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15.8.19 16:42 
Listened to Breakbot feat. Irfane - One Out Of Two (feat. Irfane) - Oliver Remix
15.8.19 16:38 
Listened to Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours - feat. Irfrane
15.8.19 16:32 
Listened to Void Vision - Hidden Hand
15.8.19 16:08 
@tapemachines I KNEW that was coming! But in 2019 what I notice the most is how much I love young Mike Chioda's placid lack of reaction
15.8.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.14 ▲0.09 (Range: 22.82 - 23.30)
15.8.19 12:01 
Listened to Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess
15.8.19 11:58 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
15.8.19 11:58  Just looking - okay let's buy three things - Barely Brothers Records (Saint Paul, MN)
15.8.19 10:50  NEED EVERYTHING OMELET - Keys Cafe & Bakery (Saint Paul, MN)
15.8.19 10:45 
 Err, 45 minutes ago - trying to close the deal - Cenntenial Office Building (Saint Paul, MN)
15.8.19 10:41 
Listened to DJ Q - Just One Hour (DJ Q Remix)
15.8.19 10:34 
Listened to Andrea Oliva - Essential Mix 2019-08-10 Part 2
15.8.19 10:32 
Think it went pretty was mercifully short, again. Just my potential boss and his director. It's either me or the other one. Hope it's me! No tie and no ponytail was the right move (I looked a little neater earlier). I'll tell you more later but now I need an enormous Keys breakfast
15.8.19 09:44  You wouldn't believe it - Walmart (Saint Paul, MN)
14.8.19 16:00 
 Workin' again! - Surly Festival Field (Minneapolis, MN)
14.8.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.05 ▼0.07 (Range: 22.66 - 23.14)
14.8.19 14:14 Intense French
14.8.19 12:41 
Listened to Dinosaur L - In The Corn Belt (Larry Levan Mix)
13.8.19 22:18  Here we go! - ShowPlace ICON Theater (Saint Louis Park, MN)
13.8.19 21:22 
Listened to Maya Jane Coles - Essential Mix 2019-08-10 Part 1
13.8.19 21:06 
And then the three of them just stood there for 166 straight hours #SDLive
13.8.19 20:29 
Needed more klangy poles tbh #SDLive
13.8.19 19:11 
Elias was SO traumatized.... that he showed up, competed on RAW, won a championship, and... #whyamIwatching #SDLive
13.8.19 19:10 Straight Up Steve Austin
13.8.19 16:55 Velvet Moon
13.8.19 15:57 
@RyanLoco @tapemachines It was a strange incidence of WWF keeping kayfabe - earlier that weekend on the syndies, they showed Booger drawing his number, bragging about and SAYING his number, and then having to relinquish and redraw his number because he was a dumb dumb.
13.8.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.12 ▲1.45 (Range: 21.56 - 23.16)
13.8.19 14:32 
I feel like up until very recently this was a man named Bangg Donye (because that's still his FB username and gender) who has never been near Freeport OR Atlanta. Call it a hunch. Just don't call him "Mollie Read Isla." (Oh, looks like they're not using tumblrs for their malware any more)
13.8.19 12:00 
Released The Dollar Bin 031
13.8.19 01:54 
@tapemachines Ya know, I don't get to link to 25+ year old r.s.p-w threads enough:
13.8.19 01:26 
My early late nite field trip to Burger King to try all my favourite Jack in the Box foods was a resounding success
13.8.19 01:09 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
12.8.19 23:09 @opal_teardrop Vegetarian only, alas... it's still got/needs mayonnaise
12.8.19 23:07 Well fans I applaud @BurgerKing's moves towards Jack in the Box-dom as well as my own brief (between tacos) flirtation with vegetarianism
12.8.19 22:54 
 IT'S HAPPENING - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
12.8.19 22:30 @opal_teardrop Well....I haven't left the house yet. (Just about to)
12.8.19 21:19 
Unwittingly accurate RT @masonwrestling: You ever seen a dead body?

Because next event you will.
12.8.19 21:11 @LeonardCooperma Oh true, but in my mind I'll feel slightly less fat if I walk there and back
12.8.19 20:26 
Michael Cole out here talking about Skittles like they're a new sponsor #RAW
12.8.19 20:21 
RATS RT @TheeRizz: more like....Do The Drew....#WWE #RAW
12.8.19 20:20 
"Do the Dew? More like DO THE DREW"
Man I hope I said that first
12.8.19 20:19 Oh wait! Burger King still got those Jack in the Box tacos? I'll try that too
12.8.19 20:16 
Oh, shit! So King of the Ring is in St. Paul? I'm.....still not going! #RAW
12.8.19 20:15 I think the ads have worked - planning a walk to Burger King for an Impossible Whopper in a couple hours
12.8.19 19:16 
Sorry, meant the Saint PROPHETS #RAW
12.8.19 19:13 
Ironically, they can't change camera angles off of the Street Profits #RAW
12.8.19 19:12 
12.8.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 21.67 ▼1.32 (Range: 21.45 - 22.76)
11.8.19 22:34 Hey DJ
11.8.19 22:32 
 Hey disco DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
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