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7.4.19 22:47 
I think WWE just encouraged us all to pirate #WrestleMania 36!
7.4.19 22:37 
Uh oh/hooray! Michael Cole may be losing his voice #WrestleMania
7.4.19 22:37 
Lashley looks kinda demon-ized with the funny contact lenses #WrestleMania
7.4.19 22:36 
Guy at my house: Wait, wasn't he the GLBT-friendly wrestler last year? Are they saying all GLBT folks are demons?
Me: Uhhhh....
7.4.19 22:28 
Man, just once they could have chanted "Ang Gull" instead of "You Suck" #WrestleMania
7.4.19 22:04 
Ref could have counted to a hundred by now #WrestleMania (oh wait, No Holds Barred means no countouts?)
7.4.19 21:54 
Okay, okay #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:53 
He didn't yank out the nose ring?! #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:46 
When Michael Cole says "How cool was that?" it's all but telegraphed how not cool it was #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:40 
7.4.19 21:34 
Was Cena covering up another movie hairdo under that Yankees cap? #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:33 
Good product placement for the Wonderful Pistachios! #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:32 
Ah, there's that old school commentator chuckling #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:04 
Guys, it's EW McINT #WrestleMania
7.4.19 20:45 
7.4.19 20:11 
Aw, I miss the ol' angry radish #WrestleMania
7.4.19 20:08 
I am ALSO celebrating down under! #WrestleMania #inmypants
7.4.19 20:08 
Did I miss a tag? Oh - thank you, replay! #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:58 
Halfway point of the night and the urge to sleep is strong #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:47 
Unfortunately....this feud MUST continue #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:40 
Aw, crap, two Gravesjinxes in one show #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:39 
LOOK OUT MENG AI #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:34 
"That's John Cena's father!" #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:22 
Jason Sensation was unavailable #HOF #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:10 
The "New Age Outlaws rule" says this is prohibited RT @HackmanRSPW: I always wonder why these multiple tag matches never end with, say:

Jimmy in the ring, Jey tags Jimmy's OPPONENT

Then one can pin the other and retain the titles

7.4.19 18:58 
Whoa guys it's ICOCHE #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:54 
7.4.19 18:49 
Fair point RT @TheAceOfTrace: @CRZ It’s hour 3 for them.
7.4.19 18:47 
Geez it's only the first hour and the crowd has already gone into business for themselves #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:33 
It's 2019 and "augmented reality" entrances still suck #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:29 
I really thought Vince wouldn't be happy unless a WWE belt appeared on a UFC event #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:14 
Ew, I'm making the same jokes as Graves? What has the wrestling world come to #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:13 
Geez it says MET LIFE STADIUM in giant letters, Hogan - you had one job #WrestleMania #MetLifeCenter
7.4.19 18:12 
Yo, I heard Hulk Hogan doesn't like black people - yeah or naw #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:09 
Well, there you go - Ronda's winning #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:06 
Only #WrestleMania can begin with something like "Shakespeare once said..."
7.4.19 17:59 
Made the Papa Johns takeout run between the time the Battle Royal ended and the kickoff show ending. VERY proud of myself #WrestleManiagoals
7.4.19 17:54 
 YESSSS - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
7.4.19 17:41 
Wow, definite USA Network ad break here #WMKO
7.4.19 17:39 
I wonder if the USA Network ad breaks were preferable to the obvious time wasting we've had to endure on the WWE Network (answer: ad breaks are NEVER preferable) #WrestleManiaKickOff
7.4.19 17:35 2 liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
7.4.19 17:34 
Is Jost from Long Island, or is Che? #WrestleManiaKickOff #AndreTheGiantMemorialBattleRoyal #ARMBaR
7.4.19 17:29 


7.4.19 17:28 
#HOF @TheCurtHawkins
7.4.19 17:26 
Roman, Angle, probably Seth, hopefully Batista RT @HackmanRSPW: Who is getting a bitchin' entrance (other than HHH and Ronda) at #WM35?
7.4.19 16:57 
Earlier I was like "what, did Lawler have a stroke?" so I Googled it and - well - I'd hate to spoil it for you #WrestleMania
7.4.19 16:56 
Two in row - are they in the shadow of Long Island or something? #WrestleManiaKickOff #SomeHowHawKinsStillLoSes
7.4.19 16:49 
Attn: @masonbutler @cruisectrlkfai RT @Rhino_Records: This week in 1978, MINUTE BY MINUTE, the eighth studio album from @theDoobieBros, rose to the top of the Billboard Top 200.
7.4.19 16:45 
In case you're consuming this part of the kickoff on YouTube or Facebook or.....Pheed? Is that still a thing? Are they still Touting it out? I think next hour's on USA Network, too? RT @JayJayDean: WTF why are there commercials on like anyone watching THIS is going "should I order #WrestleMania?"
7.4.19 14:29 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
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