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5.1 23:55 
 Aie - Robitshek Lofts (Minneapolis, MN)
5.1 23:16 
Never be in a hurry when you don't know where the new sharper potholes are (in my case, Essex St SE)
5.1 06:16 
I endorse this playlist and would definitely guest host this show if Grandpa Joe ever needed me ;-) It's streaming on KFAI's org for two weeks - let me know if you can't find the link!
4.1 21:49 Boy I guess it wouldn't be the first week of the year if I weren't spending most of it out sick
4.1 20:21 Geez am I sick the same time every year? Why don't I ever plan ahead?
4.1 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.36 ▲0.78 (Range: 18.78 - 19.53)
4.1 09:37 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
4.1 04:00 
 Did I mention I'm on the air LIVE?? - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
4.1 02:00 
Hosted "Across the Board"
3.1 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.58 ▼0.36 (Range: 18.32 - 18.90)
3.1 09:05 @Toast_Jr Terribly awesome, obv
3.1 01:37 
Hey guess what I'm doing some radio on the radio this week! Once again guesting on Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI about 24 hours from now (Friday 0200-0600 CST). That's right; I'm giving you TWENTY-FOUR HOURS' NOTICE this time!
2.1 20:24 
@fsnorth @Timberwolves #GuessWhoPromotion Sebastian Telfair
2.1 19:33 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
2.1 19:19 
Have I told you I'm doing radio on the web? (I'm also doing radio on the radio Friday from 2am-6am, but you can list to this RIGHT NOW!) RT @DollarBinShow: Tweet #1 for episode #1! Our first show is now available at - thanks to @kfaiFMradio for giving us a home and check back every Tuesday!
2.1 19:18 Why HAVEN'T I been putting Tabasco in my Low Sodium V8 all these years? #party
2.1 17:04 RIP Gene Okerlund (76), Captain Daryl Dragon (76), Bob Einstein (76) ..... whoa
2.1 16:58 RIP Bob Einstein (November 20, 1942 — January 2, 2019)
2.1 16:55 RIP Captain Daryl Dragon (August 27, 1942 — January 2, 2019)
2.1 16:43 SOMEBODY'S back to work today! Oh, sorry, not me...the folks who shuffle around resumés at other companies, I meant. Got rejection emails from Wells Fargo ("Systems Support Analyst 5") and OATI (honestly can't remember; think it was "Communiations Specialist - Writer"). Meanwhile, nothing new to apply to this week so far...which I kinda expected. On another front, anybody know anybody at Oracle?
2.1 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.94 ▲0.05 (Range: 18.36 - 19.11)
2.1 02:32 
CRZ hosts The Dollar Bin on KFAI!
2.1 01:44 Happy 17th Anniversary!
1.1 22:39 topics of interest: December 2018
1.1 15:20 
Episode one of my KFAI web series is now live! New episodes debut every Tuesday - Like the Dollar Bin page to receive notifications of new shows!
1.1 15:00 
Markets closed: New Year's Day
1.1 04:46 
Listened to Haai - Essential Mix 2018-09-29
1.1 00:07 
Happy New Year! From Philadelphia, it is Void Vision (@voidvisions /
(Loring Bar & Restaurant)
1.1 00:00 
Hosted "Dollar Bin 001"
1.1 00:00 Dollar Bin 001
31.12 22:35 
It is autumn (@autumn_u.s.iii /
(Loring Bar & Restaurant)
31.12 21:29 
 Goodbye, 2018! And good riddance. - Loring Bar & Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
31.12 20:16 
Oh! It's already live! More on this tomorrow!
31.12 20:00 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
31.12 18:34 You want my top 10 of 2018? Here are all eleven 2018 albums I acquired this year, take out whichever one you like. I haven't even listened to most of these all the way through!

Blancmange - Wanderlust
Christopher Cross - Take Me As I Am
Anne Dudley - Plays The Art of Noise
GusGus - Lies Are More Flexible
Shooter Jennings - Shooter
Justice - Woman Worldwide
Tom Middleton - Sleep Better
The Orb - No Sounds Are Out of Bounds
What So Not - Not All the Beautiful Things
Wild Nothing - Indigo
Zement - Klinker
31.12 17:42 
Updated my cover photo
31.12 17:28 
Kris, Giorgio, Swimsuit Area, pop, pop, Flip, me, me, friends!
(My 2018 Top Nine)
31.12 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.90 ▲0.34 (Range: 18.60 - 18.98)
31.12 10:49 
Hahahaha no this wasn't me (if this HAD been me, I would have flyered KMOJ while I was at it) (Reddit: Julius DeRoma flyered)
31.12 10:01 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
31.12 09:27 Hey you know what's a baller move is sneaking in a tooth cleaning AND a contact lens order AND an extra pair of glasses order to max out all your wacky COBRA benefits on the very last day of 2018 JEEZ I'M TIRED
31.12 09:08 
 Feelin' lucky! - Goodwill Roseville 2 (Roseville, MN)
31.12 08:58 
 Sneaking in an order for 2018! - Twin Lakes Eye Center (Roseville, MN)
31.12 08:05 
 Hopefully close enough :) - Park Dental Roseville (Roseville, MN)
31.12 07:21 
Dang you dudes wake up early. Me, I had 20 minutes of sleep, hours of insomnia and, coming up, an 8am dentist appointment. (Thanks for the Likes!)
31.12 04:03 
If you somehow haven't heard, I have a new web streaming show on KFAI starting TOMORROW with new episodes debuting every Tuesday thereafter. Shows are about an hour long and feature selections acquired for the KZiM Archives at a rate of one dollar and under. Expect A LOT of 12" singles from artists you know, but perhaps tracks or remixes you've never heard before! Links to Dollar Bin on KFAI in the comments...
30.12 23:32 
 Solely for my streak, I'm embarrassed to admit - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
30.12 21:40 @jmshapyro Hmmmm. Tie one on later?
30.12 17:06 
 Last of the year is really first of the year - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
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