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23.9 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.76 ▼0.12 (Range: 23.65 - 24.02)
23.9 14:49 EDITED EDIT: One ticket is still available! Hit me up - or hit up one of the other people I have recklessly tagged in this post. ;-)
Hey I have not just a +1 but a PLUS TWO for tonight's Nightmares on Wax extravaganza at Theatre Varsité in beautiful Dinkytown. Doors are at 7, music is at 8. PLEASE COME WITH ME as everyone I know has turned me down (or also won two tickets from this highly suspicious "contest" where I think they just unloaded extra tix on anybody who entered)
23.9 14:47 
23.9 02:36 
There are always a few different ways to mark the passage of time.

So I finished this 12½ pound jug of popcorn tonight...I bought it as a gift to Kim for the birthday she had after we'd separated but while she was still living in the house. I inherited it after she left it behind. TODAY turns out to actually be one day after the 5th anniversary of her breaking up with me. There are no coincidences, but it's funny how things work sometimes. I have popcorn MAYBE once a month, maybe even once every two months - feels like I'm always somewhere outside the house during popcorn times. Anyway....I bought this Presto "PopLITE" air popper back when I was a sophomore in college - I will spare you the exact year if you don't know it but know it definitely started with a "1" - and I wonder if you can even still buy things like air poppers in 2019. These days everyone just uses a pot with some super heated bacon grease in it, right? I think I can still buy regular size bags of unpopped corn at Cub....doubtful I'll spring for the Costco option again and I kinda like the white popcorn more than the yellow stuff anyway. I definitely like popping corn that wasn't bought almost five years ago. I didn't really have a point here other than I still think about this stuff sometimes. ...a lot of the time.
22.9 22:14 
 Hey DJ — with dave - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
22.9 20:37 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
22.9 02:50 
Listened to Will Holland - Summer Breeze [Original Mix]
21.9 22:04 
 There's a line?! - Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
21.9 22:02 
A GREAT way to start off the night @sloslylove #nowplaying #magiciPod #KZiM
(Christopher Robin Zimmerman on Instagram: u201cA GREAT way to start off the night @sloslylove #nowplaying #magiciPod #KZiMu201d)
21.9 21:55 
Listened to Andrew Thomas - Fearsome Jewel 10
21.9 21:54 
Listened to Sloslylove - Memories (Secrets)
21.9 21:50 
Listened to Nik Kershaw - Dancing Girls
21.9 20:50 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
21.9 19:49 Pizza Hut TV ad: If you're looking for the best place to pick up a pizza, might we recommend the place with "Pizza" in the name?
Me: Dude, you just described virtually EVERY pizza restaurant
TV: (silent, because me talking to it as if it is a person still won't make it respond)
21.9 16:59 See you in five hours (plus however late I end up being)
21.9 00:10 
From Reykjavik, it is Kælan Mikla (@kaelanmikla /
(Part Wolf MPLS)
20.9 23:19 
It is Hardhat P.I.
(Part Wolf MPLS)
20.9 22:22 
Shooow - Part Wolf (Minneapolis, MN)
20.9 22:21 
It is Observant
(Part Wolf MPLS)
20.9 19:56 
Listened to Xavier Gold - Solutions (House remix)
20.9 19:54 
 All right, got a "Speedy Freeze" because I am insane - SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
20.9 19:41 
 $2.599/g - Holiday Station Store (Saint Paul, MN)
20.9 19:37 
Listened to Funkadelic - Maggot Brain [Live]
20.9 19:28 
Listened to Erasure - It Doesn't Have to Be (Cement mix)
20.9 18:31 
 SOOOOOOOOOSHI - Kyoto Sushi (Minneapolis, MN)
20.9 18:27 
Listened to Tracy Chapman - Bridges
20.9 18:21 
Listened to Beatles Remixers Group - Rock and Roll Birthday
20.9 18:19 
Listened to Trailer Park Queen - Paranoid White Trash (Live at Lee's Liquor Lounge)
20.9 18:16 
Listened to James Brown - There It Is
20.9 18:13 
Listened to Shirley Bassey and Mantronik - Diamonds are forever (Mantronik 007 Mix)
20.9 17:18 
Listened to The Suburban Knight - The Groove (Pan Mix)
20.9 17:13 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
20.9 17:06 
Listened to Justice - DVNO (Surkin Remix)
20.9 17:01 
Listened to Duran Duran - Nite-Runner
20.9 16:58 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis (Liquid Light Mix)
20.9 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.88 ▼0.10 (Range: 23.80 - 24.07)
20.9 13:38 
 Running behind but gonna tape two and get it before 4! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
20.9 13:17 
Listened to ズボンズ - Bomb The Bomb
20.9 13:13 
Listened to 2 Tuff - Jazz Thing
20.9 05:45 RT @KXPmusic: "Bechdel-test-friendly focus on relationships between women and the deliberately non-period, synth-heavy musical score credited to Timo Kaukolampi and Tuomo Puranen." 'Maria's Paradise' ('Marian paratiisi'): Film Review | TIFF 2019 via @thr
20.9 04:54 
Oh hey K-X-P have a video now

Hex Bag
19.9 21:44 
 ¡Gothess inspired by Los Espookys! - Honey (Minneapolis, MN)
19.9 21:36 
Listened to Tim McGraw - Comfort Me
19.9 21:30 
Listened to Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges
19.9 19:51 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow Haha I was close; it was actually on "Rave 'til Dawn"
19.9 17:42 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow I feel like the track definitely made some "Strictly for the Headstrong" type techno compilation CDs back in the day - heck I probably have it in the basement somewhere
19.9 16:03 Intense French
19.9 15:06 Hey hi I wanna tell you about this awesome show I'm going to tomorrow. I am REALLY excited about it! I saw Kælan Mikla back at the Fine Line in May as part of an Icelandic outreach something or other. They played first and were best; I loved the bass and the synths and I had no idea what was being screamed to me in a language I didn't know but I totally believed, became an instant fan and even though I was at my brokest, I still ended up on Bandcamp collecting all three of their gorgeously coloured vinyl LPs. I also took the opportunity to play "Kalt" on KFAI the first chance I got. The whole time I was experiencing them in concert, I thought "this is SO Dark Energy" and clearly I mustn't have been the only one because a short few months later this show was announced and I couldn't have been happier. At least, that's what I thought! As the lineup evolved, my joy and anticipation were put into overdrive when I learned that more than one act I loved were gonna be part of this show. Dudes, not only do I want you to go to this show to see Kælin Mikla, I NEED you there EARLY to see the openers. Observant are a new collective but have quickly become one of my very favourite local live artists and I suspect when you see them, you might think that as well. I'm thrilled to get to see them again! (They're also at Palmer's on Saturday as part of the Apocalypse Theater fest, but that's another time and place and I am sure I will miss it....but I digress.) Plus, always-on DJs Grant Mayland and DIE/ASPORA will keep you swaying and I wish I had something cool to say about Hardhat p.i. but I haven't seen them live yet BUT I know they are also perfect for this bill so ask me after I see them Friday. YOU SHOULD BE AT THIS SHOW WITH ME. I'll be the guy with the hair who walked all the way to Part Wolf.
19.9 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.98 ▼0.04 (Range: 23.97 - 24.28)
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