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6.8 12:27 
Thanks to long-time listener and even longer-timer friend Phil for his donation to KFAI! Let this soaring Stock/Aitken/Waterman production represent how my heart feels @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:25 
Whether it's web exclusives like my show @DollarBinShow or live events they help make happen, @kfaiFMradio is so much more than just a radio station - help them do all the things they do with your pledge of support! #keepitgoing
6.8 12:23 
I have multiple copies of this one - it's usually in the crate when I'm playing live with KFAI Vinyl Voices or DJ'ing with other folks. It was the fourth and final single off Dead or Alive's monster LP "Youthquake." @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:21 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor) (American Wipe-Out Mix)” by Dead or Alive. Dollar Bin at 12:21pm. @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:19 
This song features a dizzying array of "gear changes" for the chorus - but I think that's one of the really great things about it. Another wonderful @fknyc extension - I learned to look for François' name after his @kraftwerk remixes in the late 1980s @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:17 
"Kiss Me (Vocal)" was from show #23, preceded by a Caroline Munro/Gary Numan track and followed by a Dana Dane track. It just kinda ended up that way, as most shows do @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:16 
I started counting tracks pretty late in the game - around show #19. Hopefully I was accurate by the time I got to the 200th track, which is the one you're hearing right now (as I said, now also the 271st track) @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:14 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “Kiss Me (Vocal)” by Tin Tin. Dollar Bin at 12:14pm. @thelilactime @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:12 
The regular "LP Version" of this track has a rockin' guitar solo that must not have felt very "disco" as it doesn't show up here - I did play it on @DJ_SLT's show once @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:11 
I didn't know until I looked her up on Discogs but Taka Boom is Chaka Khan's sister - it DOES explain some of her vocal stylings @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:09 
More slap bass! @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:09 
This is Taka Boom! I bought this 12" solely based on the track length and the words "Disco Version" - that technique is usually worth risking the dollar. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:08 
Wow, "new Twitter" sure doesn't like tweeting until the second time I hit that "Tweet" button, huh?
6.8 12:07 
This is apparently a Sennheiser vocoder. That would have been a good thing to mention DURING the show, but I often do my research a little too late. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:07 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “Red Hot (Disco Version)” by Taka Boom. Dollar Bin at 12:07pm. @takaboom9 @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:06 
I love a good slap bass! I also love @kfaiFMradio and hope you consider making a pledge inspired by today's @DollarBinShow to help #keepitgoing (you can also try to pledge to get me to STOP tweeting, but you'll still be with me for the next hour)
6.8 12:04 
Fashion and Duran Duran came up together but "Fabrique" didn't quite get the promotional/label oomph that "Rio" did - one wonders how new wave/new romantic might have evolved if they had been a little more level @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:02 
This is FASHIØN, one of the groups that's gotten the most popular feedback from others AND me - I've found three of their 12" singles for a dollar each and played four different long tracks of theirs on the show. @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:00 
The "KZiM tones" are a snippet of @kraftwerk's "Intermission" @DollarBinShow #keepitgoing
6.8 12:00 
RT @kfaiplaylist: “Move On” by Fashion. Dollar Bin at 12:00pm. @zeusbheld @DollarBinShow
6.8 12:00 
Here.....we........GO! #keepitgoing
6.8 11:58 
(DISCLAIMER: I was up until @KfaiamDrive so who knows if I'll make the whole hour without an involuntary nap) #keepitgoing
6.8 11:55 
OK! At 12:00:00 I'll hit play on today's @DollarBinShow episode and start tweeting to nobody - if you wanna try to sync up with me, and find the "Listen Now" link for 8/6 or just hit the @mixcloud Play button. FIVE MINUTE WARNING
5.8 20:07 
(Noon CDT, that is)
@DollarBinShow can be found
5.8 20:05 
Shoulda had this idea earlier!
I'm thinking Tues. at noon, if you can tear yourself away from "Democracy Now!" I'll press play on my new
@DollarBinShow and you can too
I'll live tweet some stuff you didn't want/need to know in real time
You can donate to
@kfaiFMradio #keepitgoing
4.8 15:04 
@tapemachines This is Monster's third (and apparently last) season - word is NASCAR is gonna Vince up the Cup series real good with "tiered" sponsors next year
4.8 14:58 
@tapemachines NBCSN
4.8 14:54 
I would love to go the rest of my NASCAR watchin' life without ever having to see that GOD awful #Symbicort ad again--oh, there it is again
30.7 00:11 He still his!

(Come back to Twitter soon,
@Steve_Blackman) RT @albertxii: @askmrtalbot @dvewlsh @TheChrisWilcox is this true @CRZ
24.7 12:43 @swampynomo Theme: Soundtrack hits
"Far From Over" - Frank Stallone
"Against All Odds" - Phil Collins
"But Not Tonight" - Depeche Mode
"Take My Breath Away" - Berlin
"I Melt With You" - Modern English
24.7 12:39 @swampynomo Ha! I thought of you last night as I performed karaoke down the street from your ukulele man
23.7 19:23 
New Day have already fulfilled the "uh oh" quota for tonight so I guess I can turn the show off and watch it later #SDLive #SDDVR
18.7 17:25 Oh God, I finally have "new" I already didn't have enough reason to stop checking here
15.7 21:58 
@D_V_D_V_R The Legend of Curly's Gold
15.7 20:13 
"Fam, fam, why was there a camera in that hotel, fam?" #RAW
6.7 13:31 
@GaryHornseth @chris_steller Thanks! Man, I miss my virtual neighbour Bill Kahn.
6.7 13:24 
@chris_steller @GaryHornseth Hokey smokes, it is! Curse my SE/Seward-centric geographical bias
6.7 13:20 
@chris_steller @GaryHornseth Well, at least I can point to Franklin Ave for that one - but I look at the map and in NE it just goes 19th, 20th, 22nd - used to get me every time driving down University.

6.7 13:11 
I can't be the only guy in Minneapolis who wants to know why 21st Ave NE doesn't exist, can I?
3.7 20:48 
The battery in my ancient Galaxy S6 edge is now heating up to the point where it's expanding my case open. You think it'll explode later and I should be worried? Happy Independence Day! #boom
2.7 12:50 Collaging is great and @aadesigncreate and Ben are doing great things helping people discover that collage might be their great thing! RT @growlermag: Local artist and @TwinCollage co-founder Ben DiNino's artwork seems to organically emerge from his sprawling collection of found items, making him the perfect artist to collaborate with for our History issue.
2.7 11:14 
RT @DollarBinShow: Also, the first two hour broadcast of "After Midnight" can be found archived at - if you're a fan of this show and/or @CRZ, you will probably enjoy this one too!
2.7 11:14 
RT @DollarBinShow: Here's Episode #27! Not a bad one to take a hiatus after. />
We'll be back after
@CRZ's mini-residency is over. We'll also work on moving the Dollar Bin Archive to KFAI's Mixcloud while we're away so you can easily stream EVERY episode!
2.7 03:09 @zacharywefel Vox? That's Latin for "voice."
1.7 20:41 
WWE putting spaces in the hashtag so they don't have to read people talking about how their idea of #2outof3falls matches pretty well suxxxx #RAW
1.7 20:13 
Okay but... hear me out... what if they'd had *Take* fix all the electronics with his magic lightning bolt? #RAW #Heymanfabe
1.7 19:31 
Holla, holla! <click> #RAW
1.7 19:26 
Aw shoot, "repaired the electronics" WAY too fast - DOWN WITH #HEYMANFABE #RAW
1.7 19:25 
If Graves doesn't fake apologise for his fake spontaneous swearing, #kayfabe is still dead (I'll give him one more segment) #RAW
1.7 19:17 
Isn't this usually where Strowman shows up, yells "I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU" and tips over the ambo? #RAW
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