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14.10.19 17:36 
 Happy hour oysters! - Sushi Tango (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10.19 17:01 
Listened to Johnny Kemp - Just Like Flyin
14.10.19 16:54 
Listened to Minos pour Main Basse (Sur la ville) - Le Patron Est Devenu Fou !
14.10.19 16:44 
Listened to Armand van Helden - Je'Taime (Switch Mix)
14.10.19 16:42 
Listened to Pulp - Like A Friend
14.10.19 16:37 
Listened to Exodus - Together Forever
14.10.19 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.42 ▼0.15 (Range: 23.32 - 23.59)
14.10.19 14:20 
My "Retirement from Funemployment" tour continues with two opportunities to share my records this week!

Tomorrow from 5 to 7, I have the privilege of being the guest of Apollolypstic aka DJ Jam E.Z. on KRSM's "Same As It Ever Was" (CAME FROM THE 80'S: The Same As It Ever Was! Fan Page) (on air: 98.9 / stream: I know I'm biased but I think Jamez is darn near the best curator in the metro. She and I have a very strong intersection of musical tastes but took very different paths arriving there; I'm lucky to know him and call them a friend/my guncle. I'll bring some specially selected vinyl and together we'll find out what Jamez does with it!

This Sunday, I have the privilege of guesting for Christian Fritz at Republic • Seven Corners' Sunday Happy Hour (10 to midnight) as he will no doubt be recuperating from his big "mpls ltd xx" weekend of shows so he's giving another young up'n'comer a chance to shuffle the wax around on his equipment while he holds court/takes a very leisurely victory lap. I've decided to do something very out of character for me and spend the ENTIRE two hours playing only 7 inchers - yes, it's a one night defection from my "No Adapter Needed" ethos, and there's a good chance it'll include a bunch of things I bought as a teenager that I'm slightly more embarrassed to own now, but nonetheless no shame in my game. Come out for a cheap beer, good cheap food, a cheap DJ and celebrate the last gasp of the weekend!
14.10.19 12:43 
Listened to St. Paul - I Can't Believe We're Through
14.10.19 12:37 
Listened to Skunk Anansie - Selling Jesus
14.10.19 12:33 
Listened to The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain... Ultraworld (Loving You) (John Peel session 03.12.89)
14.10.19 00:53 
Listened to Prefuse 73 - Why I Love You
14.10.19 00:50 
Listened to Beach Surgeons - Four Million (Doc Fritz Remix)
14.10.19 00:30  NOW we're hopping! - Gallaghers Bar (Saint Paul, MN)
14.10.19 00:21 
Listened to TNGHT - Essential Mix 2019-10-12
13.10.19 22:12 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
13.10.19 21:39 
 $2.569/g - Speedway (Saint Paul, MN)
13.10.19 17:10 
 What a terrible habit - Sarnas Tobacco (Minneapolis, MN)
13.10.19 17:07 Travel mug to go
13.10.19 13:48 the-w Survival Football: 2019.06
13.10.19 01:25 
Congratulations to Temple (@temple.temple.temple / on their tape release!
(Kitty Cat Klub)
13.10.19 00:17 
Congratulations to Wax Lead (@WaxLead / on their split single release!
(Kitty Cat Klub)
12.10.19 23:15 
It is StoLyette (
(Kitty Cat Klub)
12.10.19 22:36 They waited for me to show up before the first band started! I better buy one of everything
12.10.19 22:32 
 Shoooow! - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10.19 22:17 
It is MINE (@mine_band /
(Kitty Cat Klub)
12.10.19 16:53 
Listened to 4 Non Blondes - What's Up
12.10.19 16:48 
Listened to Biting Tongues - Everywhere But Here (live)
12.10.19 16:42 
Listened to Naked Eyes - Sacrifice
12.10.19 16:38 
Listened to The Woolpackers - Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll
12.10.19 16:14 
This feels like a bad idea
12.10.19 15:56  Well, it IS on the way - Target (Bloomington, MN)
12.10.19 15:55 
Listened to Daryl Hall & John Oates - Cold dark and yesterday
12.10.19 15:50 
Listened to Queen - I Want to Break Free
12.10.19 15:37  Then...candy - Trader Joe's (Bloomington, MN)
12.10.19 15:31  First, beer... - Total Wine & More (Bloomington, MN)
12.10.19 15:26 
Listened to Erasure - You Surround Me (Gareth Jones mix)
12.10.19 15:20 
Listened to Howie B - Hey Jack (UNKLE Metamorphosis mix)
12.10.19 15:13 
Listened to Beats International - The Sun Doesn't Shine
12.10.19 14:04   Hard work earns Impossible Whoppers - Burger King (Bloomington, MN)
12.10.19 11:56  2/$1 Arnold Palmer tallboys!! - Walgreens (Bloomington, MN)
12.10.19 11:15 
 Trapinch hunting! - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
12.10.19 11:11 
Listened to Bennett, Brian - Discovery
12.10.19 11:05 
Listened to Seal - Whirlpool
12.10.19 11:01 
Listened to C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
12.10.19 10:57 
Listened to Morgan Geist - Purple Flash Orchestra - Freedom Now (Break Edit)
12.10.19 10:54 
Listened to The Pogues - The Irish Rover
12.10.19 10:38 
UPDATE: The first pair of jeans I tried on still fit, so that's a relief #reluctantpantsseason
12.10.19 01:31 
Impromptu one man record party at my house tonight after I got too lazy to leave (seeing snow wasn't exactly helpful either).

Now I'm not gonna say EVERY record I've bought is amazingly great, but my batting average is still EXTREMELY least, it is with this particular audience of one.
11.10.19 19:38 
Ya know if we had a REAL One True Leader of the Smarks they'd get the chanting idiots to work on a "Chad" chant #SmackDown
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