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21.1 17:14 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
21.1 17:10 
Listened to Erasure - Victim of Love (live)
21.1 17:06 
Listened to Smooth Touch - House of Love
21.1 17:02 
Listened to Prefuse 73 - Dubs That Don't Match
21.1 17:00 
Listened to Jackmaster Dick’s Revenge - Sensuous Man Goes Disco (Original 12 Inch Version)
21.1 16:56 
Listened to Metales M5 - De la Suite Orquestal No. 2 BWV 1067 Polonaise
21.1 16:55 
Listened to Terry Jacks - Hey Country Girl
21.1 16:53 
Listened to Roni Size/Reprazent - Watching Windows (DJ Die Remix)
21.1 16:46 
Listened to Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye
21.1 16:42 
Listened to Elvis Presley - Promised Land
21.1 16:39 
Listened to Jam on the Mutha - Hotel California (Orb In Cali Mix)
21.1 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 28.05 ▼0.08 (Range: 27.95 - 28.60)
21.1 14:08 
Decaf #2
21.1 12:47 Hot & Spicy Beef
21.1 11:58 
I made decaf!
21.1 09:57 
Hot coffee
21.1 09:12 
21.1 08:58 
 Back once again - UnitedHealth Group - Whitewater 2 (Minnetonka, MN)
21.1 08:52 
Listened to Archie Hamilton - Essential Mix 2020-01-18
20.1 22:33 Tighter
20.1 22:33 
 Tourniquet! - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
20.1 22:32   Forgot to check-in earlier for the Collage Collective!! - Boneshaker Books
20.1 16:28 Crème Brûlée Latte
20.1 15:47
20.1 15:46 I was lucky to try these last night! Now I want to buy some bullion cubes and gently shave them onto individual Pringles in an artisinal manner RT @bruski: Strange and wondeful omiyage @davegatchell
20.1 15:00 Markets closed: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
20.1 13:04 If my share last week made you angry, I hope my share this week makes you feel better!
19.1 22:28 Hey DJ - WOW so many friends tonight!!
19.1 22:25 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
19.1 18:54 
Boy this has been a rough half to watch
19.1 15:45 If you don't work tomorrow, I expect to see you tonight!
19.1 15:33 Man I'd hate to be blocked by a #brand today - good thing they don't know I exist
19.1 15:32 Hahaha remember how they wasted a Super Bowl spot on that? DILLY DILLY RT @WBXylo: @CRZ But at least they got that corn syrup lawsuit out of it.
19.1 15:29 What I'm trying to say is this has been a pretty good half of football
19.1 15:29 Was a SINGLE bottle of "Bud Light Platinum" sold in 2019?
19.1 15:26 Did you know that the recently wrapped "Dilly Dilly" series of Bud Light ads was so successful, Bud Light sales went up negative 9%?
19.1 15:23 Why do they make it sound like we can hear the director's voice in the Bud Light Seltzer commercial?
19.1 15:22 Why do they make it sound like they're taping three Bud Light Seltzer commercials in a row?
19.1 14:46 Last night I threw a "Manager's Special" steak into my batch of crock pot lentils - just now, this is all I found - I think they're ready
19.1 13:36   Another free Whopper from T-Mo! - Burger King (Bloomington, MN)
19.1 10:54  Piplup hunting! - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
19.1 10:54 
Today's game fuel (IT'S DELICIOUS)
19.1 02:20   YASSSSSSSSSS - Denny's (Saint Paul, MN)
19.1 00:02 
Oh boy, a new regeneration!I wonder who I'll be THIS time
(Turf Club)
18.1 22:44 That's how it starts
18.1 22:44  Electric Feeeeel - Turf Club (Saint Paul, MN)
18.1 11:53 Now with riboflavin
18.1 11:28 UP YOURS, WINTER - we got sooo much fun stuff and good times tonight! Sadly, I can only be in one place at one time, but I still wanna give you three options, all of which are solid choices and a great way to stay up late.

We got Freak of the Week 2 Year at Pimento! Nola and Jamez and some people I am not Facebook friends with but should be are GUARANTEED to bring the best mix of the old and new (but more old...just like you like it). Get there early ($5 cover between 9 and 10PM; $10 after) not just to have money for an extra Red Stripe but because Jamez will probably go on first again!

It's a highlight of the month - The Assortment w/DJ Michael Grey: January Dance Party! at Mort's! Michael brings the pop and proves that there's still life left in the genre! Also, he WILL play Icona Pop at 0115 but you find yourself overjoyed to hear it and unable to NOT sing along! 10PM, $6 cover, I recommend the Fulton/Jameson deal

And the highlight of ... let's say highlight of the quarter, the irregular and increasingly venue hopping Electric Feel: 2000s Indie Dance Party w/ FooLProoF & Modernist lands back at one of the coolest places to have it: the Turf Club! I heard a rumour that MAGGIE will be there and you will want to meet and dance next to her. Don't tell her I said that, though - it'll be our little secret! $10 cover but it's worth every penny. Just prepare yourself now: we're walking to Denny's after.

Whatever you do today, I hope you're MAKIN' IT GREAT like a 1980s Pizza Hut! Get out there, stand against a wall and enjoy music AND beverages until your friends finally force you to dance!
17.1 23:31 
Dang.... those Joe Pera Talks With You episodes tonight
17.1 23:15 
@danlicatasucks @midnight Well that was a bit of an understatement
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