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4.7.19 10:54 
Good day for it 🇺🇸 (Washington Post: Justin Amash leaving the GOP)
4.7.19 03:06 
Oh my God you guys look at this shirt that Jei found AND bought AND gifted to me...I am so dumbstruck and feel very undeserving, this may be the coolest gift I've received all year. I can't wait for long sleeved weather!!
4.7.19 02:50 
Listened to Black Devil Disco Club - On Just Foot
4.7.19 02:45 
Listened to DJ Shadow - Right Thing (Z-Trip "Get The Party Off Mix" In Three Parts)
3.7.19 22:09 
 Save it 'til the morning after - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7.19 21:44 
Yes, once again....the Biggest Loser gets used to the unusual taste of a Drago shot after losing at Russian Roulette
3.7.19 20:48 
The battery in my ancient Galaxy S6 edge is now heating up to the point where it's expanding my case open. You think it'll explode later and I should be worried? Happy Independence Day! #boom
3.7.19 20:45 
 DRAGO in the USA - Hammer & Sickle (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7.19 20:35 
Listened to New Order - The Perfect Kiss
3.7.19 19:28 Can of Dr Pepper Dark Berry
3.7.19 15:19 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
3.7.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.10 ▲3.00 (Range: 24.95 - 25.54) New 52 week high!
3.7.19 13:55 
Listened to Hank Ballard - From The Love Side
3.7.19 13:52 
Listened to Hank Ballard - How You Gonna Get Respect (When You Haven't Cut Your Process Yet)
3.7.19 13:48 
Listened to Prince - 17 Days
3.7.19 11:39 
Listened to EARTH WIND & FIRE - Let's Groove
3.7.19 11:33 
 $2.649/g - SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
3.7.19 11:28 
Listened to Jan Hammer - Miami Vice Theme (Extended Remix)
3.7.19 03:07 
Listened to Ted Nugent - Paralyzed [Explicit]
3.7.19 03:03 
Listened to Supertramp - Words Unspoken
3.7.19 01:00 
Listened to Warren G - Super Soul Sis
3.7.19 00:57 
Listened to Anandji V. Shah, Kalyanji V. Shah - T.J. Hookah
3.7.19 00:56 
Listened to Illa J - R U Listenin'
3.7.19 00:52 
Listened to Danny Kay - I've Got A Loveley Bunch Of Coconuts
2.7.19 23:20 Hooray! Joel's still older than me!
2.7.19 21:15 
 Happy Birthday, Karaoke Joel! - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
2.7.19 21:07 
Listened to Aphex Twin - Wax the Nip
2.7.19 21:02 
Listened to Jestofunk - If You've Got It, You'll Get It
2.7.19 20:57 
Listened to Ministry - Cold Life
2.7.19 16:49 
Listened to BT - Lullaby for Gaia
2.7.19 16:44 
Listened to Dean Martin - Sway
2.7.19 16:41 
Listened to Liberty City - Thats What I Got
2.7.19 16:35 
Listened to Funkadelic - Nose Bleed
2.7.19 16:29 
Listened to Lord Sitar - Daydream Believer
2.7.19 16:26 
Listened to I:Cube - Vacuum Jackers (Maurice Fulton Mix)
2.7.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.10 ▲0.04 (Range: 21.96 - 22.30)
2.7.19 13:55 
 GO USA GO - Joe Senser's Sports Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
2.7.19 13:44 
Listened to Joakim - Peter Pan Over the Bronx
2.7.19 13:41 
Listened to The Future Sound of London - Yage
2.7.19 13:35 
Listened to BT - Flaming June
2.7.19 12:50 Collaging is great and @aadesigncreate and Ben are doing great things helping people discover that collage might be their great thing! RT @growlermag: Local artist and @TwinCollage co-founder Ben DiNino's artwork seems to organically emerge from his sprawling collection of found items, making him the perfect artist to collaborate with for our History issue.
2.7.19 11:14 
RT @DollarBinShow: Also, the first two hour broadcast of "After Midnight" can be found archived at - if you're a fan of this show and/or @CRZ, you will probably enjoy this one too!
2.7.19 11:14 
RT @DollarBinShow: Here's Episode #27! Not a bad one to take a hiatus after. />
We'll be back after
@CRZ's mini-residency is over. We'll also work on moving the Dollar Bin Archive to KFAI's Mixcloud while we're away so you can easily stream EVERY episode!
2.7.19 03:09 @zacharywefel Vox? That's Latin for "voice."
1.7.19 20:41 
WWE putting spaces in the hashtag so they don't have to read people talking about how their idea of #2outof3falls matches pretty well suxxxx #RAW
1.7.19 20:13 
Okay but... hear me out... what if they'd had *Take* fix all the electronics with his magic lightning bolt? #RAW #Heymanfabe
1.7.19 19:31 
Holla, holla! <click> #RAW
1.7.19 19:26 
Aw shoot, "repaired the electronics" WAY too fast - DOWN WITH #HEYMANFABE #RAW
1.7.19 19:25 
If Graves doesn't fake apologise for his fake spontaneous swearing, #kayfabe is still dead (I'll give him one more segment) #RAW
1.7.19 19:17 
Isn't this usually where Strowman shows up, yells "I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU" and tips over the ambo? #RAW
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