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28.8 20:05 




22.8 13:56 @crz_ebooks That'll do, pig. That'll do.
22.8 13:54 @crz_ebooks Doctor, do we have a pulse?
16.8 15:08 @cruisectrlkfai Ha! Not so much, as I cannot know from which part of the unnamed VFW the offender may have originated.
16.8 01:23 @jkalyn What was truly spectacular was I did side-witness a desperate pee'r go ahead and pee there rather than use a different one (as I did) (cc: @TeaForBirds)
16.8 01:14 But seriously, who pukes in a urinal?
12.8 13:24 
@johnclyde @Rodge_22 Very kind! But. Please choose your favourite smartass response:
1. It's been done
2. You can't go home again
6.8 15:09 It's time.
Hire CRZ!
3.8 19:50 
Watching #MLWFusion for the first time...PROBABLY not the last time, but I do tend to leave the house a lot more than I used to
3.8 14:11 SPOILER ALERT: Launching the #HireCRZ campaign next week #branding #hashtag
2.8 12:19 
@thecubsfan Yo! You wanna do the lucky egg thing before we open a gift today?
2.8 11:07 Parking structure turkey (Richfield edition)
2.8 09:51 
30.7 22:00 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 94 days since @BrockLesnar last defended the @WWE Universal Championship. #RAW
30.7 21:59 
Whole lotta bald in this ring #RAW
23.7 19:33 
@Toast_Jr But I haven't HAD any yogurt! (There IS one free one in the fridge I'll get to sooner or later)
23.7 19:11 
That's probably all you get outta me tonight, so don't worry about having to mute or unfollow me - ha! #RAW
23.7 19:10 
Thankfully, Titus won't have the chance to inapporpriately touch Vince on his way back #RAW
23.7 19:08 
23.7 19:08 
I can't stop staring at Vince's contrast tie tho #RAW
23.7 19:07 
Women With Elias #RAW
23.7 19:07 
World Women Entertainment #RAW
23.7 19:06 
Surely they're not reinstating Fabulous Moolah? #RAW
23.7 19:04 
(This is the fun of not being on Twitter for months) #RAW
23.7 19:03 
Surely they're not welcoming back Hulk Hogan? #RAW
23.7 19:02 
Surely Stephanie isn't pregnant again? #RAW
23.7 14:09 
I haven't been on Twitter so much this summer and I'm sure it's helped my mood in ways I can't measure
18.7 11:21 @swampynomo I'm not THAT kind of actor
15.7 21:32 
RT @CRZ: Crowd chants are ruining wrestling
12.7 20:21 @triviasco The Fugitive!
12.7 18:18 It would be very hard for me to feel any more wet
12.7 16:34 RT @tapemachines: when will stupid fucking millennials stop killing chain restaurants and listening to “Africa” by Toto and get on the Huey Lewis & The News train and give us that deserved revival
12.7 16:25 @lustlikethesin Wait and we DIDN'T discuss this last night?!
9.7 14:42 I feel like this thread will be really good but also maddening, so maybe follow this man if you aren't already RT @webster: After 1,062 days of waiting and court battles, I'm at @HennepinSheriff today with a court order for records about their use of biometrics and facial recognition technology.
4.7 16:12 @grumpymartian First line of Hotel California: On a dark dessert highway
3.7 20:46 
1.7 18:15 @swampynomo @KariVanHorn @Walmart Get the heck outta here with that nonsense
28.6 19:43 @triviasco Chicago! (I hope I make it!)
28.6 14:54 
@paper_sleeves In a plastic bag on top of the blue bin on trash day
27.6 19:08 @crz_ebooks You back, buddy?
25.6 15:56 Door closed - goodbye #SJC
25.6 15:40 One sure thing about #SJC Security... They definitely make you appreciate #MSP Security
25.6 13:37 @Chuy8a heading back to SJC
25.6 11:45 
24.6 13:20 
21.6 19:34 Doors closed - goodbye #MSP
21.6 13:37 How much good karma do I acquire every time some passerby drops their bag of dog crap in my garbage can
14.6 20:29 @triviasco @Gasthofs 500 Days of Summer!
10.6 13:48 I haven't really been on Twitter for weeks. Today I learned that I don't miss Trump, Merkel, Graves, Punk.....or Twitter, really. Probably just need to unfollow about 2/3ds of my followings to put my timeline right but it's tempting to just keep not checking at all. Dunno yet.
7.6 19:52 @triviasco My Girl!
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