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16.3 21:58 
Well, I'll generously give Saxton an 8 on the stunner sell #RAW
16.3 21:58 
16.3 21:57 
Saxton closer to Austin then three (3:16) feet #RAW
16.3 21:56 
16.3 21:56 
We knew Steve Austin was no Johnny Carson, but to be fair whoever's writing his jokes wasn't exactly Freddie DeBartolo #RAW
16.3 21:53 
Wow, Byron's suit was pinned up to hell and back - STOP SHOWING HIM FROM THE BACK #RAW
16.3 21:51 Hey look @BurgerKing's new ad touting 8 nuggets for a buck reuses last year's footage (when it was 10 for a buck)
16.3 21:33 
Is Mike Rome doing all his ring announcing from his home? #RAW #telework
16.3 21:31 @tapemachines I gotta sweat with Corey Everson, tape
16.3 21:30 Hey has ESPN brought back aerobics shows yet
16.3 21:25 
Well I certainly hope Asuka passes that stone #RAW
16.3 21:06 This is @CRZ, now into HIS second decade of bitching about how to correctly pronounce "20xx"
16.3 21:05 
We're two decades into the century and WWE still scripts superstars to pronounce the year starting with "two thousand" instead of "twenty" #RAW
16.3 20:29 
Geez, Romain Reigns got the Diesel push SIX years ago #RAW
16.3 20:26 
That couple shouldn't be eating in a restaurant, Luis Guzman! #RAW #COVIDー19
16.3 20:13 
THEY STILL LISTEN TO ME RT @CRZ: Man @WWE I'm BEGGING you give me ONE "COMING UP:" ticker that ends with an exclamation point! instead of a period. #RAW
16.3 20:09 
Man @WWE I'm BEGGING you give me ONE "COMING UP:" ticker that ends with an exclamation point! instead of a period. #RAW
16.3 20:08 
It'll be nice to have one more #WrestleMania without some weird shoehorned-in "augmented reality" crap
16.3 20:03 
Give WWE credit, they figured out how to put the Lesnar elimination right at the top of the hour #RAW #yaregresamos
16.3 19:17 
Wow, are they really gonna show the Royal Rumble? BEST PRIME TIME WRESTLING EVER #RAW
16.3 19:16 
To be fair, we've managed to go over ONE quarter hour without that "smiles on faces" crap #RAW
16.3 19:13 
MAYBE cheaper than a tour bus....oh yeah, obligatory WALKING! in here too #RAW
16.3 19:12 
16.3 19:04 
This show is PERFECT for someone like me who's episode this year #RAW #LetUsTakeYouBack
16.3 19:01 
Phillips, Saxton and Lawler definitely closer together than three feet #RAW
16.3 19:00 
Well, well, well....if it isn't my old nemesis Monday Night #RAW
16.3 18:29 
Sure is weird seeing Perkins ads when all the Perkins are pretty much gonna be shuttered by the end of the week
16.3 18:28 Sure is weird seeing ads depicting large crowds at sporting events - also, who the heck is gonna buy a car THIS month?
16.3 10:46 
RT @Mixmag: If you're looking for something to do while self-isolating, @moogmusicinc and @KorgUSA have released their synthesiser apps for free
16.3 10:30 City Pages wants you (and possibly Keri Noble) to catch that virus RT @CityPagesStreet: Musician, Keri Noble, we will be performing in the Twin Cities and we want to send you for free! Sign up to win a pair of tickets today:
15.3 19:11 
RT @DollarBinShow: Currently holed up in Studio 1 with a pile of vinyl and a whole lotta hand sanitizer - this may be our last time in for a while, so we're gonna tape a few, but we WILL have new content every Tuesday, even if we must deliver it from locales remote!
13.3 20:36 
13.3 20:18 
I DO appreciate the lack of crowd chants #SDLive
13.3 19:55 
I'm sad we're not getting any "CONTINUES..." graphics going into the break #SDLive #yaregresamos
13.3 19:49
13.3 19:41 
Hey this is the match I slept through last Sunday! But I'm actually kinda shocked they'd give us "PPV footage" without advertising it ahead of time #SDLive
13.3 19:24 
Fist bump from Dawg - not as bad as a handshake, buuuuut #SDLive
13.3 19:21 @leaningcowboy Oh, some hot take on Twitter about how we shouldn't make fun of the show tonight because of reasons. Seriously, is there anything else for me to do? No!
13.3 19:19 
Well there's one unnecessary handshake #SDLive
13.3 19:11 
Canon's canon #SDLive
13.3 19:08 
D'you suppose they're really gonna do ANYTHING during the ad break? (Actually, wanna bet there's no way this is really live tonight?) #SDLive
13.3 15:08 
RT @FishCenterLive: the fish are okay
13.3 14:34 
RT @mnhealth: Today, @GovTimWalz and @MDHCommMalcolm announced strategies to slow the spread of #COVIDー19 in Minnesota, including canceling or postponing events until further notice. More information is on our website:
13.3 14:04 Sorry @paper_sleeves :( RT @TurfClubMN: Show Update: Tonight's @solidgold w/ @LaPlantica show at the Turf Club has been POSTPONED.

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13.3 11:01 
13.3 10:35 Spirit Airlines sending me a "Never A Better Time To Fly!" email indicates that they just MIGHT not have my best interests at heart
12.3 20:08 Twitter's not loading images for me - what I haven't noticed until just now is that every tweet has an image attached to it
12.3 11:40 Guess I'll order some Blu-rays (because why would I want to watch the hundreds of DVDs I already own)
12.3 11:35 So what do you think - will they cancel/postpone Pokémon GO Community Day or nah
12.3 09:59 
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