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30.1.19 03:14 
Holy crap Adult Swim is re-airing the "Welcome To Eltingville" pilot which is super close to 17 years old - "ECW! ECW! ECW!" (cc: Joel)
30.1.19 03:13 
My house being built in 1910 (if Hennepin County is to be believed) only half explains the super interesting noises I've heard it make tonight surrounded by -27ºF outdoor air
30.1.19 02:32 
We've hit the forecast low, but have we truly bottomed out yet? STAY TUNED #mspwx
29.1.19 22:31 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
29.1.19 21:45 
Here's an official reading from the KZiM Tower
29.1.19 21:40 
Below -20, the old transmitter goes offline
29.1.19 20:51 
29.1.19 20:45 
New belt in the bag? #SDLive
29.1.19 20:23 
I never thought I'D be the one saying this, but... don't feel that just because it's stupid cold you need to go do something stupid
29.1.19 19:48 
Geez, I hope she wasn't tweeting while driving RT @BeckyLynchWWE: #ShoehornCharlotte
29.1.19 18:12 "Featuring" means "snuck him into the very last second of this clip," I guess RT @Rhino_Records: .@DepecheMode's "See You" was released 37 years ago. Featuring Martin Gore, the song was a catchy pop number that went on to hit #6 on the UK singles chart. Do you remember when you first heard this song?
29.1.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.42 ▼0.43 (Range: 20.35 - 20.94)
29.1.19 00:17 
Oreo decisions
29.1.19 00:11 
 Last minute stockpile before we all freeze - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
29.1.19 00:11 
 Quick delivery to James - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
28.1.19 19:05 
Meta-commentary about pointing at the sign definitely signifies a jumping of the shark moment vis-à-vis pointing at the sign #RAW #WrestleMania
28.1.19 19:00 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
28.1.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.73 ▲0.35 (Range: 20.12 - 20.90)
28.1.19 00:14 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
27.1.19 22:44 
Oh wow Kharma mention #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 22:11 
I almost forgot to bust out this old chestnut! #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 22:02 
27.1.19 21:56 
Therrrrrrre we go #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 21:55 
Hmmm, geetar is still in the corner tho #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 21:55 
Shocked that nobody kabong'd the other guy #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 21:48 
They got the band back together! Cole, JBL and Lawler - three chuckleheads who blocked ol' CRZ on the tweetie #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 21:41 
27.1.19 21:25 
Over/under on this match: I minutes #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 21:17 
Whoa, Erick Rowan got his first name back maybe! #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 20:45 
So #RoyalRumble is like five hours, right
27.1.19 20:40 
RT @JohnCroman: Couldn’t help notice the heading used by @MelisaFranzen and @RepFreiberg for announcement of news conference on recreational marijuana bill
27.1.19 20:40 
RT @RusevBUL: So technically @LanaWWE won!!! Congrats honey. I love you. We are going to wrestle mania
27.1.19 20:39 
@D_V_D_V_R Better a Gilloly than a Golota! #hiyo #references
27.1.19 20:36 
That's it, bring back Lana #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 20:25 
Can't wait for Lana to main event Wrestle-- oh, shoot, gotta type faster #RoyalRumble
27.1.19 20:14 
@luchablog As usual, we've learned nothing
27.1.19 20:13 
27.1.19 19:56 
RT @gailkimITSME: So happy for @NikkiCrossWWE and how far she’s come! Just adore her
27.1.19 19:49 
I wonder when Nikki Cross will go blonde
How about the Iiconics go blonde?
Tamina but blonde
Xia Li might wanna go blonde
27.1.19 19:22 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
27.1.19 18:27 Intense French
27.1.19 18:05 
@jkalyn @thecubsfan Ohhh not quite as exciting but at least I can watch Ultimate Warrior disappear again
27.1.19 18:03 
@thecubsfan Golly! You'd think my unemployed ass would be more on top of stuff like that
27.1.19 18:01 
27.1.19 17:57 
RT @TheAceOfTrace: @CRZ Trick question. They were ALL KENTA.
27.1.19 17:49 
Which one of these guys used to be KENTA? Was it the Australian dude or the guy in the lucha mask
26.1.19 22:59 
 Happy Birthday Matt! - CC Club (Minneapolis, MN)
26.1.19 00:51 
 Shaking my hips - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
25.1.19 20:43 
 Here to engineer Drone Not Drones! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
25.1.19 18:03 
Quick reminder that the big show actually starts at 7 (and there is some preshow stuff in 30 minutes, so hurry!) - but if you can't make it to the Cedar, lock it in on 90.3 as KFAI will simulcast ALL 28 HOURS! But maybe I'll see you over there too! (Drone Not Drones)
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