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6.7 16:05 
6.7 07:14 
Ha! Made the cut somehow (probably all thanks to Allison)
5.7 03:45 I was surprised several times tonight.
I hope I never stop being surprised.
5.7 01:02 
Why DO people keep taking pictures of me? I wear this getup every year!
4.7 21:04 Well, look, I'm nothing if not consistent
4.7 11:47 
Obligatory (YouTube video: "Chicago - Saturday in the Park")
4.7 01:15 OK! Anybody staying up late in Uptown tonight? I know (almost all of) you ain't working on ID4 and I'm not ready to go home...
3.7 23:00 Dates of my last three hair trims:
4 July 2013
4 July 2009
4 July 2006

Yep, once again I forgot to schedule any hair work on my usual day. Guess it was way easier when I was married to my hairdresser. I am almost certain I won't wait until NEXT Independence Day, though! STAY TUNED

(There are up to a half dozen people I could tag here but I know I'll miss at least one so better off keeping the mystery of who's been bugging to do something way more literal with my head)
3.7 02:21 
After repeated failures on my part to go to Sacramento, Andrea ended up HERE! So we had a great night talking about the past AND future of Minneapolis. One thing's for sure, I won't get another chance to not botch this patio photo of her.
2.7 23:14 
Good photo booth work, everyone!
2.7 14:31 Video - Keep on feeling
2.7 02:27 
If you're gonna get one, make sure it's the bare minimum
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1.7 03:44 Maaaaaaaaaaaan sometimes you are reminded how fortunate and lucky you are to have conned, like, DOZENS of people into accepting you, as much of a goober as you is. I hope I continue to adequately reflect back the love y'all have shown me and continue to show me. You guys make it so easy so often and if I ever forget it, I regret it and I am so sorry. You know I would do what I could for you in a heartbeat if it was in my power. Even if it didn't easily rhyme. <3

(also, if I forgot to tag you, please scold me publicly, as it's the only way I'll learn)
1.7 01:08 "My feet REALLY hurt......but for you, I will try to dance."
29.6 23:52 I made it yo
29.6 23:18 
Working my first Festival Field shift for Surly tomorrow! But thiiiiiiiiiiiis.....probably isn't the best forecast for me to be outdoors all day, is it
27.6 16:16 
Golden razz + curve + Excellent = WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
27.6 13:41 TFW you thought your passport expired next year but it actually expired last month
26.6 02:20 Hooray! Another video of Facebook's weird choices!
26.6 02:17 
REALLY glad I didn't walk to KFAI. (But more importantly, not walking FROM KFAI)
25.6 21:10 Same
23.6 23:29 <3 Reacts Only
23.6 23:26 
My best selfie? Also, am I destined to be on the left coast on this day every year? (Nah)
23.6 18:56 
Tajín Clásico taking over everything
23.6 01:45 
Yesssssssssss Lily's MOM (#4) is now a Sam - I mean Person I May Know
22.6 21:30 
I'm told that these two kids got married in a lovely ceremony taking place at 7:30PM Pacific time fifty years ago tonight. Now they're just old and hate having their photos taken for Facebook so we have to sneak around for photos from 1968 instead. Love you, Mom & Dad!
22.6 04:40 
There was a massive backup on the 680. IT WAS TWELVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING.
21.6 17:37 
It's.... like, the exact opposite of the magic hour
21.6 13:43 
Video - ANOTHER ONE, HEE HAW (YouTube: Hey Shooter! Episode 2)
21.6 13:11 
Either the worst or the best or maybe both song - just think, if the plane crashes this'll be the one I go out on (YouTube: Armand van Helden - Koochy (12"))
20.6 14:20 Video - ♬ Life is so strange
When you don't know
Something could change
And then you won't know ♬
20.6 07:57 
OK, so... in the future, know that leaving a deconstructed tree on it for 2 weeks may FINALLY MURDER YOUR LAWN FOR GOOD
20.6 07:38 Video - 1. How did they know I was just about to try to get some sleep?
2. Oh shit, probably gotta mow the lawn today if it finally dries out
20.6 06:43 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Binged "Stranger Things 2"
19.6 00:22 My temperature is 100.3, but my radio would be at 90.3 (if I wasn't just streaming) - Mason is spinning a Pride-inspired set tonight!
17.6 05:15 Video - It's too late to still be this hot. G'night loves
17.6 04:59 
Changed my profile photo
16.6 23:20 
Weird bathroom mirror y'all got here
16.6 20:47 
If you don't wanna ask me for a map, here you go :)
16.6 19:52 <3 WE DID IT <3
15.6 20:25 
Pruny fingers AND finally nicked up my polish
14.6 17:31 What the hell is with the cops
14.6 15:48 
Changed my cover photo
14.6 15:47 
Mood (thanks to Kelsey)
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14.6 15:15 
The current stash - guys I don't even like Oreos THAT much. Please come over and eat these for me
13.6 15:15 
Sometimes you turn the cover over and find an inscription by THE Robin S. (Not very often, however)
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13.6 01:27 
So I've been studying the Art of the Selfie...pretty sure I finally nailed one
12.6 15:03 
♬ You think you know her
But you never really
Lived a life without her
But you couldn't tell me
The things she said, the books she read
The way she looked when the morning came
The time of night that you held her tight
But you never forget the day she ran away ♬
(YouTube: Cause & Effect - You Think You Know Her)
12.6 14:06 Wow coooooool!
12.6 10:58 
Another fun time with Mason on the airwaves....I can ALMOST tell the voices of the three most regular request line callers apart now! (Cruise Control 6/12/2018)
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