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19.10 21:41 
 OH MY GOD - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
19.10 17:41 
 Autumn Brew Review hooray! - Boom Island Park (Minneapolis, MN)
19.10 17:06 
 Finding Andy - Robitshek Lofts (Minneapolis, MN)
19.10 16:52 
 A few stops ago - Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
19.10 15:17 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
18.10 20:44 
 Shooooooow - Eagles Club #34 (Minneapolis, MN)
18.10 19:39 
 WOW CONGRATS on such a successful opening! There's no way in hell I'm standing in this line hahaha - Falling Knife Brewing (Minneapolis, MN)
18.10 19:18 
 Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
17.10 01:04 
 Oh yeah we did end up here eventually - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
16.10 22:53 
 Checking out the goth life: a continuing series (happy birthday, Aurora!) - The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)
16.10 21:18 
 Checking out the goth life: a continuing series (happy birthday, Aurora!) - The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)
15.10 21:23 
 Happy birthday Chris! Karaoke theme: games - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
15.10 19:26 
 Debriefing! - 19 Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
15.10 16:55 
 Let's add this to Foursquare! - KRSM-LP Southside Media Project (Minneapolis, MN)
15.10 16:53 
 Here at the KRSM studio with Jamez - on air in 7! - Phillips Community Center (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10 14:20 
My "Retirement from Funemployment" tour continues with two opportunities to share my records this week!

Tomorrow from 5 to 7, I have the privilege of being the guest of Apollolypstic aka DJ Jam E.Z. on KRSM's "Same As It Ever Was" (CAME FROM THE 80'S: The Same As It Ever Was! Fan Page) (on air: 98.9 / stream: I know I'm biased but I think Jamez is darn near the best curator in the metro. She and I have a very strong intersection of musical tastes but took very different paths arriving there; I'm lucky to know him and call them a friend/my guncle. I'll bring some specially selected vinyl and together we'll find out what Jamez does with it!

This Sunday, I have the privilege of guesting for Christian Fritz at Republic • Seven Corners' Sunday Happy Hour (10 to midnight) as he will no doubt be recuperating from his big "mpls ltd xx" weekend of shows so he's giving another young up'n'comer a chance to shuffle the wax around on his equipment while he holds court/takes a very leisurely victory lap. I've decided to do something very out of character for me and spend the ENTIRE two hours playing only 7 inchers - yes, it's a one night defection from my "No Adapter Needed" ethos, and there's a good chance it'll include a bunch of things I bought as a teenager that I'm slightly more embarrassed to own now, but nonetheless no shame in my game. Come out for a cheap beer, good cheap food, a cheap DJ and celebrate the last gasp of the weekend!
13.10 22:12 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
13.10 17:10 
 What a terrible habit - Sarnas Tobacco (Minneapolis, MN)
12.10 22:32 
 Shoooow! - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
11.10 08:18 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
9.10 22:24 
 The last "warm" Transmission night of the year? - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
9.10 21:56 
Whoa, I just saw parking enforcement taking place on Essex St SE at 9.50...meters only go 'til 10. I bet they hooked quite a few
8.10 21:51 
 Karaoke: foreign languages! - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
6.10 22:43 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 21:21 
 Bitchin' - First Avenue & 7th St Entry (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 21:13 
 UPGRADE! AND it's free! - Parking Space 11949 (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 21:03 
 Gone, so I'm in 12039 - Parking Spot 12037 (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 02:31 
 They're "out of lettuce" - what a crock of shit - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
4.10 23:06 
 I may have never been here but fancy beer is cheap tonight - Stub & Herb's (Minneapolis, MN)
4.10 15:32 
 Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
3.10 16:47 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
2.10 22:26 
 Now counting the weeks until I temporarily give up Transmission...and all nightlife (5 to go!) - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
2.10 19:04 
 Tape Freaks! Almost on time! - The Trylon (Minneapolis, MN)
2.10 18:19 
 Pre-movie cocktail with Andy - Lawless Distilling Company (Minneapolis, MN)
1.10 22:28 
 Karaoke: friends/enemies! - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
1.10 19:28 
 Just lookin' (MAYBE) - Cheapo Records (Minneapolis, MN)
1.10 18:25 
 Noodle me! - Rainbow Chinese (Minneapolis, MN)
1.10 00:18 
 Bad/good ideas - Nightingale (Minneapolis, MN)
30.9 22:41 
 Happy Birthday Trippz! - CC Club (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9 20:59 
 They're out of the cheap stuff?! Bring on the second cheapest stuff! - Zipps Liquors (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9 15:03 
 Lemon juice and maybe snax - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9 15:03 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9 14:47 
 Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
27.9 22:27 
 Shooow - Palmer's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9 23:19 
 ETR karaoke finalé: power ballads! ("The Chauffeur" is a power ballad, right?) - Erik The Red (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9 02:21 
 Just following the crowd - Caffrey's Deli & Subs (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9 22:12 
 Tx tribute to Depeche Mode! "spreading the news around the world" - Ballentine VFW Post 246 (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9 16:50 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9 00:36 
 Is that a klezmer? - Palmer's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
24.9 21:36 
 Karaoke: mail! - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
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