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1.3.19 00:28 
Tonight at 2am CST I go live on @kfaiFMradio with "Across the Board" and a FOUR hour tribute to Talk Talk, #MarkHollis, how things got started and what everyone ended up doing after Talk Talk was done. You will listen and maybe learn! Enjoy! 90.3 /
1.3.19 00:26 @ScSolAr It's not my birthday!
28.2.19 19:33 Mark Hollis: 1955-2019
28.2.19 19:23 
Quick reminder that I'm on the air tonight for four hours with a tribute to Mark Hollis! I've also been getting the sniffles all day (and not in the "I'm sad" way that had already hit me since Monday) so look forward to my rapidly deteriorating voice as I present songs from 1977 to 2019!

Across the Board
0200-0559 CST
KFAI Minneapolis
90.3 FM / kfai dot org
28.2.19 17:36 
Listened to Big Bud - Baby
28.2.19 17:29 
Listened to Skeletons And The Girl-Faced Boys - "git"
28.2.19 17:26 
Listened to Jayda G - Essential Mix 2019-02-23
28.2.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.49 ▼0.16 (Range: 22.43 - 22.69)
28.2.19 13:17 
 Last minute Pokéhunting! - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
28.2.19 12:14 
But I keep mine in the basement...
27.2.19 22:48 
 Oh I've been here a while - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
27.2.19 19:30 
 Berni's back!! - Grumpy's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
27.2.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.65 ▼0.14 (Range: 22.57 - 22.79)
27.2.19 00:02 
 I made it! - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
26.2.19 20:52 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
26.2.19 20:14 
These are some really great events and KFAI has some great curators!
26.2.19 20:04 
@allnewtpir 2019 (reality): C. R. Who?
26.2.19 20:02 Twitter says this will be my 28,000th tweet! Thanks as always to the hundred or so real human beings who follow me AND the 1900 or so bots. I still love you all.
26.2.19 19:50 RT @unkleofficial: Very sad to hear about the passing of Mark Hollis. Was honoured to have worked with him, and thank you for making one of the greatest albums of all time, Spirit of Eden. A true inspiration and visionary. RIP.
26.2.19 19:13 
Sign the contract, dummy! #SDLive
26.2.19 16:47 
This Friday on Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI, I am presenting four hours of Mark Hollis, Talk Talk and branch acts sprouted from that tree and I *probably* won't even cry (much) (on the air). The funny thing is it was VERY easy to fill all the time and now I'm trying to decide on what to take out. Expect to hear a LOT of things you've never heard before. 2am to 6am! 90.3 and online at KFAIorg. Enormous thanks to DJ SLT for graciously volunteering the time for my audio therapy!
26.2.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.79 ▲0.15 (Range: 22.60 - 22.89)
26.2.19 07:55 RT @DollarBinShow: Episode 9 is now available for streaming - YES! Lorenzo Lamas SINGS!
26.2.19 06:47 RT @anjagarbarek: So terribly sad.
25.2.19 18:21 Changed my cover photo
25.2.19 16:47 I saw the tweets about Mark Hollis and had to go back to bed. I'm devastated. I've probably shared this article before but it's a good one. I always held out hope that he'd re-emerge with something new and it sucks that I can't feel that any more. (Noisey: How to Disappear Completely: When Musicians Retire For Good)
25.2.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.64 ▼0.03 (Range: 22.49 - 22.94)
25.2.19 12:44 This cannot be true. Please RT @AnthemEditor: Just seen unconfirmed reports that Mark Hollis from Talk Talk has died...
Playing Spirit of Eden as a tribute
25.2.19 01:27 It's time (THE MOST STUF Oreos - 6 photos)
25.2.19 01:16 
Listened to Illyus & Barrientos - Essential Mix 2019-02-16
25.2.19 00:04 
It is Wet Legs (
(Kitty Cat Klub)
24.2.19 23:29 
It is Endif (@jasonendif /
(Kitty Cat Klub)
24.2.19 23:10 
It is RAGE MDK (I think)
(Kitty Cat Klub)
24.2.19 22:03 
It is Zwaremachine (@zwaremachine /
(Kitty Cat Klub)
24.2.19 21:39 
 Phew, made it - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
24.2.19 19:47 2 litre bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
24.2.19 18:03 OK, I did forget the Oscars were tonight. Somehow I still want to try to get to this show instead despite all of tonight's parking being on snow emergency routes
24.2.19 03:01 
 Good idea! - Hard Times Café (Minneapolis, MN)
24.2.19 00:13 This is not the Willennium I envisioned
24.2.19 00:11 
 Whose idea WAS this? - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
23.2.19 22:35 
It is Flavor Crystals (@flavor_crystals /
(The Parkway Theater)
23.2.19 21:18 
It is Paris1919 (@chrisstrouth /
(The Parkway Theater)
23.2.19 20:51 Twitter confessions: Somebody sitting in this theater, possibly very near me, smells kinda funny, and not in a good way
23.2.19 20:19 
It is American Cream (@american_cream_band /
(The Parkway Theater)
23.2.19 19:37 
 Shoooow! - The Parkway Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
23.2.19 17:24 
I loooooooooooove that it was warm enough to sit on my porch for a while. So what if there's another blizzard a few hours away? At this point I'll take what I can get :)
23.2.19 17:21 Breakfast Blend
23.2.19 16:55 The video that launched a franchise
23.2.19 04:00 I just watched an extremely mediocre "Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" episode from 1981 on Antenna TV - the guests were Suzanne Pleshette and Dick Cavett - and honestly, I've never felt more like an adult. All that was missing was me falling asleep in the middle of it.
22.2.19 20:01 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
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