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8.4.19 21:52 @JoshSchippe Yeah, that's about where I was thinking. Would be weird if he didn't show up at all tonight...
8.4.19 21:50 
Welp - shows what I know #RAW
8.4.19 21:37 
I've never prayed harder for a no contest or DQ in the main event and have been mentally keeping track of who hasn't shown up yet tonight to help facilitate the most/least appropriate screwjob ending #RAW
8.4.19 21:29 
What nobody realises except Elias is that Take is out to SING! #RAW
8.4.19 21:25 
8.4.19 21:18 
Really torn about Sami Zayn's promo. I WANT to like it but I'm pretty sure that's what THEY want me to do. Also, everybody else who's liked it so far on Twitter kinda validates everything he said. IT'S COMPLICATED #RAW
8.4.19 20:08 
8.4.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.24 ▲1.25 (Range: 23.66 - 24.77)
7.4.19 23:47 
So, uh, I guess Dean Ambrose is really gone for Good, huh #WrestleMania
7.4.19 23:26 
Well, I don't know about you guys but I sure wanna go buy some #MetLife insurance!
7.4.19 23:01 
The Women's Revolution will not be complete until they announce some weights of these competitors! #WrestleMania
7.4.19 22:47 
I think WWE just encouraged us all to pirate #WrestleMania 36!
7.4.19 22:37 
Uh oh/hooray! Michael Cole may be losing his voice #WrestleMania
7.4.19 22:37 
Lashley looks kinda demon-ized with the funny contact lenses #WrestleMania
7.4.19 22:36 
Guy at my house: Wait, wasn't he the GLBT-friendly wrestler last year? Are they saying all GLBT folks are demons?
Me: Uhhhh....
7.4.19 22:28 
Man, just once they could have chanted "Ang Gull" instead of "You Suck" #WrestleMania
7.4.19 22:04 
Ref could have counted to a hundred by now #WrestleMania (oh wait, No Holds Barred means no countouts?)
7.4.19 21:54 
Okay, okay #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:53 
He didn't yank out the nose ring?! #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:46 
When Michael Cole says "How cool was that?" it's all but telegraphed how not cool it was #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:40 
7.4.19 21:34 
Was Cena covering up another movie hairdo under that Yankees cap? #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:33 
Good product placement for the Wonderful Pistachios! #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:32 
Ah, there's that old school commentator chuckling #WrestleMania
7.4.19 21:04 
Guys, it's EW McINT #WrestleMania
7.4.19 20:45 
7.4.19 20:11 
Aw, I miss the ol' angry radish #WrestleMania
7.4.19 20:08 
I am ALSO celebrating down under! #WrestleMania #inmypants
7.4.19 20:08 
Did I miss a tag? Oh - thank you, replay! #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:58 
Halfway point of the night and the urge to sleep is strong #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:47 
Unfortunately....this feud MUST continue #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:40 
Aw, crap, two Gravesjinxes in one show #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:39 
LOOK OUT MENG AI #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:34 
"That's John Cena's father!" #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:22 
Jason Sensation was unavailable #HOF #WrestleMania
7.4.19 19:10 
The "New Age Outlaws rule" says this is prohibited RT @HackmanRSPW: I always wonder why these multiple tag matches never end with, say:

Jimmy in the ring, Jey tags Jimmy's OPPONENT

Then one can pin the other and retain the titles

7.4.19 18:58 
Whoa guys it's ICOCHE #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:54 
7.4.19 18:49 
Fair point RT @TheAceOfTrace: @CRZ It’s hour 3 for them.
7.4.19 18:47 
Geez it's only the first hour and the crowd has already gone into business for themselves #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:33 
It's 2019 and "augmented reality" entrances still suck #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:29 
I really thought Vince wouldn't be happy unless a WWE belt appeared on a UFC event #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:14 
Ew, I'm making the same jokes as Graves? What has the wrestling world come to #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:13 
Geez it says MET LIFE STADIUM in giant letters, Hogan - you had one job #WrestleMania #MetLifeCenter
7.4.19 18:12 
Yo, I heard Hulk Hogan doesn't like black people - yeah or naw #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:09 
Well, there you go - Ronda's winning #WrestleMania
7.4.19 18:06 
Only #WrestleMania can begin with something like "Shakespeare once said..."
7.4.19 17:59 
Made the Papa Johns takeout run between the time the Battle Royal ended and the kickoff show ending. VERY proud of myself #WrestleManiagoals
7.4.19 17:54 
 YESSSS - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
7.4.19 17:41 
Wow, definite USA Network ad break here #WMKO
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