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2.2 21:33 
 I walked here for the show! Now beer me - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
2.2 20:53 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
2.2 18:58 Jamiaca Blue Mountain Blend
2.2 16:04 
While I'm plugging stuff OH SHIT IT'S MY SISTER-IN-LAW'S BIRTHDAY and she's not on Facebook but if you enjoy vampires and the 1980s you should buy a copy of her trilogy (or get it for free on your Kindle? is that really a thing? OK) and try not to burn through all 600+ pages in one sitting
2.2 15:50 
I guess I saw Wastrels twice in 2015 and then never again - but we'll fix that tonight! Come out to Kitty Cat Klub for the Wastrels LP Release w/ Witch Watch & Michael Todd Grey and also see Witch Watch and dance to big choonz from Michael Todd Grey! Otherwise, all you'll get is another poorly lit, crappy Instagram from me! (Now this one's pretty well lit but that's because it's at the Hexagon - I have a KCK one of them where you see MAYBE one face and expect similar results tonight)

Heck, I'm probably gonna wear shorts AND walk there. NOW HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY? (Five bucks. You'll need to pay five bucks cover.)

Doors open at 9PM!
2.2 06:22 
WTF 😮😮😮
2.2 05:17 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Something to Do (live)
2.2 05:13 
Listened to UNKLE - Burn My Shadow (Featuring Ian Astbury)
2.2 05:08 
Listened to Mateo And Matos - Mama (Swag's Downtown Dub)
2.2 04:58 
Listened to The Prisoner - Following Number 6
2.2 04:56 
Listened to Depeche Mode - See You
2.2 04:26 Decaf with BOOSTER from Dan - pretty tasty!
2.2 02:45 
Listened to Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
2.2 02:39 
 Here but not here - Brit's Pub (Minneapolis, MN)
2.2 02:39 
Listened to Alexander O'Neal - Intro
2.2 02:38 
Listened to HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUENOTES - Don't Leave Me This Way
2.2 02:27 
Listened to Boards of Canada - Original Nlogax
2.2 02:26 
Listened to Universal Indicator - Red - 01
2.2 02:23 
Listened to Fuzz Against Junk - The Art Of Being In Between
2.2 02:00 
Listened to DJ Deeon - Essential Mix 2019-01-26
2.2 00:32 
@midnightmusicclub @ honey mpls (video)
2.2 00:14 
Congratulations to Midnight Music Club (@midnightmusicclub) on his double 12" release! @ honey mpls (video)
1.2 23:28 
 Hooray Craig! - Honey (Minneapolis, MN)
1.2 19:18 
They got off easy tonight :) (not pictured: 1 miso soup, 1 flying fish roe salad) #sushi #🍣
(Kyoto Sushi Restaurant)
1.2 18:34 
 I left the house! Give me ALL I CAN EAT - Kyoto Sushi (Minneapolis, MN)
1.2 18:05 
 TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
1.2 17:27 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.2 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.91 ▲1.89 (Range: 21.89 - 23.79)
1.2 01:37 topics of interest: January 2019
31.1 20:22 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
31.1 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 21.02 ▲0.20 (Range: 20.71 - 21.05)
31.1 12:49 
Successfully binged an entire Canadian series before the temperature got above -9 - thankfully, it was slightly more rewarding than the book (which was pretty dreadful)
31.1 05:02 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
30.1 21:52 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Made TWO batches of Chex Mix without spilling a single piece off a cookie sheet onto the charcoal-making part of the oven
30.1 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.82 ▲0.40 (Range: 20.37 - 20.87)
30.1 14:24 
Also, keeps the sidekicks home! Follow Mason's playlist live @KFAIplaylist RT @cruisectrlkfai: A rare live @cruisectrlkfai is on @kfaiFMradio right friggin' now. The benefits of extreme freezeover in the Midwest? More airtime!
30.1 14:17 @swampynomo Quelle horreur!
30.1 14:15 @swampynomo But those are just reg'lar Oreos! I think I can resist them. Now, if they bring back them Peeps flavoured ones...
30.1 03:14 
Holy crap Adult Swim is re-airing the "Welcome To Eltingville" pilot which is super close to 17 years old - "ECW! ECW! ECW!" (cc: Joel)
30.1 03:13 
My house being built in 1910 (if Hennepin County is to be believed) only half explains the super interesting noises I've heard it make tonight surrounded by -27ºF outdoor air
30.1 02:32 
We've hit the forecast low, but have we truly bottomed out yet? STAY TUNED #mspwx
29.1 22:31 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
29.1 21:45 
Here's an official reading from the KZiM Tower
29.1 21:40 
Below -20, the old transmitter goes offline
29.1 20:51 
29.1 20:45 
New belt in the bag? #SDLive
29.1 20:23 
I never thought I'D be the one saying this, but... don't feel that just because it's stupid cold you need to go do something stupid
29.1 19:48 
Geez, I hope she wasn't tweeting while driving RT @BeckyLynchWWE: #ShoehornCharlotte
29.1 18:12 "Featuring" means "snuck him into the very last second of this clip," I guess RT @Rhino_Records: .@DepecheMode's "See You" was released 37 years ago. Featuring Martin Gore, the song was a catchy pop number that went on to hit #6 on the UK singles chart. Do you remember when you first heard this song?
29.1 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.42 ▼0.43 (Range: 20.35 - 20.94)
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