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6.8 12:19 
This song features a dizzying array of "gear changes" for the chorus - but I think that's one of the really great things about it. Another wonderful @fknyc extension - I learned to look for François' name after his @kraftwerk remixes in the late 1980s @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:17 
"Kiss Me (Vocal)" was from show #23, preceded by a Caroline Munro/Gary Numan track and followed by a Dana Dane track. It just kinda ended up that way, as most shows do @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:16 
I started counting tracks pretty late in the game - around show #19. Hopefully I was accurate by the time I got to the 200th track, which is the one you're hearing right now (as I said, now also the 271st track) @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:14 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “Kiss Me (Vocal)” by Tin Tin. Dollar Bin at 12:14pm. @thelilactime @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:12 
The regular "LP Version" of this track has a rockin' guitar solo that must not have felt very "disco" as it doesn't show up here - I did play it on @DJ_SLT's show once @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:11 
I didn't know until I looked her up on Discogs but Taka Boom is Chaka Khan's sister - it DOES explain some of her vocal stylings @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:09 
More slap bass! @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:09 
This is Taka Boom! I bought this 12" solely based on the track length and the words "Disco Version" - that technique is usually worth risking the dollar. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:08 
Wow, "new Twitter" sure doesn't like tweeting until the second time I hit that "Tweet" button, huh?
6.8 12:07 
This is apparently a Sennheiser vocoder. That would have been a good thing to mention DURING the show, but I often do my research a little too late. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:07 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “Red Hot (Disco Version)” by Taka Boom. Dollar Bin at 12:07pm. @takaboom9 @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:06 
I love a good slap bass! I also love @kfaiFMradio and hope you consider making a pledge inspired by today's @DollarBinShow to help #keepitgoing (you can also try to pledge to get me to STOP tweeting, but you'll still be with me for the next hour)
6.8 12:04 
Fashion and Duran Duran came up together but "Fabrique" didn't quite get the promotional/label oomph that "Rio" did - one wonders how new wave/new romantic might have evolved if they had been a little more level @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:02 
This is FASHIØN, one of the groups that's gotten the most popular feedback from others AND me - I've found three of their 12" singles for a dollar each and played four different long tracks of theirs on the show. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:00 
The "KZiM tones" are a snippet of @kraftwerk's "Intermission" @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:00 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “Move On” by Fashion. Dollar Bin at 12:00pm. @zeusbheld @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:00 
Here.....we........GO! #keepitgoing
6.8 11:58 
(DISCLAIMER: I was up until @KfaiamDrive so who knows if I'll make the whole hour without an involuntary nap) #keepitgoing
6.8 11:57 
I have foolishly decided to live tweet today's Dollar Bin as part of the final day of the KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul summer pledge drive - if you wanna hit Play at precisely 12:00:00 and follow along on Twitter....well, nobody wants to do that, really, but here's the Mixcloud link:
6.8 11:55 
OK! At 12:00:00 I'll hit play on today's @DollarBinShow episode and start tweeting to nobody - if you wanna try to sync up with me, and find the "Listen Now" link for 8/6 or just hit the @mixcloud Play button. FIVE MINUTE WARNING
6.8 01:29 
The Stonedest
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
6.8 01:15 
It is The Stonedest (
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
6.8 00:50 
Hastings 3000
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
6.8 00:31 
It is Hastings 3000 (@Hastings3000 /
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
5.8 23:46 
From Phoenix, it is Snailmate (@snailmate /
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
5.8 22:24 
It is Christof Rochel and the Wine-Soaked Goliards (@christofrochel)
(Hexagon Bar Minneapolis)
5.8 21:32 
 Shoooow - Hexagon Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
5.8 20:07 
(Noon CDT, that is)
@DollarBinShow can be found
5.8 20:05 
Shoulda had this idea earlier!
I'm thinking Tues. at noon, if you can tear yourself away from "Democracy Now!" I'll press play on my new
@DollarBinShow and you can too
I'll live tweet some stuff you didn't want/need to know in real time
You can donate to
@kfaiFMradio #keepitgoing
5.8 15:09 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
5.8 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.34 ▼0.81 (Range: 21.04 - 20.24)
5.8 14:19 
Today would have been Pete Burns' 60th birthday. Dead or Alive is definitely represented on tomorrow's "Best of" Dollar Bin pledge drive spectacular!
5.8 11:15 Breakfast Blend
4.8 22:03 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
4.8 17:27 
Listened to Tim And Eric - Doo Dah Doo Doo
4.8 17:26 
Listened to Tim And Eric - Rolo Tony - Uncut
4.8 17:25 
Listened to Tim And Eric - Rolo Tony
4.8 15:04 
@tapemachines This is Monster's third (and apparently last) season - word is NASCAR is gonna Vince up the Cup series real good with "tiered" sponsors next year
4.8 14:58 
@tapemachines NBCSN
4.8 14:54 
I would love to go the rest of my NASCAR watchin' life without ever having to see that GOD awful #Symbicort ad again--oh, there it is again
4.8 14:30 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
4.8 00:22 
It is Observant
(Kitty Cat Klub)
3.8 23:49 
 Better late than ever - Loring Bar & Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
3.8 23:47 
From Chicago, it is Fee Lion (@1800feelion /
(Loring Bar & Restaurant)
3.8 23:36 
Listened to Erick Morillo - Essential Mix 2019-08-03 Part 1
3.8 23:07 
 Okay, ONE more drink with Steve and Andrea before I ditch them for Dark Energy - Grumpy's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
3.8 20:54 
 I've never been here somehow! - Betty Danger's Country Club (Minneapolis, MN)
3.8 20:08  Need some white tape - Target (Richfield, MN)
3.8 19:46   Let's ask them about this phone - T-Mobile (Bloomington, MN)
3.8 15:50 
 Hunting Ralts! - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
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