie!
7.6 02:33 Thanks to the following folks for buying me drinks tonight: Lindsay (indirectly), Ian, Jake (and thanks for the HoJo!), Alexis and Dan - and by extension, to all appropriate significant others as well. Thanks to everybody who had a kind wish for me tonight, too many to tag. Thanks very, VERY much to Kelsey for shuttling me around. I'm gonna do all this again proper on Thursday so hold onto your butts and maybe I'll see you out there then!
6.6 20:41 
I was born at 0335 CEST, which means I'm now kicking off the 48th trip around it - here's who wasn't late!
6.6 15:16 
Looks like the Xcel crew chopped down the tree in the alley--HEY WAIT LEAVING IT ON *MY* FRONT LAWN WASN'T PART OF THE DEAL
6.6 10:41 
It's the question on EVERYONE'S mind: WHAT am I doing for my birthday?

Well, I've been doing it for a while: ANYTHING I WANT.

But there will be some structured plans. This year the 7th falls on a Thursday, so there is a built-in tandem of Triviasco (Gasthof, 8) and Infernal Singalong Machine (Grumpy's DT, some time after 10) - last year, the karaoke crew got very embarrassing around throwing me a party and I don't know if that's happening again or not but some people just need an excuse and those people are named Hare. I THINK (and so does Kimber) I'm going to assemble a posse prior to trivia to hit Uptown and check out the Kyoto Sushi "all you can eat" dinner - a little spendy but not as spendy as NON-buffet sushi for sure! Also, Up/Down will give me 40 tokens so I will need to pop in there. Actually, I think moto-i has some kinda birthday thing, too - Allison and I hit there last year and we might just do that again.

TONIGHT, I am gonna go try to win a jackpot at DRAGO (Hammer & Sickle, 8.30ish) - with apologies to the RINGO crew - and then walk over for a "birthday" Transmission (Uptown VFW, some time after 10) where I will accept free XOXOs and MAYBE Hamm's. I am going to TRY not to overdo it tonight with the intent that I will definitely want to overdo it tomorrow.

Friday, I will die.....I mean, maybe go to the Prince thing. Ha!

If you want to invite yourself along to any of this OR if you want to go off the board with me, I am up for almost anything! You have my number, and if you don't, I'm on Messenger. Also, it doesn't have to be my birthday for me to want to see your face, so stop being a stranger. Note that this sentence only applies to some of you - some of you, please be a stranger because I'm so TIRED of your face. You know who you are.
6.6 10:21 May I?
6.6 02:42 
Just booked a stealth Cali trip.
(It's so stealth I'm not telling you when I'll be there. ;-) It's a pretty short one)
5.6 21:32 I like Hyperkarma
5.6 10:01 
Happy Birthday to Allison Anne! (This photo is COMPLETELY unrelated)
2.6 03:22 
Friend Request #2! Hooray, I'm definitely back on his radar
2.6 01:20 I think you've figured out tonight's theme tonight: too much caffeine, not enough water.

1.6 14:45 Hey, Grandma's 90 today!
(Also, she's not on Facebook.)
1.6 14:41 Video - It wasn't ALWAYS Oreos with me, kids. (Missing you, Jan!)
1.6 12:17 
Oh, come on
31.5 15:31 
#tbt Last week I made it to Wahlburgers at MoA but because I was trying to surprise Kristen with a gift card, I didn't post any of this Snapchat-worthy content as I was there. Then I forgot. Anyway, here's some stuff. I had a plain ol' cheeseburger, fries and Dr Pepper. Other than a longish wait for them to make my burger fresh - and how much of a complaint is that, really? - it was a tasty meal. Also I caught a million Pokémon. (c. last Friday)
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30.5 14:15 Dang man, between Giorgio and Hee Haw, Shooter just gets me. Dunno if I'll go see him at the Turf this time or not but watching this sure doesn't make me NOT wanna go...
30.5 11:59 Video - "I guess you had to be there
There was free beer"
29.5 20:28 
Please consider giving what you are able to support these artists!
29.5 11:56 I don't know if our banter is getting any better with me appearing more regularly, but it's always fun to try to keep up with Mason at Cruise Control and I so appreciate the open door while I have no excuse to NOT be awake between midnight and 2 on an early Tuesday morning. Here's a link to this morning's show for another [mostly] fun two hours of [mostly] 1978 selections. During tonight's show, while manning the request line (6-1234-10980) I did take one very exuberant "YOU'RE FUCKEN AWESOME" call from a huge fan of the funk...which felt OK. I may be *almost* ready to learn how to make radio, myself.
28.5 21:42 Video - Are you happy now, MOM
28.5 13:47 
I don't know how accurate these readings are but I'm definitely getting the F outta this house and into a lake STAT - c ya!
28.5 13:21 
Changed my cover photo
28.5 11:17 Video - The video that launched an empire - by the way, THEY'RE BACK - I saw Fireworks Oreos at Cub over the weekend but did not buy them. (I still have unopened cherry cola and kettle popcorn ones in the house)
27.5 12:37 The making of [two years]
26.5 11:06 
Collagery - ask me for my business card
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22.5 21:32 
Door person encouraged me to celebrate National Vanilla Pudding Day...I was incredulous, and yet...
22.5 13:20 
22.5 06:00 
22.5 05:32 
22.5 03:22 
Throwback! During one of our Mall of America trips, Allison found me a quarter box of Chewy Lemonheads, so I HAD to buy it. Nice to see they still only include one actual Lemonhead per box!
20.5 22:21 
Great weekend! ....why am I so tired?
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20.5 00:00 
OK! Here are your final details (and final event pimping) for my Art-A-Whirl "job" this year. Don't tell anybody, but I've already loaded crate #3 into my trunk to give me the best chance to walk into Gallery 332 on time! I am there ALL DAY for the NKB Sunday festivities, starting out spinning solo at noon, then joined by MISTER Mason Butler as we go back to back (while possibly drinking) until they shut us down at 5. I've definitely saved some of my choicest vinyl selections for this last day - but will the artists agree with me? Hope to see you there!!
19.5 22:25 I know, I know, you're at Psycho Suzi's. I'm still here :) (The Assortment at Nomad World Pub)
19.5 19:04 LAWN MOWIN' UPDATE: Mowed the lawn
18.5 15:13 
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