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12.11 20:45 
Coming up at midnight CST! After this show was over, I had taken notes to travel down eight rabbit holes later. How many will YOU want to venture into? RT @cruisectrlkfai: Tonight: Rick Astley slums it with Michael McDonald and we follow some deep yacht threads to spiritual enlightenment... Or something.

Tune in @ midnight to for more smooth than you can use.
12.11 19:05 
Geez, maybe I'll watch the Timberwolves game after all #RAW
12.11 11:42 Will perform tasks for money #HireCRZ
12.11 11:36 RT @tapemachines: @CRZ I don’t know anything about these pokey men
12.11 11:34 @tapemachines Do you not?
10.11 16:55 Tarzan was a yodeler
9.11 22:50 
Gosh, that @NemanjaBjelica sure is good, isn't he? #SacramentoProud
6.11 22:41 
Aw, I was kinda hoping Sen. Smith winning would mean she'd stop doing three tweet speeches
6.11 15:53 
Wow, I cast ballot 968 at Ward 2, Precinct 5! That'll be a pretty high turnout! @VoteMpls
5.11 21:50 
I fell asleep again during #RAW - hey I know I'm an old fogey curmudgeon and all, but doesn't it increasingly feel like all @WWE programming is more something one endures rather than enjoys?
5.11 21:47 
Aqui mesmo no "Controle de Cruzeiro!" RT @cruisectrlkfai: Tonight, Cruise Control goes Full Brazilian (kinda). Tune in to hear @masonbutler and @crz feign Portuguese.

Also, remember to vote tomorrow and help your country stave off Brazil's current situation. It's easy and free!

31.10 21:25 @tapemachines I have never experienced this feeling
31.10 21:23 @tapemachines Oh sure, delete the REALLY funny tweets. Well, I'm glad I saw it anyway
28.10 22:35 
I got a bold prediction for ya: not only does @WWE run Riyadh, but by the end of the show, in an angle that is writing itself even as we speak, The Miz will have emerged as #WWE Champion
25.10 19:45 
MEMORIES: I don't even remember doing this, of course, but back in 2001 I produced both a "standard" ( AND "McMahon-free" recap ( of #SmackDown ep 114
23.10 23:49 Thanks @georgerosar!!
23.10 22:17 I totally want to do that thing where I show you a photoshopped winning ticket and promise some stupid amount of money for each retweet but I'm at a bar singing karaoke so
23.10 11:03 Sounds dubious but I've given an email for dumber stuff...
@InitiativeQ is a new currency built by ex-PayPal guys, currently given for free. If Q becomes a leading payment network, economic models estimate reward would be around $130,000.
By invite only:
23.10 01:46 Happy 20th Anniversary @Internet_Time!
22.10 22:55 @benmillerSB Nope, this was a freebie from the team
22.10 14:02 @JillyBallistic I hate to be all mathy but your decimal point is seriously in the wrong spot... I think it'd be more like $3.30 (before taxes)
22.10 00:47 
Confession: I still haven't watched SmackDown Episode 1000
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19.10 23:30 
Thirty minute warning! I'll be LIVE on @kfaiFMradio guest hosting "True Brit! Radio" TONIGHT from midnight to 2am CDT! If you can't pull down 90.3 FM locally you can STILL stream me over on! And if you read this too late, the archive will ALSO be there!
12.10 16:20 Just talked to @ryderfakin for an hour about everything EXCEPT wrestling...which is really the best way to talk to Hurricane FLEA
11.10 16:26 
It's called whaaaaaaat RT @MuskieBobber: Jimmy Butler joins Shabazz Muhammad as co-owners of #timberwolves chain store in China
9.10 20:13 
Ah, ol' SHELTO #SDLive
9.10 16:39 
RT @TMobile: Ready Freddie?

Retweet for your chance to win the Queen of all trips. The winner will get to see the London red carpet screening of
@BoRhapMovie from #TMobileTuesdays. #contest
9.10 15:57 
Very kind - thanks! RT @MikeHiscoe: Listening to Eggshells podcast and thanks @JESnowden for reminding me of @CRZ. I forgot how great those Raw reviews were.
8.10 20:14 
It occurs to me (and hopefully many others who actually have decision-making power) that #SmackDown 1000 really needs some @OfficialTAZ
8.10 19:37 
Then. Now. Forever. #RAW
8.10 19:18 
Yeah, but wasn't it a nice nod to the "glory years" by opening #RAW with a 20 minute Triple H interview?
6.10 05:02 
Now, were Cena and Nikki on the same plane or nah #WWESSD
6.10 05:00 
Cena was in the ring for a lean mean forty seconds #WWESSD
6.10 04:49 
WOW! John Layfield looks GREAT! #WWESSD
6.10 04:05 
Oh good Lord RT @WWE2KAttiresXB1: @CRZ 4hrs
6.10 04:04 
How many hours is this show, anyway? #WWESSD
6.10 04:00 
Lordy.... Am I up late or up early?
4.10 00:25 
@jkalyn @kelvincub Lucky duck (only "duck" is an autocorrect)
25.9 20:10 
25.9 20:06 
Ya know, for a mill and a half I'd even recap a match I WOULDN'T want to see (and people would probably prefer it that way anyway) RT @jmshapyro: @CRZ @thebigpeezy if the Prince wants Bret Hart vs Big Show and he wants YOU to recap it, would you accept $1.5 million to do it
25.9 20:03 
@jmshapyro @thebigpeezy Sure, I could try to work up.... at least $750K worth of sly puns
25.9 19:46 
@thebigpeezy @jmshapyro I like to call him MbS because it looks cool
25.9 02:49 Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I didn't, but Twitter did! #MyTwitterAnniversary
24.9 21:13 I....I am?
24.9 20:08 #IWantWrestling
20.9 17:45 
@giorgiomoroder See you tonight!
20.9 00:02 @duenorde Hey, don't make me come over there
19.9 21:48 No way he lasts 30 days RT @ryderfakin: C'mon Let's Go!
17.9 20:25 
Don't interrupt folk when they're W........... #RAW
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