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20.9 05:45 RT @KXPmusic: "Bechdel-test-friendly focus on relationships between women and the deliberately non-period, synth-heavy musical score credited to Timo Kaukolampi and Tuomo Puranen." 'Maria's Paradise' ('Marian paratiisi'): Film Review | TIFF 2019 via @thr
19.9 19:51 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow Haha I was close; it was actually on "Rave 'til Dawn"
19.9 17:42 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow I feel like the track definitely made some "Strictly for the Headstrong" type techno compilation CDs back in the day - heck I probably have it in the basement somewhere
17.9 00:15 @opal_teardrop I told ya I needed to walk!
15.9 18:10 
I mean, NASCAR's on, too. I got options. @WWENetwork @Roku
15.9 18:08 

Yeah, definitely an improved streaming experience. Way to go
@WWENetwork @Roku
15.9 18:05 
Oh man EVERY title? Is WALTER here tonight? #WWEClash
15.9 18:04 
Oh boy, it's streaming (at a very low bitrate)! Let's see how many minutes we can last before it errors out
15.9 18:01 
Hmmm, WWE says I'm not a subscriber any more. It's only been, what, five years? OK, let's sign up again. Aw man, I don't get a free month?

Oh, never mind, it doesn't wanna work on my Roku anyway. How badly do I wanna watch this PPV? Isn't there football on?
12.9 14:23 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow I snuck that one onto Cruise Control once! Somehow I picked that LP up at a Down In The Valley a couple years ago (something on the cover must have spoken to me) and I guess they were huge in Santa Cruz for a while
12.9 12:11 RT @masonbutler: This has also been the evolution of @CRZ

@DollarBinShow RT @DrLavaYT: The Gradual Revision of Pikachu:

Since the mid-90's, Pikachu has lost weight, grown a larger tail, and sprouted new fingers. Pikachu's electric cheek pouches have gotten bigger as well.

1. Red & Green artwork
2. Blue artwork
3. Yellow artwork
4. Modern artwork
11.9 18:26 #latertweet RT @aadesigncreate:
10.9 16:21 
RT @DollarBinShow: This episode we venture into a strange land called the 1990s. I hope we survive!
KFAI: /> Mixcloud:
10.9 05:20 The woman who basically pinned me to my middle seat for almost three hours WAS kinda cute... but man, she had a really hard head
10.9 01:52 "Doors closing - goodbye #SMF"
6.9 01:37 I've been out in public in the Central Valley five minutes and an old head has already walked up to me and asked if I had any seeds
5.9 20:40 "Doors closing - goodbye #MSP"
3.9 12:01 
RT @DollarBinShow: It's Dollar Bin Tuesday! Our new episode is up in the usual spots - or on the Mixcloud at - and watch @kfaiplaylist for the next hour to see "live tweets" of this week's playlist!
1.9 20:30 
It occurs to me I've never seen anyone stroll into the Miracle of Birth barn while chowing down on a pork chop on a stick
1.9 16:40 
@Toast_Jr First thing tomorrow I think...I do now know where they are
29.8 16:53 
@tapemachines At this taping, Backlund finally did clap the CFCW on Savage, which was supposed to be the final "get that hold over" segment but for whatever reason, Vince decided against using it.
28.8 17:47 Haven't had the pleasure of capturing a back alley turkey on video for a spell (@PPPRNews) (video)
25.8 17:26 
@tapemachines "Best dropkick in the business!" is the only thing I'm sure anyone in WWF ever appropriated from me
20.8 13:07 
RT @DollarBinShow: Check out this week's episode! />
Full archive available via
20.8 02:23 
OK one last thing about #RAW last night...where the heck was this photo taken, Iowa?
20.8 02:05 
@lurklurklurked @tapemachines Absolutely Big V's finest wheel kick ever and I pop every time. Jericho later said this was the match that made him think about quitting but they're both so great in it. And of course somehow I'd gotten comped to be there live to watch it myself:
20.8 00:50 
@tapemachines I've got a killer Viscera/Jericho HeAT match for you when I get home
19.8 20:11 
Skype's gotta be paying WWE, right? Google gave me zilch but this has gotta be a story #RAW
19.8 19:35 
Hooray! The Fiend turns babyface! #RAW
19.8 19:25 
(Oh, yes, I already wish Lawler wasn't on commentary, by the way) #RAW
19.8 19:24 
Sadly, I'm still blocked by Jerry Lawler - and Michael Cole and John Layfield - who probably got tired of me @-ing them in "chuckling idiot" tweets and blocked me all during the same commercial break #RAW
19.8 19:00 @Toast_Jr Ha! Have I ever mentioned how glad I met you in real life that one time so I never have to question whether you're a real human being?
19.8 17:29 @Tickkid I actually like Battle Royals! You're probably thinking of the other fellow.
19.8 17:09 
I should add that earlier this afternoon I accessed my WWE Network to finally watch (SPOILER) The British Bulldog win the Highly Coveted Samovar Trophy, which somehow I'd gone my whole life without watching.

"I don't rate battle royals."
19.8 17:06 I tried to find out what all today's "IWC" brouhaha is about but ended up watching free preview clips from a fetish site (not about professional wrestling) instead
19.8 16:49 RT @radiok: Tomorrow night at the Fine Line: @DrabMajesty w/ @XenoOaklander, @BodyofLightt, & @JakeRudh! RETWEET for the chance to win tickets ~
19.8 16:42 
@tapemachines Tom Buchanan forgets nothing!
17.8 14:00 @Toast_Jr @BurgerKing I WANTED THOSE TOO
17.8 02:52 THE LIES OF @BurgerKing, an ongoing series
17.8 02:49 I gotta say, @BurgerKing and I have VASTLY different opinions on what "open until 3am" means
16.8 23:21 Attention all angry people pulling their sustaining membership support from MPR: lemme tell you about this great radio station called @kfaiFMradio
15.8 17:11 
@tapemachines Well, it was taped...with soundalike drop-ins for the name

What $9.95 gets ya: />
I'll never forget this segment
15.8 16:08 
@tapemachines I KNEW that was coming! But in 2019 what I notice the most is how much I love young Mike Chioda's placid lack of reaction
13.8 21:06 
And then the three of them just stood there for 166 straight hours #SDLive
13.8 20:29 
Needed more klangy poles tbh #SDLive
13.8 19:11 
Elias was SO traumatized.... that he showed up, competed on RAW, won a championship, and... #whyamIwatching #SDLive
13.8 15:57 
@RyanLoco @tapemachines It was a strange incidence of WWF keeping kayfabe - earlier that weekend on the syndies, they showed Booger drawing his number, bragging about and SAYING his number, and then having to relinquish and redraw his number because he was a dumb dumb.
13.8 01:54 
@tapemachines Ya know, I don't get to link to 25+ year old r.s.p-w threads enough:
12.8 23:09 @opal_teardrop Vegetarian only, alas... it's still got/needs mayonnaise
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