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24.12.18 20:09  The last place open on Christmas Eve, and it's a little nutso - Target (Saint Paul, MN)
24.12.18 19:42 
24.12.18 17:30 
If you need something to listen to tonight while doing that last minute gift wrapping, Mason and I (mostly Mason) put together a pretty good Cruise Control episode of surprisingly funky CCM coming up at midnight on KFAI 90.3 and also streaming live from their dot org web space! And if you need something to tide you over BEFORE midnight, my solo episode of last week's Cruise Control is still available for streaming from their website for one more week! At least three people have told me they enjoyed it; can I give you any higher recommendation than that?
24.12.18 16:53 Colombia Luminosa
24.12.18 16:34 
My annual tradition - happy bells and whistles everybody! (YouTube: Telex - Cloches et Sifflets)
24.12.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 17.96 ▼0.48 (Range: 17.89 - 18.47)
24.12.18 00:47 
 Stuff I forgot - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
23.12.18 22:13 
 Hey DJ ... DJs - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
23.12.18 17:12 @TheKFV Nah, they just have an owner who regularly makes political contributions to racists
23.12.18 17:00 (Although KMOJ hasn't tweeted since May so maybe this'll fly under the radar - just like how Club Jäger hosting weekly dance nights flies under the radar!)
23.12.18 16:58 Yeah, pretty unhappy that @899KMOJ seems cool supporting events held at Club Jäger, to the point of silencing me from making dissenting comments on their Facebook page - merry Christmas, everybody! And thanks in advance for the future Twitter block, "People's Station!"
23.12.18 16:48 
I think they finally admin'd me in a way that I can't even angry react to publicly posted photos like this any more. Yet I can still share them so.... Bravo, "People's Station!"

If you're new to me bitching about this, the venue listed in this flyer is better known as Clubhouse Jäger. Club owner Julius De Roma made contributions to the 2016 David Duke and 2018 Patrick Little campaigns along with several donations to different 2016 Trump organizations. You can find records of all of those contributions as a part of the public record (FEC website). Patronizing Club Jäger supports Julius De Roma. How comfortable are people advancing the cause of white supremacy? KMOJ is still outright endorsing a weekly dance night held at Club Jäger by allowing these notices on their Facebook page.
23.12.18 16:26 
Club Jäger's still in business, but at least my friends at NYT LYF now only hype their dance nights an hour after they start to make sure I'm not pointing it out until after the fact. Perhaps I didn't give them the hype boost they were claiming? Also, I wonder: are people under 25 not allowed in because they're more likely to have problems with David Duke supporters? No, that's probably not it. ROCK OUT!
23.12.18 13:32 ROTFLions
22.12.18 16:41 
Listened to Joey Negro - Feel It
22.12.18 16:36 
Listened to James Brown - Only You
22.12.18 15:43 
 Necessary avocado - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
22.12.18 15:41 
Listened to Badly Drawn Boy - Everybody's Stalking
22.12.18 15:38 
Listened to DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World
22.12.18 13:00 
 Brrrr - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
22.12.18 12:52 
Listened to Emilíana Torrini - Sunny Road
22.12.18 12:46 
Listened to Village People - San Francisco (You've Got Me)
21.12.18 22:43 
Listened to The The - The Sinking Feeling
21.12.18 22:31 
Listened to LL Cool J - Change Your Ways
21.12.18 22:22 
Listened to McAlmont & Butler - Back For Good
21.12.18 22:18 
Listened to New Order - State of the Nation
21.12.18 22:10 
Listened to Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Escape & Dom Capello Dub)
21.12.18 22:04 
Listened to DJ Krush - Pretense
21.12.18 22:01 
Listened to Thompson Twins - Shoot Out (Don't Mess With Doctor Dream)
21.12.18 19:25 
Listened to Streetband - Mystery
21.12.18 19:21 
 Supplies - River Liquor Store (Minneapolis, MN)
21.12.18 19:20 
Listened to The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - Mind the Gap
21.12.18 19:19 
Listened to GusGus - Desire (Smitty & Davenport Remix)
21.12.18 19:11 
Listened to Quincy Jones - One Man Woman
21.12.18 19:08 
Listened to James Brown - Bring It Up
21.12.18 19:03 
Listened to John Tejada - Sucre
21.12.18 18:00 
 ¡Arriba! - Little Tijuana Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
21.12.18 17:48 
Listened to Amon Tobin - Bridge
21.12.18 17:42 
Listened to Ted Nugent - Bite The Hand
21.12.18 17:39 
Listened to Esquivel - Anvil FX - Cachita (Oyeme Cachita)
21.12.18 17:32 
Listened to Funkadelic - Holly Wants to Go to California
21.12.18 17:27 
Listened to Cybotron - Industrial Lies
21.12.18 17:21 
Listened to White Town - Your Woman (The Fights 2000 Mix)
21.12.18 17:13 
Listened to Status Quo - Anniversary Waltz (Medley) Part 1
21.12.18 15:35 
When I'm picking up clearance rate vinyl, I look at names, years, track lengths, and sometimes I just like the cover and take a shot. When I get around to PLAYING those selections, I'm often surprised that it's something I COMPLETELY recognise but just never associated the title and artist with that particular song - or I just spaced on that title being on the album I bought. And that makes me wanna share it with you. The Dollar Bin can be streamed from the KFAI website starting in two weeks! (#nowplaying: Translator - Everywhere That I'm Not, 1982) (video)
21.12.18 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.44 ▼1.12 (Range: 18.37 - 19.97)
21.12.18 02:21 
Listened to Orbital - Choice (Crucifix Vocal US Hardcore Punk)
21.12.18 01:47 
 WE DID IT - Grumpy's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
21.12.18 00:48 
This guy.
21.12.18 00:20 Gentlemen, please spit IN the urinal. Do not spit ON the urinal.
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