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29.8 16:48 
Here now is LaLa taking a selfie
29.8 14:06 
It's August
29.8 10:59 
I'd hire me. (Probably)
28.8 22:29 
But I don't BELIEVE you
28.8 21:33 I have seen my future and it is drinking cheap stuff alone at Bryant-Lake Bowl while Christian spins and it rains. (You're more than welcome to join me, of course)
27.8 00:13 
Guess I better share my Kelsey on the Great Big Wheel photos, too
26.8 18:08 
Woooo thanks Clovis Cervine and all my other Ultra Friends for making it so much quicker!
26.8 16:15 Whoa! Guess it's been three years since that first tubin' trip. Thanks, bruddah (3rd Friendaversary with Andy)
25.8 16:09 
Updated my cover photo
24.8 12:30 
One of my early Instagram triumphs! That Mall of America space closed recently, sadly.
24.8 00:29 
Everybody's doin' it
23.8 18:05 I've been bad about reminding you about Cruise Control but that ends right now! Here's the link to Tuesday's show! Yes, it includes the requisite tribute(s) to Aretha Franklin but there are other surprises as well!
22.8 10:35 
Mood (YouTube: DeeJay Punk-Roc: Far Out)
22.8 10:00 YOU GUYS


Is it too selfish to hope the next interview doesn't interfere with my State Fair time? ;-)
22.8 08:51 
Ooh, been a while since I've received one of these! Lovely dog cover photo, attractive girl profile photo, five family members named Torres (with zero of the names are linked to other Facebook profiles) and that's the entire profile. I'm amused by the occupation of "Quality Inspector at Super Market" but that was JUST removed from the bio. I guess THAT was the one thing they thought might arouse suspicion. Well....good luck, obviously real single New Yorker "Amadou Amerigo Keita"
19.8 21:39 
Soon? As they say in the business... "stay tuned"
19.8 02:01 Not a bad chaser after the police shut down the last thing - cheap Hamm's and pinball solves all problems ;-)
15.8 00:43 
Just take a moment to appreciate that my AOL Instant Messenger name is still a part of my Facebook profile
15.8 00:39 
Changed my cover photo
14.8 11:44 Half pound slab of freshly ground on a wheat bun, fries, dipping unlimited pickle slices in their liquid cheese, unlimited Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla and Strawberry from the Coke Freestyle machine, popping a lucky egg for a 100K XP Ultra Friend bonus, and "Abacab" comes on over the sound workin' for today, I s'pose
11.8 18:22 Oh, right, that time I broke the bouncy house on Arzu's birthday
9.8 03:59 Thanks to Allan and VFW security for helping me get that pretty obviously predatory guy off the dancefloor at TRANSMISSION tonight
(PLEASE, if you see something, say something)
8.8 12:51 
Just look at this smug pecker
8.8 02:25 
Wait I was told there wouldn't be mosquitoes
8.8 01:46 I've got a lot of fantastic ideas but fortunately 30 minutes of biking home will make almost all of them disappear
7.8 23:41 Actually not a bad representation of my Tuesday
7.8 19:21 Oh crap! It's National Night Out! Did my neighbours see me leave the house to catch Pokémon? .....yeah, probably, given I'm wearing optical yellow with reflection
7.8 13:51 Another fun two hours with Mason and once again I snuck in a few suggestions of my own, including some Giorgio Moroder-produced country disco! Just... don't take a drink every time I say "yeah" this week. (And Mason, I would speculate that the archive is flawless because I didn't need it after I listened to the show live ;-) )
7.8 13:48 Aw, boo.

"Hello Christopher,

Thank you for your interest in the CDS Digital Knowledge Base Manager, R00055091 opportunity with Ecolab.

We have evaluated the skills and experience of all the candidates who applied for this position to determine which best match the job requirements. At this time, we have decided to move forward with other candidates."

It goes on but I lost interest. ;-)

Thanks for your happy thoughts! They still make ME happy.

On to the next one/hundred!
6.8 22:24 
Kelsey said this is part of her birthday celebration so you kinda have to go. Me, I'm just trying to win some Giorgio Moroder tickets ;-)
6.8 14:16 Oh, Facebook
6.8 03:06 That "Venture Bros." season premiere tho
5.8 02:46 
Late nite shenanigans
4.8 11:51 
Early starters!
3.8 21:56 Bowie? Okee!
3.8 15:01 
Changed my cover photo
31.7 20:12 
I just noticed this! I kinda don't want it to change now
31.7 14:18 
Another mostly smooth two hours but you ALSO may get to hear me briefly compare and contrast François Kevorkian and Ben Liebrand, so how can you resist? Fresh off Mason's triumphant turn at the VFW Friday, it's another two hours of Cruise Control!

(NB: Because the previous show went long, the final/best two minutes of banter is only available as part of Abbi & Ollie's Radio Vortex)
31.7 05:12 
I COULD be sleeping, but then how would I learn the Viking Bar/Glitch building is down to $895K?
31.7 03:50 
And this is what I looked like with blue eyes (I still have blue eyes)
31.7 03:50 
This is what I looked like with short hair and more fat
30.7 15:58 I'm already kinda sick of my resumé. We'll get it down to a 0 byte file on a blank page by the time we're done
28.7 21:05 
Does he know he's taking to a bot? ( HE a bot?)
28.7 14:19 
Roped into service to guest host Crap From The Past, Mason decided to tape a simulcast with Cruise Control - I always enjoy being able to contribute SLIGHTLY more than normal when Crap is involved (challenge: guess which tracks I brought in) and ya know it's always a fun time making radio with Mason regardless. Check out the resulting "Unholy Alliance!*"

*Just... don't take a drink every time Mason uses that phrase... or every time I say "wow," for that matter
27.7 14:30 Video - Mooooooooooooooon
26.7 17:17 Hi! I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
23.7 20:50 
Video - 😮😮😮😮
23.7 15:13 Tried looking for my LAST resume, which I knew was online, but then I remembered I kept getting weird emails and ended up outsmarting them AND myself:
23.7 14:09 
I haven't been on Twitter so much this summer and I'm sure it's helped my mood in ways I can't measure
21.7 16:21 Tonight, I will exchange your beer tickets for beer! At the beer station opposite the stage - look slightly left of center for the kid with the long hair
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