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26.10.18 21:02 
Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1997
26.10.18 19:34 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
26.10.18 19:12 
Listened to Sneaker Pimps - Post-Modern Sleaze (Salt City Orchestra Nightclub mix)
26.10.18 19:03 
 No McRib, no Chris - McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
26.10.18 18:37 
26.10.18 18:15 
I know people have very strong feeling about the mere existence of this condiment...but people. IT WAS ON SALE
26.10.18 18:00 
 Foooood - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
26.10.18 17:53 
Listened to Steve Martin - Daddy Played The Banjo
26.10.18 16:39 Paying my respects - Flashlight Vinyl (Saint Anthony, MN)
26.10.18 16:38 
Listened to Code Red - Dreamer, Dream
26.10.18 16:33 
Listened to Pete Shelley - Witness the Change
26.10.18 16:29 
Listened to Big Audio Dynamite - C'mon Every Beatbox
26.10.18 16:24 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Amber
26.10.18 16:23 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
26.10.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.65 ▼0.34 (Range: 18.31 - 18.82)
26.10.18 00:24 
Why d'you think they call it The Red Room? (Also, why do I take all my selfies in near or total darkness?) (We know the answer to THAT one!)
25.10.18 22:36 
 Deeper +001 - The Red Room (Minneapolis, MN)
25.10.18 22:33 
In the Red Room - hmm, I should add it to 4sq - Loring Bar & Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
25.10.18 19:45 
MEMORIES: I don't even remember doing this, of course, but back in 2001 I produced both a "standard" ( AND "McMahon-free" recap ( of #SmackDown ep 114
25.10.18 17:35 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
25.10.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.99 ▲0.41 (Range: 18.73 - 19.04)
25.10.18 03:21 
Listened to Blue Six - Love Yourself (Basti & Vincenzo Remix)
25.10.18 03:15 
Listened to Bill Drummond - Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation
25.10.18 03:12 
Listened to Stump - Eager Bereaver
25.10.18 03:10 
Listened to Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Sheriff Fatman
25.10.18 03:05 
Listened to Señor Coconut - Tour De France (Merengue) (Album Version)
25.10.18 02:27 
 Hmmmm - Toppers Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
24.10.18 22:36 
Is this Transmission
24.10.18 22:31 
 Same as - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
24.10.18 22:23 
Listened to ABC - Stranger Things
24.10.18 22:20 
 Oops - TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
24.10.18 22:19 
Listened to Doris - You Never Come Closer
24.10.18 22:15 
Listened to The Egg - 284 Windows and a Door
24.10.18 19:40 
"October 24, 2018

Christopher Zimmerman
PO Box 14911
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Dear Christopher:

Thank you for your interest in an employment opportunity with Hennepin County, and for the time you spent applying for the position of IT Systems Developer III.

Your application materials have been reviewed and I am pleased to inform you that your name has been placed on the eligible list for this position, and your application has been forwarded to the hiring supervisor for consideration.

The hiring supervisor may screen the applications further to identify applicants to interview. If you are selected you will be contacted directly by the hiring supervisor.

Please note that all offers of employment are conditional and depending upon the position for which you are hired you may be required to complete a driver's license, criminal conviction check and/or background check. A conviction is not an automatic disqualification from employment; each conviction is individually evaluated for job relatedness.

*Current County Employees: Please be aware that any change in job classification may affect your current benefits (such as conversion from Vacation/Sick Leave to Paid Time Off and/or enrollment in a Health Care Savings Plan). Information about the impact of job changes on benefits can be found here []. If you have questions regarding the job classification for this position, please call the number listed below.

If you have questions, please call 612-348-xxxx.


Staffing Division
Hennepin County Human Resources Department

Whoa, I forgot what getting GOOD emails was like!

(If we're being totally honest, I am not *really* so qualified for this specific position, but it would be fun to talk to them and learn more about working for the county!)
24.10.18 16:56 
I know, Facebook, I know
24.10.18 15:23 
Listened to Mirror System - M Theory
24.10.18 15:12 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
24.10.18 15:08 
Listened to Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole (Copper)
24.10.18 15:02 
Listened to Telex - On The Road Again (Marco Passarani Remix)
24.10.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.58 ▼0.90 (Range: 18.56 - 19.57)
24.10.18 14:04  Let's go shopping - Costco Wholesale (Saint Louis Park, MN)
24.10.18 13:43   Costco Food Court (Saint Louis Park, MN)
24.10.18 13:36 
Listened to The Soft Moon - sdnE tI
24.10.18 13:35 
Listened to Talk Talk - Without You (12" mix)
24.10.18 13:29 
Listened to ズボンズ - Highway A Go Go
24.10.18 13:26 
Listened to Weekender - Spirit In Your Soul (Original Version)
24.10.18 13:21 
Listened to K. G. B. - Respect (Rap Brads Club Mix)
24.10.18 13:18 
Listened to Bit Shifter - Antenna
24.10.18 13:14 
Listened to Beastie Boys - Tough Guy
24.10.18 13:13 
Listened to Stevie Wonder - For Once in My Life
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