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1.7.19 19:31 
Holla, holla! <click> #RAW
1.7.19 19:26 
Aw shoot, "repaired the electronics" WAY too fast - DOWN WITH #HEYMANFABE #RAW
1.7.19 19:25 
If Graves doesn't fake apologise for his fake spontaneous swearing, #kayfabe is still dead (I'll give him one more segment) #RAW
1.7.19 19:17 
Isn't this usually where Strowman shows up, yells "I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU" and tips over the ambo? #RAW
1.7.19 19:16 
Oh, by the way, I'm live on the radio @kfaiFMradio for two hours tonight at midnight CDT playing music and absolutely not talking about professional wrestling
1.7.19 19:15 
@tapemachines If you're really, really fortunate......they'll have the ability to replay the tape some time in the next 2.75 hours (at which time I'll say "TOO SOON TO RESTORE POWER WHAT ABOUT #KAYFABE")
1.7.19 19:13 
He still didn't manage to get the crowd to not go into business for themselves, of course. Also, didn't really need Graves' punctuation on it unless they were supposed to cut his mic mid-expletive as part of the "power outage" and missed the cue #RAW
1.7.19 19:12 
That was fun! WAY OVERDONE, but it's not like he's exactly ever been the master of subtlety. It's not gonna make me get on the phone and tell all my friends to turn to #RAW, but I *did* tweet about it...
1.7.19 17:34 Zesty Cheddar Ranch Grooves
1.7.19 17:30 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
1.7.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.06 ▲0.30 (Range: 21.89 - 22.29)
1.7.19 14:43 
Any fun places I should take Kris for us to take in the USA/ENG game tomorrow? (Besides my own house of fun, that is) Are you watching it anywhere special? Did you know it was a thing? 2PM CDT.
1.7.19 13:42 Intense French
1.7.19 12:23 topics of interest: June 2019
1.7.19 11:22 
If somehow you only hear about what's going on through this old page, I am beginning a mini-residency on KFAI 90.3 FM (and simulcast on WQNA 88.3 in Springfield, IL) *tonight* running for a few weeks or through July or I'm not totally sure. I'm an interim host between Mason moving Cruise Control off the schedule until KFAI can announce their permanent replacement. What I DO know is that you can expect an unrestrained 120 minutes (give or take) of KZiM programming on REAL LIVE ACTUAL radio! Golly!
Tune in at midnight CDT (1am Tuesday EDT, 10pm Monday PDT) AND/OR stream it any time over the following fortnight! And if you want, you could throw a free Like over to the show's FB page, After Midnight on KFAI.
1.7.19 11:17 
Just spent a couple hours over on Spinitron working on progamming stuff and I'm definitely ready to take over the [community] radio world tomorrow - look then for a last Dollar Bin on KFAI before our "called up to the majors" hiatus, along with my FIRST show After Midnight on KFAI TONIGHT!
90.3 / 106.7? / kfaiorg / kfaiAPP
Oh yeah also WQNA 88.3 / wqnaradioorg
1.7.19 00:30 
Listened to Supergrass - Alright
1.7.19 00:27 
Listened to The Rolling Stones - Dance (Pt. 1)
1.7.19 00:23 
Listened to Metales M5 - Intro
1.7.19 00:22 
Listened to Paul van Dyk - Tell Me Why (The Riddle)
1.7.19 00:15 
Listened to James Brown - Papa Don't Take No Mess (Part II)
30.6.19 22:16 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
30.6.19 21:59 
Listened to Toka Project - Losin' You
30.6.19 21:54 
Listened to DV8 - Thoughts of Tomorrow
30.6.19 18:20   Latergram - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
30.6.19 17:07 
Listened to Jimi Tenor / Tony Allen - Selfish Gene
30.6.19 17:04 
Listened to James Brown - Money Won't Change You, Part 2
30.6.19 17:01 
Listened to 808 State - Long Orange (Testa)
30.6.19 16:56 
Listened to André Cymone - Checking You Out
30.6.19 16:52 
Listened to The Future Sound of London - Lifeforms (Radio Edit)
30.6.19 16:19 
Listened to The Art of Noise - Love Beat
30.6.19 15:00 
Listened to Erasure - Voulez Vous
30.6.19 14:55 
Listened to Chaka Khan - My Love Is Alive
30.6.19 14:50 
Listened to Howard Jones - New Song
30.6.19 14:46 
Listened to Tom Robinson Band - 2-4-6-8 Motorway
30.6.19 14:43 
Listened to Global Communication - 4:14
30.6.19 14:38 
Listened to Erasure - Drama! (Act 2)
30.6.19 14:31   Curd for the road - Rybicki Cheese (Bloomington, MN)
30.6.19 14:24 
 Ok let's look - Lids (Minneapolis, MN)
30.6.19 14:17  For both of us - Five Below (Bloomington, MN)
30.6.19 14:01   For MEEEEEE - Walgreens (Bloomington, MN)
30.6.19 13:55  You guessed it...for Kris - Pro Image Sports (Bloomington, MN)
30.6.19 13:48  Also for Kris - Hot Topic (Bloomington, MN)
30.6.19 13:39  For Kris - House Of Hoops (Bloomington, MN)
30.6.19 13:35 
 Hooking up Kris - T-Mobile (Bloomington, MN)
30.6.19 13:20  Kris needs - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
30.6.19 13:17 
Listened to The Alan Parsons Project - Orson Welles Dialogue
30.6.19 13:13 
Listened to Dave Holland Quartet - Nemesis
30.6.19 13:02 
Listened to Señor Coconut & His Orchestra - Limbo [Mambo]
30.6.19 12:59 
Listened to STP Twentythree - Some Lovin' (Just A Beat) (Massive Mix)
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