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6.8 14:16 Oh, Facebook
6.8 03:06 That "Venture Bros." season premiere tho
5.8 02:46 
Late nite shenanigans
4.8 11:51 
Early starters!
3.8 21:56 Bowie? Okee!
3.8 15:01 
Changed my cover photo
31.7 20:12 
I just noticed this! I kinda don't want it to change now
31.7 14:18 
Another mostly smooth two hours but you ALSO may get to hear me briefly compare and contrast François Kevorkian and Ben Liebrand, so how can you resist? Fresh off Mason's triumphant turn at the VFW Friday, it's another two hours of Cruise Control!

(NB: Because the previous show went long, the final/best two minutes of banter is only available as part of Abbi & Ollie's Radio Vortex)
31.7 05:12 
I COULD be sleeping, but then how would I learn the Viking Bar/Glitch building is down to $895K?
31.7 03:50 
And this is what I looked like with blue eyes (I still have blue eyes)
31.7 03:50 
This is what I looked like with short hair and more fat
30.7 15:58 I'm already kinda sick of my resumé. We'll get it down to a 0 byte file on a blank page by the time we're done
28.7 21:05 
Does he know he's taking to a bot? ( HE a bot?)
28.7 14:19 
Roped into service to guest host Crap From The Past, Mason decided to tape a simulcast with Cruise Control - I always enjoy being able to contribute SLIGHTLY more than normal when Crap is involved (challenge: guess which tracks I brought in) and ya know it's always a fun time making radio with Mason regardless. Check out the resulting "Unholy Alliance!*"

*Just... don't take a drink every time Mason uses that phrase... or every time I say "wow," for that matter
27.7 14:30 Video - Mooooooooooooooon
26.7 17:17 Hi! I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
23.7 20:50 
Video - 😮😮😮😮
23.7 15:13 Tried looking for my LAST resume, which I knew was online, but then I remembered I kept getting weird emails and ended up outsmarting them AND myself:
23.7 14:09 
I haven't been on Twitter so much this summer and I'm sure it's helped my mood in ways I can't measure
21.7 16:21 Tonight, I will exchange your beer tickets for beer! At the beer station opposite the stage - look slightly left of center for the kid with the long hair
21.7 01:25 
If you believe my pocket - and I do - I gave out at least $400 in singles as change last night...and ate one steak*

*the steak was NOT in my pocket
20.7 17:15 At the far side beer ticket tent tonight - say hi if you're at the Sylvan Esso concert!
19.7 20:21 
New flavour every time
19.7 15:57 
19.7 14:48 Took my first webinar from the outplacement folk. Part of me feels a little rah-rah, but a much larger part of me wants to take a very long nap before working on the resume. I know I'm prrrrrrrobably doing this wrong, but still feel like it'll work out. #branding
18.7 16:44 Parked in the park!
On my way to the beach.
Come join us!
18.7 15:30 Bug porn (I think)
I don't know what these are, but they are EVERYWHERE
17.7.18 23:51 Sounds like we (meaning Yo and me and I think Kelsey?) might hit Hidden/Bareass Beach at Twin Lake tomorrow, possibly without a Kirk event. If you need an excuse, get with us and see you there!
17.7.18 08:38 Well I mean I'm ALWAYS registered but thanks, Facebook... I guess?
16.7.18 21:26 I didn't TOTALLY fail today....
managed to do laundry!
(Yes, this is kind of
a cry for validation)
15.7.18 12:33 Geez, Kirk's video was way better than mine
14.7.18 02:25 
There are even MORE gourmet brat flavours at Cub tonight!
13.7.18 16:48 
OK NOW I'll start looking for a new job
12.7.18 22:40 
"Act like we're cool for once." - LaLa
12.7.18 16:03 
Currently sitting on my porch drinking hot coffee.... which is not really producing the psychological effect I was hoping for
12.7.18 15:00 Video - This is super dumb but I can't NOT share it can I
11.7.18 22:01 
Ah, I used to be so cute when I was a beginner
11.7.18 20:42 
BREAKING: Cub Foods feels bratwurst needs more razzle dazzle
9.7.18 02:55 
Thus endeth CON #4 for ol' CRZ - see you next year??
7.7.18 16:16 
No shiny Articuno but soooooooooo many XP!
6.7.18 16:05 
6.7.18 07:14 
Ha! Made the cut somehow (probably all thanks to Allison)
5.7.18 03:45 I was surprised several times tonight.
I hope I never stop being surprised.
5.7.18 01:02 
Why DO people keep taking pictures of me? I wear this getup every year!
4.7.18 21:04 Well, look, I'm nothing if not consistent
4.7.18 11:47 
Obligatory (YouTube video: "Chicago - Saturday in the Park")
4.7.18 01:15 OK! Anybody staying up late in Uptown tonight? I know (almost all of) you ain't working on ID4 and I'm not ready to go home...
3.7.18 23:00 Dates of my last three hair trims:
4 July 2013
4 July 2009
4 July 2006

Yep, once again I forgot to schedule any hair work on my usual day. Guess it was way easier when I was married to my hairdresser. I am almost certain I won't wait until NEXT Independence Day, though! STAY TUNED

(There are up to a half dozen people I could tag here but I know I'll miss at least one so better off keeping the mystery of who's been bugging to do something way more literal with my head)
3.7.18 02:21 
After repeated failures on my part to go to Sacramento, Andrea ended up HERE! So we had a great night talking about the past AND future of Minneapolis. One thing's for sure, I won't get another chance to not botch this patio photo of her.
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