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6.8 12:09 
More slap bass! @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:09 
This is Taka Boom! I bought this 12" solely based on the track length and the words "Disco Version" - that technique is usually worth risking the dollar. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:08 
Wow, "new Twitter" sure doesn't like tweeting until the second time I hit that "Tweet" button, huh?
6.8 12:07 
This is apparently a Sennheiser vocoder. That would have been a good thing to mention DURING the show, but I often do my research a little too late. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:07 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “Red Hot (Disco Version)” by Taka Boom. Dollar Bin at 12:07pm. @takaboom9 @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:06 
I love a good slap bass! I also love @kfaiFMradio and hope you consider making a pledge inspired by today's @DollarBinShow to help #keepitgoing (you can also try to pledge to get me to STOP tweeting, but you'll still be with me for the next hour)
6.8 12:04 
Fashion and Duran Duran came up together but "Fabrique" didn't quite get the promotional/label oomph that "Rio" did - one wonders how new wave/new romantic might have evolved if they had been a little more level @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:02 
This is FASHIØN, one of the groups that's gotten the most popular feedback from others AND me - I've found three of their 12" singles for a dollar each and played four different long tracks of theirs on the show. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:00 
The "KZiM tones" are a snippet of @kraftwerk's "Intermission" @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:00 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “Move On” by Fashion. Dollar Bin at 12:00pm. @zeusbheld @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:00 
Here.....we........GO! #keepitgoing
6.8 11:58 
(DISCLAIMER: I was up until @KfaiamDrive so who knows if I'll make the whole hour without an involuntary nap) #keepitgoing
6.8 11:57 
I have foolishly decided to live tweet today's Dollar Bin as part of the final day of the KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul summer pledge drive - if you wanna hit Play at precisely 12:00:00 and follow along on Twitter....well, nobody wants to do that, really, but here's the Mixcloud link:
6.8 11:55 
OK! At 12:00:00 I'll hit play on today's @DollarBinShow episode and start tweeting to nobody - if you wanna try to sync up with me, and find the "Listen Now" link for 8/6 or just hit the @mixcloud Play button. FIVE MINUTE WARNING
6.8 01:29 
The Stonedest
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
6.8 01:15 
It is The Stonedest (
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
6.8 00:50 
Hastings 3000
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
6.8 00:31 
It is Hastings 3000 (@Hastings3000 /
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
5.8 23:46 
From Phoenix, it is Snailmate (@snailmate /
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
5.8 22:24 
It is Christof Rochel and the Wine-Soaked Goliards (@christofrochel)
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
5.8 21:32 
 Shoooow - Hexagon Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
5.8 20:07 
(Noon CDT, that is)
@DollarBinShow can be found
5.8 20:05 
Shoulda had this idea earlier!
I'm thinking Tues. at noon, if you can tear yourself away from "Democracy Now!" I'll press play on my new
@DollarBinShow and you can too
I'll live tweet some stuff you didn't want/need to know in real time
You can donate to
@kfaiFMradio #keepitgoing
5.8 15:09 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
5.8 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.34 ▼0.81 (Range: 21.04 - 20.24)
5.8 14:19 
Today would have been Pete Burns' 60th birthday. Dead or Alive is definitely represented on tomorrow's "Best of" Dollar Bin pledge drive spectacular!
5.8 11:15 Breakfast Blend
4.8 22:03 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
4.8 17:27 
Listened to Tim And Eric - Doo Dah Doo Doo
4.8 17:26 
Listened to Tim And Eric - Rolo Tony - Uncut
4.8 17:25 
Listened to Tim And Eric - Rolo Tony
4.8 15:04 
@tapemachines This is Monster's third (and apparently last) season - word is NASCAR is gonna Vince up the Cup series real good with "tiered" sponsors next year
4.8 14:58 
@tapemachines NBCSN
4.8 14:54 
I would love to go the rest of my NASCAR watchin' life without ever having to see that GOD awful #Symbicort ad again--oh, there it is again
4.8 14:30 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
4.8 00:22 
It is Observant
(Kitty Cat Klub)
3.8 23:49 
 Better late than ever - Loring Bar & Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
3.8 23:47 
From Chicago, it is Fee Lion (@1800feelion /
(Loring Bar & Restaurant)
3.8 23:36 
Listened to Erick Morillo - Essential Mix 2019-08-03 Part 1
3.8 23:07 
 Okay, ONE more drink with Steve and Andrea before I ditch them for Dark Energy - Grumpy's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
3.8 20:54 
 I've never been here somehow! - Betty Danger's Country Club (Minneapolis, MN)
3.8 20:08  Need some white tape - Target (Richfield, MN)
3.8 19:46   Let's ask them about this phone - T-Mobile (Bloomington, MN)
3.8 15:50 
 Hunting Ralts! - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
3.8 11:59 
Her page is locked down so she may not want too much of a public fuss but I can't NOT wish Kat the happiest of birthdays here, there and everywhere whilst reminding everyone that Halloween is only 89 days away. Happy Birthday to my favourite freak and one of the most beautiful people I know! You can move mountains, but you choose to let them be and just run over them instead. They don't know how lucky they got it. I love you! 🎂🖤🎃
3.8 01:36 At this hour, context is so unnecessary #thecryinggame (video)
2.8 22:15 
 TWO italo disco nights in six days - is this KCK or *heaven*? - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
2.8 19:56 
Mason says it all. I'll give you another chance to rediscover my own brand of "non-algorithmic music discovery" with a special "Best of" Dollar Bin on KFAI pledge drive episode dropping on Tuesday... but you don't have to wait until Tuesday to show your support! Click over to or push that Facebook button at the end of Mason's post!
2.8 17:44 
Listened to John James Audubon - Birds Of Fields And Prairies
2.8 17:41 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Vitamin
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