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Thu 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.44 ▼0.36 (Range: 25.38 - 25.86)
Thu 11:23 
Listened to Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Empty Box
Thu 11:20 
Listened to Freddie Mercury - Love Kills (Single)
Thu 11:15 
Listened to Badly Drawn Boy - Untitled, Unfinished (A Song 4 Scott)
Thu 10:40 
 Decompress with biscuits and gravy - Hen House Eatery (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 09:46 This morning, I was up at 7.45 (don't ask why, just accept) and decided to bring up the trash can before some dog walker left a plastic bag of crap in it - I know, first world problems and all that. ANYWAY. I noticed that a dead mouse was on my front lawn. Not sure which animal did this or why they decided to leave it as tribute OR if this is any kind of omen, but that's definitely a way to start the day worthy of this Facebook status. Also, super glad it was dead outside my house rather than inside it. I am not a friend to mice; I trust that will not affect *our* friendship.
Thu 09:42 Hey James, remember that only time we ever met? FACEBOOK REMEMBERS
Thu 09:02 
 Government business - Hennepin County Government Center (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 08:44 
Listened to The Clash - Ghetto Defendent
Thu 08:38 
Listened to 808 State - Cübik (King's County Perspective)
Thu 08:32 
Listened to Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus
Thu 08:27 Giant travel cup of Pike Place Roast
Thu 08:10 
Listened to Sub Sub with Bernard Sumner - This Time I'm Not Wrong (edit)
Thu 08:06 
Listened to Newcleus - Jam On It (Jam For Your Jeep Remix)
Thu 02:49 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - hollywood dreams
Thu 02:44 
Listened to Prince & The Revolution - Girls & Boys (12inch)
Thu 02:38 
Listened to Polygon Window - Quoth
Wed 22:20 
 Tx Rx - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 20:59 
 DRAGO - Hammer & Sickle (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 20:46 
Listened to Chris Bennett - Disco Man
Wed 20:42 
Listened to Donna Summer - Bad Girls
Wed 20:38 
Listened to The Future Sound of London - Hot Knives
Wed 17:17 
Listened to Sheila E. - The Glamorous Life Part II
Wed 17:14 
Listened to Beatles Remixers Group - I Want To Hold Jimmy's Hand
Wed 17:12 
Listened to The Primitives - Lonely Streets
Wed 17:09 
Listened to The Orb - Kiss Your Love (Ambiorix mix)
Wed 17:05 
Listened to Raze - Break 4 Love
Wed 17:00 
Listened to New Order - Ruined In A Day (K-Klass Reunited In A Day Remix)
Wed 16:46 
 Quick pinball - Up-Down (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 15:45 
Listened to Yambú - Cosas De Amor
Wed 15:28 
(Pho 79 Restaurant)
Wed 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.80 ▲0.24 (Range: 25.45 - 25.86) New 52 week high!
Wed 14:48 
 Yeah phở - Pho 79 (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 14:29 
 Last day of the sale - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 14:20 
Listened to Joe Jackson - Memphis [Live]
Wed 14:15 
Listened to Deniece Williams - It's Your Conscience
Wed 14:07 
Listened to Earth, Wind & Fire - In Time
Wed 14:02 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Are People People?
Wed 13:58 
Listened to LFO - Shut Down
Wed 13:55 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 13:52 
Listened to Tina Turner - Let's Stay Together
Wed 02:10 
Listened to Deion Sanders - Time For Prime (Intro)
Wed 02:10 
Listened to Orb - toxygene (bbc 1 maida vale 10-12-98)
Wed 01:06 
 Keep on keepin' on - Palmer's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
9.7 22:31 and/or
9.7 21:40 
 Karaoke: Rock and/or Roll - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
9.7 21:31 
Listened to WCW - Ice Train
9.7 21:30 
Listened to Battles - Tonto
9.7 19:43 
 Hey long time no - Driftwood Char Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
9.7 19:40 
Listened to SAMA' - Essential Mix 2019-07-06
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