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3.6.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 17.98 ▼0.75 (Range: 17.50 - 18.65)
3.6.19 14:51 #HIRECRZ: Just got off the phone with a recruiter for a job I'm not sure I wanted - felt much better about telling them their salary range was way less than I could consider, but .... what if they come back and say they're still interested at my rate? I strongly doubt that'll happen, but they did say they wanted someone with a sense of humour...maybe we'll talk again. Unlikely. But maybe! In the meantime, I wait on not one but TWO dream jobs I've applied for, not feeling confident for the MN IT one (although government can move slower'n molasses so it's possible they'll still reach me) but very interested in a Medtronic one (just applied Friday - if you know anybody at Medtronic, now's the time to introduce me to them!)

EDIT: How embarrassing - got my companies mixed up. Although I wouldn't mind working at Boston Scientific either...
3.6.19 14:10 Velvet Moon
2.6.19 23:25 Hey DJ
2.6.19 23:20 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
2.6.19 21:58 
Krista's show starts in 30 minutes on @kfaiFMradio !! RT @BarbAbney: Yesterday on @KfaiamDrive, @kristawax dropped in to talk about local shows over the weekend and @CRZ stuck around as a “faux-ducer.” They both just oozed a “support local music” vibe.
2.6.19 21:40 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
2.6.19 14:28  Northern Spark orientation! - Rondo Community Library (Saint Paul, MN)
2.6.19 03:05 
A spontaneous performance of the HHGG radio scripts has somehow ensued
1.6.19 22:44 I'm very hard to find!
1.6.19 22:42 
 Dark in here - Loring Bar & Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
1.6.19 01:15 topics of interest: May 2019
31.5.19 22:14 
Listened to Hot Chip - (Just Like We) Breakdown (Booka Shade Dub Mix)
31.5.19 22:06 
Listened to Billy Joel - Tell Her About It
31.5.19 22:03 
Listened to The Doors - Moonlight Drive
31.5.19 22:00 
Listened to Slik - Hatchet
31.5.19 21:57 
Listened to Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Everybody Got Soul
31.5.19 21:52 
Listened to The Crystal Method - Comin' Back (Club 69 Funk Express)
31.5.19 21:14 
 In the place to be - Taco Bell (Minneapolis, MN)
31.5.19 19:24   Collaging! - Boneshaker Books
31.5.19 19:21 
Listened to Oromocto Diamond - Osoyoos
31.5.19 19:18 
Listened to Simian Mobile Disco - Love
31.5.19 18:58 
Up by 6, down about 15 minutes later. Hundreds in line behind me, food line may have been even longer so I skipped that. I'm so hungry! Nice breeze at the park but now I'm sweating on my porch. Lotsa haze/smoke this year so people up there closer to sunset should get uhhhmazing shots. As always, WORTH THE WAIT but I'm pretty happy I got in line early this year. Let's see if these shots from my phone came out...
31.5.19 18:50  Food line is just awful, bought nothing - we'll see how the silent auction goes - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
31.5.19 18:49 
 Did the thing! - Witch's Hat Water Tower (Minneapolis, MN)
31.5.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.73 ▼0.15 (Range: 18.54 - 18.91)
31.5.19 09:44 
If anybody wants to climb the water tower stairs with me at the ice cream social TODAY, I'm gonna leave my house around 5 to try to get in line early (official start is 5.30) which...probably isn't early enough, but we shall see. Maybe it'll be 88 and that'll scare some folks off. Maybe it'll rain! Probably not! But also, chance of CORN!

[I'd also like to still make it to the Collage Collective collaging thing at Boneshaker Books (6-8) but this may be wishful thinking?]
31.5.19 01:37 
 I'm the air in 20! the air in 20, yeah - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
30.5.19 23:30 
Facebook recently bragged about shutting down 3 billion fake accounts over a six month period. I'm not sure that's the brag you want to make! Anyway, the new "emoji tumblr" profiles are managing to stick around long enough to send me friend requests - I've never heard of Leawood, KS *or* West Chester, PA, but I am willing to bet neither of them has ever had as a resident an "Amira Petrenko," who with that name surely isn't a Russian bot, but merely a clever attempt at misdirection...
30.5.19 22:00 
I'm on the radio in four hours
FOR four hours
Here's a preview:
Hour one - all over the place - don't miss my first selection!
Hour two - full hour of 1991-1995 "alternative" - should be very polarizing
Hour three - put you to sleep
Hour four - wake us back up
KFAI - 0200 CDT
30.5.19 19:11 
Everything associated with this account was in Hindi until earlier today - then all the old photos were deleted and a new cover and profile photo added. PROBABLY a name change, too - but not sure about that nickname. Here's "Jennifer Leonard"
30.5.19 18:22 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
30.5.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.88 ▼0.13 (Range: 18.75 - 19.06)
30.5.19 03:05 
Listened to Daniel Ibbotson - Comin' 2 Get You
30.5.19 03:00 
Listened to Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Chateau Flight remix)
30.5.19 02:53 
Listened to Massive Attack - Teardrop (Mad Professor Mazaruni Vocal Mix)
30.5.19 02:46 
Listened to Digital Orgasm - Switch the Mood
30.5.19 02:43 
Listened to Prefuse 73 - From The East Intro
30.5.19 02:42 
Listened to Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday
30.5.19 02:40 
Listened to Happy Mondays - Step On
29.5.19 22:23 
 Back once again - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
29.5.19 20:53 
 DRAGO time - Hammer & Sickle (Minneapolis, MN)
29.5.19 20:43 
 TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
29.5.19 20:39 
Listened to Beatles Remixers Group - Wild Honey Pie
29.5.19 20:37 
Listened to Beatles Remixers Group - Hello Goodbye
29.5.19 20:36 
Listened to Efterklang - Falling Horses
29.5.19 18:17 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
29.5.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.01 ▼0.45 (Range: 18.94 - 19.31)
29.5.19 02:31 
Listened to The's - I'm Blue
29.5.19 02:29 
Listened to Die - To Step
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